Bedford County, Virginia Will Book 3: 1794 to 1810

by Ann Chilton
36 Pages, Index, Softcover, 8.5"x11", VA-0311, $10.00

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This straight-forward publication contains Bedford County, Virginia wills, inventories, settlements, appraisements, allotments, and accountings from 1794 through 1810. Each entry includes all information available in the original Will Book.

January 19, 1807
Sons: Sallathiel, William, Beverly, Cheatham
Daughters: Pheba, Lucy
Also lists Sally Fenley and her six children
Exec: Robert Hardy, Allen Corly, John Pate
Witnesses: William Pate, John Rank, Alexander Brown
Recorded: June 22, 1807, Teste: J. Steptoe
Wills Contained in This Publication

A will, inventory, settlement, appraisement, allotment, or accounting is provided for each of the surnames below. This list does NOT include executors, witnesses, or recorders.

Austin, Ayers

Baber, Bateman, Bell, Blackwell, Brannon, Brewer, Bruer, Buford

Caffery, Callaway, Chastian, Clayton, Claytor, Claytor, Cobbs, Corley, Creasy, Crump, Cundiff

Davis, Dixon, Dollard, Donald, Dowdy, Dwing

English, Ewing

Fariss, Frith, Fuqua

Gaddy, Gray, Gwatkins

Hally, Harrison, Hatcher, Haynes, Hensley, Hill, Hilton, Hodges, Hole, Holt, Hopkins, Hughes, Hughs, Hurt

Jackson, James, Johnson, Jones

Kein, Kennet, Kernes, Keshman, King, Kishman, Krantz

Latham, Lee, Leftwich, Lewis, Lockett

Marrs, Mars, Martin, Mason, Melton, Merritt, Miner, Minor, Mitchell, Moody, Moore, Mooreman, Moorlan, Moorman, Morlan, Mosely

Nance, Neal, Nelms, Nichols, North


Pate, Payne, Preast, Preston, Price, Pryor

Reese, Rice, Richardson, Roy

Salmons, Saunders, Scruggs, Simmons, Stokes, Stone, Sutton

Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thornhill

Waughfield, Weeks, Wheat, White, Wildman, Williams, Williamson, Woster, Wright

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