Botetourt County, Virginia Will Book A: 1770 to 1801

Compiled by Ann Chilton
72 Pages, Full Name Index, Softcover, 8.5"x11", VA-0243, $16.00

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This volume contains wills, inventories, appraisals, and estate settlements for Botetourt County, Virginia from 1770-1801.

Each will entry contains name of deceased, page number, date, spouse's name, executor/executrix, names of witnesses, and date recorded. Once the page number of a will is known, Botetourt County Vital Records can provide photocopies of the complete will for a small fee.


Page 106; Will of John GENTRY
October 20, 1778
Wife: Mary
Children: Mentioned
Executor: Wife Mary and Comick McCafferty
Witnesses: Comick McCafferty, Jean Gentry, Jonathan McNeil
Recorded: May, 1779

Page 512; Inventory of Estate of Andrew BORNDRAGER
by: Leanard Houtz, Samuel Harshberger
Recorded: June, 1799

Page 516; Appraisement of Estate of Michael OCHELTREE
July 23, 1799
by: Samuel Harshberger
Recorded: October, 1799

Surnames Contained in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Wills Akers, Akins*, Aleon, Alderson*, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen**, Alls, Allison, Amaches, Anderson, Arbucle, Archer, Armstrong*, Astin, Ayers

Backnos, Baker, Baldwin*, Bambridge, Bandy*, Barclay, Barnet, Barnett, Barry, Bates, Batty, Beale, Beate, Beard, Beavers, Beckner, Begs, Begler, Bell, Bendy, Benet, Bennit, Bennett, Betty, Berry, Bilro, Birdwell, Black, Boggs, Boller, Book, Borndrager*, Boreland, Boswell, Bott, Bowers, Bowman, Bowyer**, Brakfield, Breckenridge*, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Brush, Buchanan, Buckman, Burch*, Burns, Buster

Cains, Caldwell*, Calwell, Cammeron, Camron, Campbell*, Camper, Cantley, Carns, Carpenter*, Carper, Carrigan, Cartmill, Carvin, Catron, Chamblin, Chinwoth, Christian, Circle, Clark, Clay, Clear, Clendennion, Clindening, Cloyd, Charter, Charton, Cockran, Coetzmerfar, Coffman, Coins, Coleman, Compton, Conrad, Cooney, Cooper, Corbet, Cowan, Cox, Crage, Craig, Crawford**, Crocket, Crosby, Cross*, Crow, Crofort, Cuningham, Curry, Creder

Davidson, Damewood, Davies, Davis, Daugherty, Day, Deanes, Deardoff, Delbridge, Delzell, Delzeld, Deniston, Dennis, Depew, Derick, Dew, Due, Dishman, Dickson, Dockaday, Donald, Douck, Doughty, Drake, Dryden*, Duncan**, Dunn

Eager, Eason*, Edger, Edmonston, Edmundson, Edsler, Eger, Ellswood, Eltheny, Eman, Emachs, Engleburd, Entsminger, Estill, Etter, Etseler, Evans*, Ewing

Farral, Fatham, Faught, Finley, Fife, Fisher, Fleming**, Florey, Flowers, Floyd, Fowler, Francisco*, Fulton

Gallaway*, Gant, Garham, Fash, Gastron, Gallespie, Garwood, Gelaspy, Gelpesby, Gillabey, Gentry, Getty, Gholson, Gilmore, Gish*, Givens, Glen, Glenn, Goffard, Goffman, Gillisby**, Good, Goodson, Goodman, Gorman, Goulding, George, Gray, Graham*, Green, Greer, Gresham, Gretson, Griffith, Grisim, Grist, Gross, Gordon, Goulde, Gurney

Halbert, Hall*, Halliday, Halpain, Hamilton, Hamm, Hammond, Hancock, Handly, Hannah, Hannan, Hanson*, Hains, Harmon, Harvey, Hardy, Harker, Harrison, Harris, Harmon*, Hartman, Hatsenpiller, Haynes**, Harshberger, Harmontrout, Harmond, Havens, Hawkins*, Hayes, Heashey, Heaven, Hence, Henderson, Henry, Henrey, Herr, Herbison*, Herbert, Henderson, Hershberger, Highs, Hill, Hite, Holdine, Holstine, Holloway, Howell*, Howel, Howard, Horton, Houtz, Huddle, Huff, Hugart, Humphries, Hungate, Hunter, Huston, Hurst*

Inglebird, Ingram*, Inmans

Jackson, Jamison, Jones**, John, Johnson, Johnston**, Jordan, Jarvis, Jenkens

Kean, Kees, Kenny*, Kennerly, Kent, Kelly, Kessler, Kern, Kincaid, Kitchen, Kimberling, Knoy, Koger, Kyle**

La Force, Lain, Lanier, Larkins**, Laurence*, Lautherdale, Leatherdale, Lauderdale, Latham, Lee, Lemon, Lenocker, Lenoy, Lenton, Lewis**, Letter, Levies, Likens, Lindsey*, Little*, Lockhard, Lockhart, Lockland, Logan, Logue, Long, Looney**, Love, Louge, Lucas, Luney, Lyle, Lyth, Loughhead

Mac Kinley, Madison**, Man, Mann*, Manley, Mallen, Mason*, Mathews**, Matthews, Mattison, Martin, Marus, Mawsey, May, Mayes, Maze, Mayer, Maxwell, Meadow, Milferd, Mills*, Millong, Mellow, Meson, Meason, Miller, Minely, Mitchell*, Micheal, Middlecoff, Minnick, Mifford*, Montgomery, Moomaw, Moor, Morgan, Moore*, Morris, Moyer, Muldrough, Mull, Murphy, Murray*, Muson, Mynatts, Myers

McAdow, McCafferty, McCallister, McClanahan*, McCawn, McClellan, McAfee, McClavery, McCleland, McClenaughban, McClung, McClure**, McConnal, McConnoels, McCrery, McCoy, McDole, McDonald**, McDove, McFarren*, McFerran*, McFerson, McFee, McGraw, McGlaughlin, McGuire, McHut, McKee, McMullen**, McMath, McMurray, McMurtery, McMakin, McNeal, McNeel, McNeill**, McNatt, McRoberts, McSparren

Navy, Neally*, Neal, Neighborns, Neely*, Nell, Newell, Newman, Ninewinger, Noftsinger*, Noftzinger, Norvell, Norvill, Nowall, Nowell, Nowles

Ocherltree, Ockelre, Oldshoe, Owen

Palfroman, Palmer, Pate**, Parish, Patterson*, Paul, Paulston, Paulson, Patton, Paxton, Peck, Pedan, Pence, Pegrain, Perry, Persinger, Phillips, Philsthimer, Philithimer, Phipps*, Poage**, Poindexter, Polson, Pollson, Pollston, Pots, Potts*, Porter, Poug, Prentice, Preston*, Price, Pryor*

Ralston, Rampole, Ratliff, Raynolds, Reaburn, Reburn, Rees, Reese, Rayburn, REader, Rebun, Reed*, Reg, Reid, Rielly,Reynolds, Renefro, Richardson, Ripp, Ritchie, Ritchey*, Robert, Robertson**, Robison**, Robinet, Ross, Rowland*, Rowling, Royall, Rubel, Ruddle, Riddell*, Runnals, Russell, Rutherford, Ruthledge

Sangler, Sapesly, Sarver, Sarvour, Sawyer, Selar/Lestar, Servers, Sewell, Sebb, Shanklin*, Shank, Sharley, Sharkey*, Sharp, Shaver, Shertzer, Shepherd, Shoemaker, Shrewsberry, Schnedos, Silver, Simon, Simms, Simmeon, Simmons, Simpson*, Skidmore, Skillen, Skillern, Skillum, Scott*, Smiley, Smith*, Smyth**, Snider, Snodgrass**, Souderdale, Solvenberger, Sparts, Sperry, Spichard, Spotts, Springer, Sprowl, Sprout, Squires, Stades, Sterling, Stern, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Stover, Stone, Stouffer, Summers, Summerfield, Sulivan, Swanson, Switzer*, Spunkhart

Tagert, Tainos, Talbon, Talbot, Tapscott, Taylor, Telford, Terry, Thompson, Thomas**, Tincher, Titus, Todd, Tosh*, Tounsend, Trigg, Trimble**, Tucker, Turmin**, Turnly, Turpin

Vanbebber, Vanmatrie, Viers, Vineyard, Vinzant

Wade, Waddle, Waddles, Wait, Wallis, Walker*, Wallace, Walton, Ward, Watts, Wax**, Watkins*, Waterson, Watson, Weaver, Webster, Webb, Weir, West, Whitley*, Willis, Wilson**, Willson*, Williams, Williamson, Winsandt, Withers, Wolland, Wood**, Woods*, Wordly, Worel, Worley, Wright, Wynard


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