Bland County, Virginia: Obituaries and Death Records
From the Archives of Virginia State Library

Compiled by Parke C. Bogle
84 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, Softcover, VA-0656, $20.00

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While the majority of information contained in this publication was abstracted from The Bland Messenger, Roanoke Times and The Bluefield Dailey Telegrah, the author left no stone unturned - obtaining additional information from old scrap books, newspapers, funeral home programs, and items sent via e-mail.

Obituaries cover the years 1893 to 1999. To round off this volume, death records were abstracted from Reel 4, Bland County Vital Statistics housed at the Archives of the Virginia State Library in Richmond, Virginia. Packed with information, this publication is a 'must-have' for every Bland Researcher or historian.


Obituaries 1893-1999

Richard Price HUNTER, [Son of Moses HUNTER and Elizabeth Hoge HUNTER], born in Whythe County, August 1, 1841 and came to illinois in 1859 and had lived in Rochester since 1865. He died January 12, 1916 at the home of his son John D. HUNTER near Rochester, IL. Preceded in death by his first wife, Sarah Ann DELAY in 1873, and his second wife, Mary Alice ENSMINGER in 1915. Survived by one daughter, Mary Elizabeth BAUGHMAN of Edinburgh, IL and two sons, Charles William HUNTER of Cascade and John D. HUNTER of Rochester, twelve grandchildre; two sisters, Mrs. Margaret NEWBERRY of Bland County, VA; and Mrs. Ellen MAGLER of Lawrence County, MO.

Bland County Death Record Abstract

BOGLE, Nancy, age 16 years & 1 day; died May 20, 1861 from fever; daughter of Allen T. & Elizabeth NEWBERRY (Wife of Creed F. BOGLE. Her tombstone reads, "12-24-1844 - 5-20-1861." Her age seems to be wrong.

Surnames Found In This Publicaiton

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname. Adams, Akers, Allen*, Argabrite, Asbury, Atkinson

Bailey, Bane, Barbour, Barger, Beamer, Beasley, Beckner, Bernard, Berry, Bevil, Billips, Bird, Blankenship*, Blessing, Bogle**, Bradshaw, Brookman, Brown, Bruce, Brugh, Bryant, Buckland, Burcham, Burress, Burton*, Byrnes

Campbell, Carr, Carroll, Cassell, Cech, Chandler, Chewning, Clark, Clemons, Coburn, Collins, Combs, Compton, Conley, Conner, Cooke, Corder, Counts, Cox*, Crabtree, Cregar

Dalton, Davis, Debrick, Dehart, Demidovich, Dillow*, Doughman, Drummond, Dunn**, Dunagan, Durham

Earnest, Eaton, Ellison, Endicott, Estep

Fanning, Farlow, Faulkner, Ferguson, Finley, Fizer, Flick, Foglesong, Franklin, French

Gilly, Gilmore, Goins, Gordon, Granberg, Grayson, Green, Greever, Gregory, Grimes, Groseclose, Gross, Gusler

Haga, Hagy, Hall, Hamblin, Hamilton, Hancock*, Hand, Hanley, Harden, Hardman, Hardy, Harman*, Harmon, Harner, Harrell, Hart, Havens*, Heileman, Helvy, Henritze, Hight, Hoback, Hoge, Honaker, Hoosier, Hounshell, Hubble, Hudson, Hughett, Hull, Hunt, Hunter, Hylton


Jackson, Jarrell, Johnston, Jones

Karr, Keffer, Kegley, Keister, Kelley, Kerley, Ketron, Kidd*, Kimberling, Kinchelow, King, Kingdon, Kirby, Kirk, Kitts*

Lambert*, Lantz, Layman, Leftwitch, Leslie, Lindamood, Litton, Long, Looney, Lundy

Mabry, Mann, Marshall, Meadows, Melvin*, Miller**, Millirons, Mills, Mitchell, Moore, Morehead*, Morris, Moxley, Muncy**, Munsey, Mustard**, Myers

McGinley, McGuire, McKinney, McNutt, McPeak, McPherson

Neel, Nelson, Newberry**, Newby, Nicewander, Noell, Nunn

Osborne, Owen

Patterson, Patrick, Pauley*, Peery, Penley, Phillips, Pierce, Powers, Prescott, Pruett, Puckett

Radford, Ramsey*, Ratliff, Repass, Riddle, Rider, Robertson, Rudder

Sadler, Sands, Sarver, Scott*, Sexton, Shewey, Shockley, Shrader, Shufflebarger, Simmons, Simpkins, Sink, Slaughter, Smith*, Songer, Spangler, Stafford, Stilson, Stivers, Stowers*, Strock, Strouse, Stuart, Suiter, Sutherland, Swanson

Talbert, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson**, Tibbs, Tickle*, Tilson, Tipler, Tolbert*, Townley, Tuggle

Umbarger, Umberger, Underwood, Updyke

Vanden Dungen, Vaught, Vest

Waddell, Waddle*, Wagner, Walls, Warden, Warner, Webb, Whalen, Whitaker, White, Williams, Wilson, Winterrowd, Wolfe, Wholford, Woodyard, Wright*, Wyrick

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