Pulaski County - Virginia and Virginians

by Dr. R.A. Brock
VA-0207, 44 Pages, Index, Softcover, 8.5"x11", $7.50

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This publication is a reprint of all Pulaski County biographical sketches found in Virginia and Virginians originally published in 1888.

Each sketch contains detailed information complimented by vital record information. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have included a sample sketch below.

The following example is taken from one of the many biographies of Virginia:
Rev. Robert L. Newbery is a son of the late Allen T. Newbery, farmer and trader of Bland County; whose wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Bogle, and a grandson of Rev. Samuel Newbery, a pioneer minister of the M.E. Church in which is now Bland county. He was born near Bland C.H., on New Years Day, 1834, and is now a farmer of the county, as well as engaged in the work of the Ministry in the M.E. Church (South) here. During the late war he was exempt from service on account of his profession, but rendered some volunteer service in Missouri, and had four brothers in service, as recorded in the sketch preceding this one. Mr. Newbery is a member of Bland Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

He married in Jasper County, Missouri, on October 28, 1858, Margaret H. Hunter, who was born in Wythe County and raised in Bland county, near Mechanicsburg. Their children are four sons and three daughters, born in the order named: John Allen, Mary Elizabeth, Samuel Price, William White, Ella H., Jesse H., and Maggie C. Mrs. Newbery is a daughter of the late Moses Hunter, farmer, mechanic and mill owner, who in 1857 removed from Bland County to Jasper County, Missouri, where he died. Her mother is Elizabeth H., daughter of William Hoge, a large farmer and grazier of Pulaski County, Virginia.

Surnames Included In This Publication

Akers, Albert, Allen, Alley, Allison, Ammen, Anderson, Arthur

Baker, Bane, Barker, Beattie, Bell, Beller, Billings, Bird, Black, Blair, Bolt, Bothe, Bosang, Boyd, Brading, Bradshaw, Brooks, Brown, Buford, Bullion, Burke, Burns, Burris, Bush, Byars

Caddell, Caffe, Carico, Carnahan, Carper, Carr, Cecil, Chumbley, Clark, Cloyd, Combs, Cook, Convey, Cox, Coffee, Compton, Connevy, Cosby, Craig, Cunningham

Dailey, Daniel, Drast, Davidson, Davis, Deauthredge, Devor, Dickerson, Dike, Dillard, Dollman, Douthat, Dudley, Dutton

Eads, Eastland, Edwards, Elkins, Elzy

Faris, Farmer, Fisher, Fizer, Foster, Fox, Fugate, Fulwide

Gardner, Gilham, Glendi, Godby, Goff, Good, Graham, Grantham, Groseclose, Grosenberry, Gunn, Guthrie, Guy

Haley, Hall, Hancock, Haney, Harler, Marless, Harrell, Harris, Harvey, Healy, Heath, Henry, Hines, Hodge, Hoge, Hoppes, Howard, Howe, Huddle, Hudson, Hughs, Hunt, Hunter, Hurlburt, Hurst, Hurt Ingles, Ingram

Jackson, James, Jameson, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan

Kanode, Keister, Kelly/Kelley, Kemp, Kent, Kerkner, Kertner, King, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkwood

Lancaster, Larew, Linkous, Looman, Lockett, Long, Lowman, Lucas

McClenahan, McDaniel, McDonnell, McGavock, McGuire

Martin, Melton, Meredith, Miller, Mills, Minor, Mooman, More, Morehead, Morgan, Morris, Mullin, Murry/Murray

Neal, Nease, Nevitt, Newman, Nunley, Nunn

Otey, Owens

Painter, Parsons, Patton, Pepper, Peterman, Peterson, Pettus, Pratt

Reeves, Robertson, Robison, Roer, Ross

Sayers, Shaffelbarger, Shanklin, Shannon, Shelburn, Shell, Shepherd, Shockley, Shufflebarger, Sifford, Simmerman, Smallwood, Smith, Snider, Snuffer, Southern, Stewart, Stone, Summers, Sutton

Teaney, Thomas, Thompson, Trinkle, Trollinger, Trucks


Vaught, Vermillion

Wade, Wassum, Watts, Welch, Wharton, Wheeler, Whithan, Whiticher, Whitlock, Whitt, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Woolen, Wygal, Wynn, Wysong, Wysor


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