Bland County, Virginia Court Order Book: 1884-1891

Compiled by Parke Bogle
139 Pages, Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, Softcover, VA-0652, $28.50

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Since the 1890 Bland County Census is no longer extant, this volume is extremely valuable to those searching for lost ancestors during the period of 1880 to 1990.

Included in this hefty book are deeds, estate records, trial matters, indictments, payments, business license applications/approvals, name of public officials, guardianships, and names of Civil War Veterans and their widows.


Trial Verdicts

Page 53; Commonwealth VS James GREEN, Indictment for A&B. Green confessed his guilt and was fined $5.
Page 61; Saturday Morning February 7, 1885; Same Judge as yesterday.
John F. LOCKE, Justice, acting as coroner, presents expenses of an inquest held over the dead body of Ab. JACKSON, colored and also for expenses of the burial.
C. R. BOGLE to Harman NEWBERRY (B&S) Dated 4-20-1887
Estate Records
On motion of E.H. BLANKENSHIP, it is order that J.W. THORN, Sheriff, take and administer the estate of Elizabeth BLANKENSHIP who has been dead more than 3 months.

The last will of George STEEL, deceased, was presented and partially proven by the oath of Joseph CAMERON, one of the witnesses.

A license granted to William A. BENNETT as a Barroom Liquor Dealer at his house near the home of Hiram HALL, to sell, retail, only five gallons at a time to any one individual. Spirits shall not be drunk on the premises, but shall be delivered to the purchaser in bottles, jugs, demijohns or other vessels. LIcense good for the period from May 1, 1887 to April 30, 1878. Bennett posts bond for $500.
Public Officials
J.W. THORN was elected Sheriff on May 26, 1877 for a term of four years. He, with D.W. DUNN, W.W. GRAYSON, J. Hoge THOMPSON, H.G. HICKS, John A. GRAYSON, Charles S. GRAYSON, H.W. SHANNON and J.G. MUNSEY, his securities, posted a bond for $10,000.00 and took the several oaths of office. C.M. SCOTT is allowed to qualify as the deputy sheriff, and took the several oaths.
George F. TILSON, infant of Harman & Mary J. Tilson, over age 14 and under age 21, selected A. A. TIBBS as his Guardian. Tibbs posted bond for $500 with I.T. GOLLEHON, his security.
Surnames Found In This Publicaiton

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname. Adkins, Akers, Alexander, Allen, Ashworth

Bailey, Ball, Bane, Bane/Bean, Bank, Banks, Barbee, Barnes, Barnitz, Baugh, Baumgardner, Bennett, Berge/Birge, Bernard, Bibee, Bird*, Bishop, Blankenship*, Bogle**, Boone, Bourne, Bowman, Bragg, Brewster, Brogan, Brown*, Bruce*, Bruster, Bryan, Bryant, Bryles, Buck, Bullard, Burks, Burrass, Burton

Caldwell, Cameron, Carnahan, Carpenter, Carr, Carver, Cassell, Catron, Chapman, Chandler, Charlton, Clark, Coburn, Collins, Colwell, Compton*, Cook, Cooley, Cooper, Corder, Corner, Cornett, Crabtree, Crawford*, Creger/Crigger, Crockett, Crow, Croy, Cubine, Cummerford

Davidson*, Davis*, Dillow, Dodd, Dola/Dolley, Dowling, Dudley, Duncan, Dunegan, Dunn*, Durham

Eagle*, Easley, Edmonds, Edmondson, Elliot, Empswiller, Epperson, Ewald

Fanning*, Fannon, Farmer, Farrington, Finley, Fletcher, Foglesong, Folden, Fortner, Fox, French*, Fry, Furguson

Gaussoin, Gibboney, Gibson*, Gills, Gordon, Grayson, Green, Gregory, Groseclose, Gross, Gullion

Haden, Hager, Hall, Hamilton*, Hancock, Hanshew, Hare, Harman**, Hatcher, Havens*, Hays, Hedrick, Heflin, Helvey, Henderson, Heniger, Hicks*, Hill, Hoback, Hoge, Honaker, Hopkins, Hornbarger, Horton, Hounshell, Hudson, Hughes


Jackson, James, Johnson, Johnston, Jonas, Jones*, Justice

Karnes, Keen, Kegley, Kidd, Kinder, King**, Kinzer, Kirby, Kitts**

Lambert*, Leady, Lee, Leonard, Lindamood, Locke, Logan, Love, Lovell

Mabray, Mahood, Matthews, Maxwell, McCoy, McGinnis, McNiel, McWane, Meadows, Melvin, Miller*, Mitchell, Moore, MOrehead, Morris, Moss, Munch*, Munsey, Mustard*, Myers/Myres

Napier, Neel, Newberry**, Nidermayer/Niedermair, Nisewander, Nunn

O'Keefe, Ory

Painter*, Patterson, Pauley/Pawley**, Pierce, Perry, Pendleton, Penley, Poe, Preston, Price, Pruett/Pruitt*, Purkey


Reeves, Repass*, Rider, Robinett*, Robinson, Rudder

Sarver, Scott, Shannon, Sherrill, Shewey, Shrader, Shufflebarger, Shular, Smith, Spangler, Stafford, Steel, Stimson, Stinson, Stowers*, Studebaker, Sutter, Surratt

Tarter, Taylor, Terry*, Thomas, Thompson**, Thorn, Thornton, Tibbs, Tilson, Tickle, Tolbert, totten, Tynes

Umbarger, Updyke

Waddey, Waddle**, Waggoner, Walker, Walters, Whalen, Wheeler, White, Williams, Willis, Wilson*, Wohlford, Wolf, Woodyard, Wright, Syles, Wylie, Wynn, Wyrick


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