Amelia County, Virginia Will Book 3: 1780 to 1786

Abstracted by Ben Wise
77 Pages, Full Name Index, Softcover, 8.5"x11", VA-0426, $18.00

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This thoroughly-researched volume contains wills, appraisals, and inventories and also includes additional deaths and heirs from Order Books 15 and 17 of Amelia County.

Along with pertinent will information, the compiler went one step further - information from Court Order books has been included to substantiate exact relationships of heirs.


WB 3:53
In the name of God Amen, I Robert HUDSON of the County of Amelia being in perfect health and of sound disposing mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same but calling to mind the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life, knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make constitute and appointed this to be my last Will & Testament humbly giving my soul to Almighty God that gave it to me and as for what worldly estate that it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with in this life. I give & bequeath in manner and form following. First, I lend to my beloved wife Jane HUDSON the use of my whole estate for the use of her and my two children Viz John MILLENER HUDSON and Mary COBBS HUDSON till either of my said children should come of age or marry or my said wife should marry and my said wife should marry and in either case that either of my said children should marry that then in that case I lend to my said wife one equal third part of my estate during her life and at her decease all except the land I give and bequeath to my son John MILLENER HUDSON and my daughter Mary COBBS HUDSON to be equally divided ... (Continues with usual language and additional bequeaths.

SB 3:58
Appraisal estate of George HAWKS ...

Order Book
Support of the widow of Joseph NUNNALLY, deceased, a poor person who died in the service 23 Nov. 1780.

Surnames Contained in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adams, Alfriend, Allen, Alton, Amonet, Anderson**, Archer, Ashurst, Asselin, Ator

Bagley, Bailey, Baker, Balding, Baldwin, Bannister, Barnes, Bartley, Bass*, Bates, Batte, Baugh, Beadle, Beasley, Beauford/Buford, Belcher, Bell, Bennett*, Bentley, Bevill**, Birthright, Blacke, Blackley, Blake, Blakely, Bland*, Bolling, Booker**, Booth*, Booth, Boram, Bottom*, Bradberry, Brammell, Brand, Briggs, Britain, Broadersay, Brooking, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Brumer, Brummer, Burnett*, Butler, Byasee

Cabaness, Cabiness, Callicott, Carloss, Carter, Chaffin, Chambers,*Chandler, Chappell*, Cheatham, Childers, Chumley*, Claiborne, Clardy, Clarke, Clay**, Clayton, Cleman, Clement**, Clough, Cobbs, Cocke, Cole, Compton**, Connally, Cook, Coppage, Cousins**, Covington, Cox*, Craddock**, Crawley*, Crenshaw*, Cross, Crow, Crowder, Cryer, Cuttington

Dalby, Danaty, Daniel, Davis, Deaton, Dejarnaty, Delaney, Dennis*, Devenport*, Dicken, Dickerson, Dobson, Dodd, Doggett, DRake, Draper, Drinkwater, Dudley*, Duncan, Dunnavant**, Duprey*, Durham, Duvall, Dyson*

Easter, Eaton, Edwards, Eggleston*, Eckels, Elliott/Ellitt, Ellington*, Ellis, Epes/Eppes/Epps*, Erkin/Erskine*, Evans*

Fagg, Farguson, Farley**, Farlow, Featherstone*, Fegeath, Finney, Fitzgerrald, Fitzhugh, Fleming, Fletcher*, Flinn, Flowers, Ford*, Foster**, Fowler*, Fowlks*, Freeman, French, Fulks

Gibbs, Giles, Gill, Gilliam, Gills, Glascock, Gooch, Goode, Gray*, Green**, Greenhill, Grigg**, Grissell

Hall*, Ham**, Hamlin, Hamons, Hardaway, Hardwick, Hardy, Harper, Harris, Haskew, Haskins*, Hatchett*, Hawlett, Hawkins, Hawks**, Hayes, Henderson, Hendrick*, Highes, Hightower, Hill**, Hilsman*, Hinton, Holdfast, Holloway, Holsman, Holt, Hood, Howell, Howlett, Howson, Hubbard, Hudson**, Hughes, Hundley**, Hurt*, Hutcherson

Iness, Irby

Jackson**, James, Jeffress, Jennings*, Jerrell, Jeter, Jinkins, Johns*, Johnson*, Jolley, Jones**, Jordan*

Keen, Kelly, Kennon, Kimben, Kirkland, Knight

Lamkins*, Lawson, Lawton*, League, Leonard, Lewis, Ligon, Lipscomb*, Lister, Locke, Locket*, Lord, Lovern, Lundie, Lunsford

Machentire, Mackeness, Maglasson/Meglasson/McGlasson, Malone, Maloney, Mann**, Manson, Marrah, Marshall*, Martin, May, Mayes, Medyley, Meridith**, Merritt, Mills, Mireton, Mitchell**, More*, Morgan**, Morris, Morton, Moseley, Moss, Motley, Mumford, Munford**, Murry/Murray, Muse

McBrion, McNabb

Neal**, Newman*, Nicholson, Night, Norvill, Nunnally*, Nunnery

Ogelby/Ogilby, Old/Olds**, Oliver, Osborne*, Overstreet, Overton

Parham, Parish, Patrim, Payne, Peachy, Penington, Perkinson**, Phillips, Piles, Pincham, Pitchford, Poiner, Pollard, Powell*, Price, Pride*, Pridy, Pryor**


Ragsdale, Raibourn, Rains, Randolph, Rease, Redford, Reems/Reames, Rice, Risen/Rison/Rissor, Roach, Road, Roberts**, Robertson**, Rogers, Rose, Rowlett, Royall**, Rucker, Ruffin, Runstall

Sallard, Sandefer*, Scott, Seaton, Seay, Seehright, Self, Shelton, Sherwin, Short, Simmons, Smith, Sneed, Snelling, Southall, Spain, Stacy, Stern, Still, Stuart/Stewart*, Stow, Sutten

Tabb, Tale, Talbott, Talley**, Tandy, Tanner, Thomas, Thompson**, Timberlake, Tomlinson, Townes*, Truhite, Tucker**


Vaden, Vasser*, Vaughan*, Venable

Walden, Walker*, Wallen, Walthall**, Walton, Ward**, Watkins, Watlington, Watson, Webster*, Wells, West, Westbrook*, White, Whitter, Whitworth, Wiles, Wilderson/Wilkinson**, Wilkes, Wilkins, Williams*, Williamson, Wills*, Wilson/Willson**, Wily, Winfree/Winfrey*, Wingo, Winhart, Winn, Winston, Womack, Wood, Woodward, Worsham**, Wright*, Wyatt

Yates, Young


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