Wills of Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1820 - 1845

Compiled by Mike Williams
42 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, VA-0590, $10.00

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Wills in Pittsylvania County, Virginia were originally included in Deed Books.

In 1814, the county separated wills from deeds and created "Will Book #1." This publication contains all will information copied from this ledger. Although the starting point of Will Book #1 is 1820, many of the wills were filed prior to 1820.

Each entry contains a synopsis of will information and includes name of deceased and heir(s). Of utmost importance is the Will Record Number. Once this number is known, the researcher can write Pittsylvania county and obtain a photocopy of the full will transcript.


MILLER, Ann - Will Record #20, May 1840, Pro 17 Aug. 1840. Son, and "only surviving child:" Samuel T. MILLER. Granddau: Ann Ball MILLER, Grandsons: John William HENDRICK, son of Louisa WOODSON; William Alexander MILLER, David Patrick MILLER, John Maffell MILLER. Executor: Son.

KEESEE, Jeremiah - Will Record #5, Mar 1824. Pro 17 Jan 1825. Mentions heirs of ella ARNOLD, deceased. Sons: Arthur, Benjamin B., Jeremiah, Jr., Daughters: Jincy TAYLOR, Anna TURLEY, Sally GRUBB, David H. GRUBB mentioned. Exec: son Jere & Jabez SMITH.

Surnames Included In This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adams**, Adkins*, Aiken, Akins, Akinson, Allen, Amohundro, Anderson**, Anthony, Apperson, Arnett, Arnold, Aron, Arthur, Astin*, Atkinson**, Austin, Averett*

Bailey**, Balinger, Ball, Barber*, Barbour, Barding, Barksdale, Barley, Barrett*, Barrott, Bass, Bazzell**, Beavers, Beck*, Beggerly, Bell*, Bennett**, Berger**, Bernard, Bizwell, Black, Blackburn, Blair**, Blankenship, Blanks*, Blout, Boaz, Bolliner, Bolling, Bolton, Booker, Booth, Boothe, Bowlin, Bowling*, Boyd, Bradley, Bradner, Braice, Bransom, Breedlove*, Brewer, Broadnax, Brooks, Brown*, Bruce, Brumfield, Bryaant, Buckley*, Buckner*, Bullington, Bumpass, Burch**, Burgess**, Burnett*, Burton**, Butcher, Butler

Cabaniss, Cabell, Cabiness*, Cahall, Callaham, Calland*, Calloway**, Cameron, Cammell, Camp, Campbel, Campbell, Candler, Carr, Carter**, Chaffin, Challis, Chalmers, Chandler, Chaney**, Chaplin, Chattin, Chesher, Chevalier, Chiles, Chisenall, Chisenhall, City, Claiborne, Clark*, Clayton, Clement*, Clopton*, Cobbs,*, Coleman**, Coles*, Collie, Colston, Compton, Conway, Cook, Coram, Corbin*, Cousins, Covington, Cox**, Crador, Crafford, Craft*, Craghead, Crane, Crews*, Crider, Critendon, Crook, Crowder, Cruse*, Cumby, Cunningham, Curry

Dabbs, Dailey, Dallas**, Dalton*, Daniel*, Davis**, Dawson*, Debo*, Deer, Dejarnett*, Dennison, Denny, Dent, Devin, Dews*, Dickenson**, Dillard, Dismukes, Dix**,Dixon, Dodson**, Dolton, Doss, Douglass, Dove, Drain, Draper, Duley, Dunn*, Dunning, Dupuy, Durham

Eanes, Easley, East, Echols, Eckles, Edwards*, Egan, Ellington, Elliott**, Ellis, English, Epperson, Estes*, Evans*

Fackler, Fallin, Faris*, Farley, Farmer*, Farson, Farthing**, Fenlaw, Fenley*, Ferguson*, Fitzgerald**, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Flippen, Flippin, Fontaine,*, Ford, Fowlkes*, Francis, Franklin, Fretwell, Fuller**, Fulton**

Gammon**, Gardner, Garland, Garrett*, Gaulding, Gergory, Gilbert*, Gilchrist, Giles**, Glass, Glasscock, Glenn*, Goad, Godley, Godney, Gosney*, Grasty**, Gravely, Graves*, Gray, Green, Gregory, Griffeth, Grigg, Griggs, Grubb, Grubbs, Gunn, Gunter*, Gwin*

Hacker, Hagard, Hagood, Haizlip, Haley*, Hall**, Hambleton, Hamlett*, Hampton, Hanacks, Hankins, Haraway, Hardy, Harper, Harraway, Harris, Harrison**, Hart*, Harvey, Haymes, Haymore, Hays, Hedspeth, Henderson, Hendrick, Hendricks* Henry, High, Hightower*, Hiler, Hill, Hines, Hodges**, Hodnett, Hoffman, Hoge, Holder, Holderby, Hoppy, Holt, Hopkins*, Hoskins, Hubbard**, Hughey, Hundley*, Hunt**, Hutcherson*, Hutchings**, Hutchison

Inge, Ingram, Inman, Irby**

Jackson*, Jarrett, Jefferson**, Jeffreys, Jenkins*, Jennings, Johns*, Johnson**, Jones**

Keatts**, Keen*, Keesee*, Kelly, King, Kirby*, Knighten

Lanee, Lanier, Lansford**, Larimore, Laskie, Law, Leason, Leftwich*, Leigh, Lester, Lewis**, Linthicum, Lipscomb, Logan**, Long, Love, Lovell, Lucas, Luck, Lumpkin**, Lynch, Lyon

Madding, Mahan*, Mann, Markham, Marlow, Marr*, Martin*, Mason*, Matherly, Matthews, Mattox, May, Mays**, Meade, Mears*, Meese*, Merricks*, Merritt, Millender, Miller*, Milliron, Millner, Mills, Mitchell*, Monroe, Moore*, Moorman, Morehead, Morgan, Morton, Moss, Motley*, Murphy**, Muse**, Mustain**, Myers

McAlister, McAllister*, McCormick, McCullock, McDaniel, McDonald*, McDowell, McHaney, McKinney, McKinzee, McLaughlin

Nance, Nash, Neal*, Newberry, Newton, Nichols, Noell, Norcutt, Nowlin, Nuckols

Oakes**, Oliver*, Orenduff, Orrender, Owen**

Pace**, Paine, Palmer, Pannill,**, Parish, Parker**, Parmer, Parrish*, Parsons, Patrick, Patterson, Patton, Payne**, Pearson, Peatross*, Perry, Phelps, Pickeral, Pierce, Pigg, Pinkard, Pitts, Plexico, Plunkett, Poindexter, Popejoy, Powell, Power, Prewett**, Price**, Prichards, Priddy, Pritchett**, Pulliam


Ragadale, Ramsay, Ramsey**, Ratliff, Reese, Reynolds**, Rice**, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts*, Riddle*, Rison, Roach, Roan, Roberts, Robertson**, Robinson, Roby, Rogers*, Roland, Rorer, Rosson*, Royster, Rucker, Rutledge

Sampson, Sanders, Saunders, Scarce*, Scates, Scruggs*, Shackleford, Shaw, Shelhorse**, Shelton**, Shumate, Simpson*, Slayden, Slayder, Slayton*, Smith**, Smithson, Snead, Sneed*, Snow, Soyars*, Sparks, Spencer, Spratlin, Stadler, Stamps*, Stanley, Stephens, Stewart*, Stimpson*, Stimson**, Stokes, Stone**, Strange, Stroud, Stubblefield, Sutherlin**, Swanson*, Swinney, Sydnor*

Tait, Taliafero, Taliaferro, Tankersly, Tanner*, Tate, Taylor, Templeton*, Terrell*, Terry**, Thacker, Thomas**, Thompson*, Thurman, Thweatt, Tiffin, Tompkins*, Tosh*, Towler, Townes*, Towney, Tredway, Trigg, Trotter, Tuck, Tucker**, Tuggle, Tunstall*, Turley, Turner*


Waddill, Wade*, Walden*, Walker*, Wall, Waller**, Wallis, Walne, Walrond**, Walters**, Walton**, Ward**, Ware* Watkins*, Watson, Waugh, Weatherford*, Webb, Weldon, Wells, Welsh, West, White**, Whitehead**, Whites, Whitlock, Whittle, Wier*, Wilburn, Wiles, Wilkenson*, Wilderson, Williams**, Williamson, Willis*, Wilson**, Wimbish*, Wingo, Witcher**, Witten, Womack*, Wood*, Wooding**, Woodson**, Woody, Worsham*, Wright*, Wryte, Wyatt

Yates*, Yeaman, Young, Younger

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