Revolutionary War Pensions of Bedford County, Virginia

Compiled by Ann Chilton, 1986
55 Pages, Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, Softcover, VA-0230, $12.50

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Since the majority of Revolutionary War records for Bedford County are unavailable, this volume affords a brief glimpse into a time of hardship and deprivation and of a generation of men laying the foundation that today makes the United States great.

Each entry contains the entire text of the pension application as written by the soldier or widow. The information in each entry differs but each contains a synopsis of the soldier's military service.


GROOMS, Jonathan; January 28, 1833, 77 Years of Age
I entered service February, 1777 as a volunteer from the County of Bedford under Captain Terrill of the 5th Regiment.
We marched to Carter's Ferry on the James River thru Fredericksburg to Dumfries where troops were inoculated for small pox and remained several weeks.
From Dumfries we marched thru Georgetown, Baltimore, Wilmington and on to Philadelphia. During this march, I had charge of the baggage wagon. The troops joined the army under General Washington at Philadelphia. I was engaged in this tour four months.
At the expiration I was sent home to Bedford in charge of wagons and horses in June, 1777. In the fall of 1780 I was drafted from militia in Botetourt County and served three months. We marched to Chiswell in what is now Called Wythe County for the purpose of protecting the lead mines. I remained three months. I was discharged and returned home. ((continues with more info ... then:)))
I was born in London February 5, 1756. I was brought to this country when I was very young. (( ... continues with more information )))

Surnames Found In This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

PIX Abston, Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Andre, Archibald, Arthur, Arrington, Arnold, Austin, Avery

Baber, Ballinger, Bandy, Baker, Barker, Barton, Baylor, Bailey, Beauman, Birchfield, Bowker, Brown, Buckner, Buford, Burgoyns, Burnett, Butler

Cabell, Cahill, Callaway, Campbell*, Caldwell, Carter, Carner, Carrington, Cheatman, Chatman, Christian, City, Clay, Clayton, Clement, Cotral, Collier, Cornwallis, Cook, Crouch, Cummins, Cummings, Cundiff, Custis

Dabney, Dakin, Davenport, Davis, DeLaFayette, Dick, Dooley, Downy, Dowlman, Dupey

Elderidge, Early, Eskeridge, Evans, Everhart

Fare, Finns, Fielder, Figgins, Fleming, Fox, Franklin, Frebacker, Frazier, Fubecker

Gates, Gill, Giles, Gilmour, Gilbert, Goff*, Goggins, Graham, Grooms, Green, Grisham, Gulp, Gwalkin, Gwatkin

Hackworth, Hambleton, Hancock, Harrison, Harris, Hargus, Hardman, Haynes, Heath, Henry, Helm, Hickenbotham, Hill, Holly, Holland, Holt, Hopkins, Hudnall, Hudson, Hughes, Hunter

Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jeter, Jones, Johnston, Jopling, Jordan

Kilpaterick, Kirkpatrick

Lafay, Lambert, Lauron, Lawhorn, Lawson, Lee, Leftwich*, Lewis, Levis, Levere, Lowry, Loney, Lockard, Lipscomb, Lyle, Lynch

Major, May, Martin, Marleborough, Markham, Marshall, Matthews, Merriweather, Meador, Mecklenburge, Meredith, McCampbell, McConaha, McDonald, McReynolds, Mitchell, Miles, Mills, Minor, Miller, Moon, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Mullen, Mulenburg

Nailor, Nelson, Newell, NEwlenburg, Noland, North

Oglesby, Oldacres, Oliver, Ore, Otey, Overstreet

Padget, Parker, Perril, Pesion, Pines, Pickins, Poindexter, Pollard, Polly, Porter, Preaston, Pullen

Reese, Reed, Reid, Reynolds, Richardson, Ridgely, Rice, Rodney, Robinson, Robertson, Rogers, Rose, Runion, Rucker, Russel

Sampson, Saunders, Sale, Scott, Serris, Scruggs, Shrewsberry, Shepherd, Smith, Spear, Squires, Stevens, Stewart, Stenham, Stiff, Stubblefield, Stirling, Stubbling, Stuben, Skilton, Sloan, Slaughter, Swain, Sydnor

Talbot, Tarlton, Taylor, Thomas, Thinnes, Tilton, Toler, Trigg, Trabue, Tracy, Tublett, Tucker, Turrell, Tyler

Vance, Vest, Vincent

Wade, Walker, Wards, Warner, Washington, Watson, Wayne, Watkins, Wweldon, West, Westman, Wharton, White, Whilley, Witt, Wilks, Williams, Williamson, Woodson, Wood, Woodford, Worley


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