Bedford County, Virginia; Deed Book A-1: 1754-1762

Compiled & Transcribed by Ann Chilton
51 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, VA-0158, $11.50

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This straight-forward publication contains abstracts of the first Deed Book of Bedford County, Virginia. The contents have been organized in an alphabetical fashion by grantor or principle party involved. Some entrees contain estate settlements. Once a name is found and the page number known, the original document can be obtained at the courthouse or via Inter-Library Loan. Instructions are provided in book.


Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Absolem, Abston, Acres, Adams, Addams, Agar, Alford, Alfred, Allan, Allen, Anderson, Ankrome, Ankron, Anthony, Armstrong, Arthur*, Assop, Ayres

Baber, Baker, Ballard, Banks*, Barnes, Barrot, Bateman, Beard, Beazley, Bell, Bett, Birks, Board, Bobit, Bolden, Booker, Boreland, Bostick, Boulden, Boyd**, Boyle, Bradshaw, Bramblet, Brat, Briant, Bright, Brown, Brumpass, Bryan, Bryant, Buckham, Buford, Bumpass, Bunch, Burford, Burks, Burnly, Burly, Burlleson, Butler

Cabbell, Caffrey, Caldwell, Callaway*, Campbell, Candler, Carson, Carrington, Carter, Challis, Chandler, Chiles*, Childress, Chinalt, Chrisp, Christian, Clark, Clements, Clendening, Cockerham, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Crews, Crisp, Crockett, Crolay, Crews, Crowley, Crump

Dalton, Daniel, Day, Davis, Dean, Denny*, Dickerson, Dickson, Dillard, Dixon, Doggett, Donald, Dooley, Dorning, Doss, Downing, Drake, Dudley, Duggons, Dulin, Durham, Duiguid

Early*, Echols, Eckhols, Edson, Edward*, Eidson, Elliot, Englis, English, Ernest, Ervine, Evans, Ewing

Fair, Faris, Ferguson, Ferrel, Fisher, Firtpatrick Foster, Franklin, Fuqua

Gaddy, Gallaway, Gash, Gest, Gibson, Gilbert, Gill, Glass, Glover, Goad, Goggins, Green, Greenwood, Greer, Grooms, Grundy, Gutting

Hackworth, Haile, Haines, Hairston, Hall, Ham.ton, Hancock, Handy, Hardy, Harold, Harris, Harston, Harvey, Harveys, Haynes, Hays, Hayse, Hayth, Heath, Helm, Henson, Hendrickson, Henicee, Hill, Hinton, Holland, Holly, Hooper, Howard, Hunter, Hurt

Inglis, Isbell, Isbel, Irvine*, Irving

Johnson, Jones*, Jordan

Kent, Keef, Keeling, Kezeah, Kitchen

Lacy, Lawson, Lee, Leerwood, Leftwich, Lynch

Mackellon, Mackie, Mahone, Makay, Manley, Maples, Marion, Marshall, Martin, Matlock, McDavid, McDavitt, McFearin, McMurphy, McRannals, Mead, Meador*, Meadow, Minter, Miller, Mills, Mobberly, Morris, Morton, Moseby, Mossely, Mount, Mourets, Munce, Murphy

Nelly, Nerdman, New, Nicolas, Nynson

Oliver, Orchard, Ornsby, Orrick, Orrill, Osglesby, Overstreet

Page, Pate, Parrish, Parish, Patterson*, Payne, Perrin, Phair, Pheir, Pharis, Phelps, Phillips, Pitman, Pollard, Poteet, Prather, Preston, Price, Pullen


Raines, Randolph, Rawlings, Rawlins, Ray, Rea, Read, Rentfro*, Richardson, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Russel, Rust, Rutherford

Satter, Sawyers, Sayers, Scruggs, Simmons, Smith*, Snow, Snordgrass, Sorsberry, Spurlock, Stapp, Starkle, Steel, Steep, Stepp, Still, Stilt, Stith, Stone, Stoval, Sutton

Talbot**, Tate, Taylor, Terril, Terrell, Thomas, Thompson, Tilly, Todd, Tomson, Towns, Tracy, Trigg, Tullos, Turner*

Verdman, Vance

Walden, Walker**, Walton, Ward, Warren, Watkins, Watts, Welsh, Whaler, Wheeler, White, Wilburn, Wilkerson, Williams*, Wilson, Wimbish, Woodson, Woodward, Womack

Yarbrough*, Yoakum, Young, Yuile

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