Bland County, Virginia Court Order Book: 1872-1877

Compiled by Parke Bogle
162 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, Softcover, VA-0645, $28.50

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This volume contains a condensed version of the Bland Court Order Book for the time period of 1872 through 1877. All court proceedings have been included. To assist the researcher, legal phraseology has been replaced with layman's language - an extra bonus for those not currently attending law school.

Included are deeds, estate matters, overseers, trial verdicts, indictments, payments, business license applications/approvals, court appointments, names of public officials, guardianships, orphan records, names of jurors, +++ more.



K.C. THORNTON, Jailor, makes claim for $50.00 for caring for James HUGHES (colored), a lunatic in the County Jail. Allowed.
Page 465: Tuesday, January 4, 1876 - Ho. Geo. W. EASLEY, Judge
- Following is a list of deeds presented and recorded since the last term of court:
E.M. MELVIN & Wife to C.C. BAILES, 100 acres of north for of the Holston, for $385.00; Dated 12-11-1875
Estate Records
On motion of E.H. BLANKENSHIP, it is order that J.W. THORN, Sheriff, take and administer the estate of Elizabeth BLANKENSHIP who has been dead more than 3 months.

The last will of George STEEL, deceased, was presented and partially proven by the oath of Joseph CAMERON, one of the witnesses.

Criminal Cases
Commonwealth -vs- Ralpy B. WYRICK. Indictment for disturbing religious worship. Jury found defendant guilty and fines him $43.00. Defendant by his attorney ((continues)).
B. DODD applies for permission to keep a hotel in Town of Seddon. Court determines that Dodd's house is a suitable place and DODD a respectable person to have such an endeavor.
Estate Matters
A.A. ASHWORTH appointed administrator of the Estate of Amos THOMPSON, Deceased, on motion of A.G. THOMPSON, son and heir. Certificate granted him with the will annexed, and recorded.
Bastardly Bonds
Oversees of the Poor -vs- Jacob WAGGONER. A warrant for Bastardy. A rule orders against John F. UMBARGER, William H. COOLEY, and Malinda COOLEY, witnesses for the defendant, is charged. Ordered a rule against Catherine JOHNSON who was summoned and failed to appear as witness for the plaintiff. Returnable her next term of court.
Surnames Found In This Publicaiton

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Bland CO Adkins, Akers (Acers), Allen, Ashworth

Bailey, Bails, Bane (Bean), Banks, Barnett, Baugh, Bennett, Bird, Bishop, Blair, Blankenship, Bogle**, Booth, Bottomly, Bradham, Bralley, Branden, Bridges, Britton, Brooks, Brower, Brown*, Bruce, Buck, Burgess, Burton

Caldwell, Cameron, Carr, Carter, Cassell, Cecil, Chandler*, Chapman, Clark, Cloud, Cole, Collins, Compton, Cook, Cooper, Corder, Crabtree, Crawford, Cress, *, Crump, Crutchfield, Cubine, Cundiff

Davidson, Davis**, Day, Deaver (Devor), Dennis, Dillman, Dillow, Dills, Dilman, Dodd, Dodson (Dotson), Doughty, Dowling, Doyle, Dunn

Eakin, Easley, Ellis, Estil, Ewald

Fannen, Fannon, Fanning*, Fannon, Farmer, Finley, Fizer, Fletcher, Foglesong, Foster, Fox, Franklin, French**

Gibbony, Gibson, Gollehorn, Gose, Green, Grayson*, Greever, Gregory, Groseclose*, Gullian

Hager, Hale, Haller, Hamilton, Hancock, Hanshew, Harman**, Harner, Hatch, Havens, Hawkins, Hayes, Hearn, Hederick, Helvey*, Henderson, Heneger, Henshew, Hicks*, Higginbotham, Hoback, Hoge*, Holbrook, Holmes, Honaker, Hornbarger, Hounshell, Howard, Howe, Hudson, Hughes, Hutsel (Hutzell)

Jackson, James, Johnston*, Jones*

Keeling, Kegley, Kelley, Kidd, Kimberling, Kinder, Kindrick, King, Kinsel, Kinser, Kitts**, Kyle

Lamb, Lambert*, Level, Lindamood, Linkious, Litz, Locke, Lovel, Ludwig

McCall, McCormick, McCulley, McDonald, McGinnis, McGuire, McHaffey, McNeil, McNutt, McPherson

Marcus, Martin, Melvin, Miller*, Minnix, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Muirhead, Muncy, Munsey, Mustard*, Myers

Neel, Neidermaier, Newberry*, Niswander, Nye

Openchaine (Obenchain), Ory

Painter, Patterson, Pauley*, Peery, Penley, Petrie, Perry, Pool, Preston, Price, Pruett

Reeder, Repass*, Rice, Rider, Ritter, Roach, Robinett**, Roland

Sanders, Scharitz, Shannon, Sheppard, Shewey, Shrader, Shumate, Shufflebarger, Slade, Snavely, Snow, Songer, Spangler, Spencer, Stafford, Staples, St. Clair, Steel, Stimpson, Stowers*, Stras, Stuart, Slublett, Suiter*, Swindle

Taylor, Thomas, Thompson**, Thorn, Thornton, Thurston, Tibbs, Tickle, Tilson*, Tolbert

Umbarger*, Updike


Waddle, Waggoner, Walker, Wampler, Weaver, Wheeler, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Wohlford, Woodyard, Woods, Wyrick

Yost, Young

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