Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book II: 1791-1805

Abstracted by Bel Hubbard Wise
75 Pages, Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, Softcover, VA-0430, $18.50

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This volume contains Charlotte County, Virginia wills filed or probated during the years 1791 through 1805. Also included are inventories and accounts. Each entry contains name of deceased, will book entry number, occupation of deceased, date filed and date probated. All heirs as well as executor's name(s) are provided.


WB 2:149b Thomas SCOTT

29 Dec 1796, COD 29, Jan 1799, Prob 1 July 1799
Wife Sarah negroes Sam & Betty. Negroes to be equally divided between two sons Henry EMBRY and William. Land in Prince Edward. Son Thomas land in Campbell County and slaves Major, Judy, Lucinder, George, Nathan, Cajor, Nancy, Muntrose, Peter, Nice and her 2 children Billy and Scotland, Cate and her 2 children Mills & James. Patt and her two children (unnamed) and Sam son of Bostun. Slave Boston to be emancipated with $10 per year for life ... (*continues with executer [wife], witnesses and additional legal terms of will*) ...

Surnames Found In This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname. Adams**, Adkins*, Akin, Alderson, Alexander, Allday, Almond*, Armistead, Arnold, Ashworth, Astin, Atkins, Aylett

Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Barkley, Barksdale, Barnes**, Bartee, Beasley**, Bedford, Belcher, Berkley, Bibb, Bibb*, Biggs*, Billups, Birthright, Blake, Blankinship, Boley, Borden, Bouldin*, Boulton, Bourne, Bradberry, Bradley, Breedlove**, Britton, Brizendine*, Brock, Brooke, Brooks, Brown**, Bruce, Brumfield, Bryant, Buckner, Burge*, Burrow, Burt

Cabell, Cage, Cald, Caldwell, Calhoon, Calvert, Campbell, Canvilles, Cardwell*, Carrington, Carter, Cathbieth, Cavender*, Cayce*, Chaffin*, Chandler, Chapman, Chappell, Chastain, Cheaney*, Cheatham, Childress*, Chisolm*, Clark**, Clarkson, Claybrook*, Clayton, Cloudas, Cobbs, Cocke, Cole, Coleman, Collier**, Collins, Colloway, Connolly, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Craghead, Crenshaw*, Crews, Crumpton, Curtis

Dabbs, Daniel**, Davenport*, Davis**, Dawson, DeGraffineid, Dennis, Deupree, Dial, Dickerson, Digges, Dodd, Dodson, Driskill, Dudgeon, Duffer, Dugeons, Dunn, Dunnevant

Eanes, Eastham, Eastin, Edge, Edwards, Elam, Elliott**, Elmore, Epperson, Eudailey*, Evans

Farguson**, Farley, Farmer, Fears, Featherston, Finch**, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Floyd, Fontaine, Ford**, Fore*, Foster**, Fowler, Francis, Franklin, Friend, Fulks*, Fuqua*

Gaines*, Gregory, Griffin, Gross, Gwin

Hailey/Haley**, Haines, Hainey*, Hall, Hamblett, Hamilton, Hammock, Hammon, Hancock, Hankins, Hannah*, Harris, Harrison*, Harroway, Hart**, Harvel, Harvey, Haskins, Hasten, Hatchett, Hay*, Hayes, Hayley, Hazlerig, Hazlewood, Hendrick, Henry**, Herndon*, Hewitt, High*, Hight*, Hillery, Hines**, Hinton, Hitchcocke, Holcomb, Holt, Hord, Hoskins, Hubard, Hudgins, Hudson, Hughes, Hundley, Hunt**, Hunter, Huntsman*, Hutcherson


Jackson**, James, Jameson, Jennings, Johns, Johnson*, Johnston*, Jones, Jude

Keirsey*, King, Knight

Lambert, Lamkin, Lanton, Lawson, Lee*, LeGrand, Lester, Lesuerer, Lewis, Ligon, Lindsay*, Linn, Loe, Loggins*, Lorton, Love, Lowell, Lumpkin, Lynn

Mackey, Maddox, Madison, Mahany, Mann, Marable, Markum, Marshall*, Martin, Mason*, Mathews, Mathis, Mattauer, May, Mayes, Mealer, Middleton*, Milam, Miller, Mimms*, Mires, Mitchell, Monday, Moon, Moore**, Morris, Morton**, Moseley, Mullins

McCargo, McCraw, McHaney, McIndoe, McKinney, McKinny, McMichael, McQuie

Neal**, Noell, North

O'Hara, Oliver*, Osborne, Overstreet, Overton*

Page, Palmer, Pamplin*, Parkinson, Parley, Parsons, Partrick, Patillo, Patrick, Paulett*, Payne, Peak, Pearson, Penticost**, Perkerson, Pettus**, Petty, Phillips, Pleasants, Poage, Poindexter, Poseter, Potter*, Pounds, Price**, Puckett**, Pugh, Pulliam, Puryear


Raine, Rakestraw, Randal, Rather, Rawlins*, Read**, Redd, Redman, Reese, Reynolds, Rice**, Richardson*, Roach, Roane, Roberts*, Robertson**, Roby, Ronoth, Routen, Rowlett, Rowton, Rudd*, Rudder, Rusell*, Ruthledge

Sallee, Sandefur, Scott*, Scruggs, Senoah, Shelborne, Shelburn, Shelton, Sims, Skelton, Smith**, Smithson, Speed, Spencer**, St. John, Stamples*, Stembridge, Stevenson, Stokes, Stone, Stowe, Street, Stringer, Sublet, Sullivant*

Tarpley**, Tatum, Taylor, Terrell, Terry**, Thomas*, Thompson, Thornton, Thorp, Thorton, Thweatt, Tinsley, Todd, Toney, Toombs, Townes, Trabue, Traynum, Tucker, Turner*

Varner, Varnum, Vaughan**, Vaughter, Venable, Vernon

Wade, Walker, Ward**, Washington, Watkins*, Watson, Weatherford, Webb, Westbrook*, White, Whitloe, Whitlow, Whorley, Wilks**, Williams**, Wilmot, Wilson, Wingo, Winston, Womack, Wood*, Worthy, Wright, Wyatt

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