Bland County, Virginia
Will Book 1: 1861-1901

40 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, VA-0659, $10.00

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This straight-forward publication is an complete absraction of Will Book 1 for Bland County, Virginia and includes all information as found in original book including administrators, estate appaisals, estate sales/buyers, inventories/settlements, wills, and testators.


Page 1- Ralph Bogle (Will) - To wife, Margaret, the 1/3 part of my home plantation and household & kitchen furniture, one sorrel mare, 1 milch cow, 1 brindle cow, 8 sheep, during her natural life. Residue of my home tract, I give to my daughter-in-law - Mariah Bogle, during the life of my wife for the support of her infant children, providing she remains the widow of my son, Andrew Bogle. To the heirs of my son, Andrew Bogle, $600.00 and the 1/3 part of the remainder of my estate. To my oldest granddaughter, (of Andrew) one bureau. To my son, James B. Bogle and to my daughter Melinda Nisewander, the entire balance of my estate, to be equally divided among them. Melinda's part not to be at her discretion, but to be held and dealt out to her as she may need it, by my exector. I appoint my friend, Maddison Allen my executor. Signed Jan. 17, 1860, and witnessed by Joseph Fanning, Charles K. Miller & Wm. P. Mustard. Probated Aug. 15, 1861. John W. Tracy, Clerk

Page 180 - W.W. Compton, guardian of Wm. Stowers, Jeneta Stowers, Peter Stowers & Peter Stowers, heirs at law of John Stowers, deceased, reports that there was $2.45 in Confederate money deposited at the Clerk's Office. Dated Feb. 10, 1869. Ordered to be recorded, March 11, 1869.

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