1790 Albemarle County, Virginia Census

15 Pages, 8.5"x11", Softcover, VA-0595, $3.50

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Like many other census records, the reconstructed 1790 census of Albemarle County, Virginia makes researchers want to cry and shout for joy at the same time because it does not include all members of the household. But, look a little further and you'll find more information then you think including: This census was taken from an older tax listing for those living at the time between 1782 and 1790.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Aplin, Apperson, Austin

Bacon, Baddoe, Bailey*, Ball, Ballard*, Ballow, Barksdale, Barlow, Bates, Beck, Beckett, Bell, Benge, Berry, Birch, Birks, Bishop, Black, Blackwell, Blaine, Boan, Bocock, Bolling, Boswell, Branham, Breadlove, Britt, Brockman, Brooks, Brown*, Browning, Bruce, Brush, Bryan, Bullen, Bullin, Burbridge, Burger, Burk, Blurkett, Burnett, Burruss*, Bussy, Buster

Cabell, Campbell, Cane, Carr, Cartee, Carter*, Carver, Cheatham, Chenault, Childress, Chiles, Clark*, Clarkson, Claybrooke, Cleavland, Cobbs, Cocke, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Colley, Collins, Cooke, Copeland, Copengers, Cracks, Craig, Crenshaw, Crosthwait

Davenport, Davie, Davis**, Dawson, Dean, Dedman, Dickerson, Divers, Dollins, Dolton, Douglass, Dowell, Drumhiller, Dudley, Durham, Durrett

Eades, Easton, Eaves, Edwards, Ellaston, Ellerton, Elliot, Ellis, Emberson, Engle, Epperson, Estis, Eubank, Everitt, Ewbank, Ewell

Fariss, Farrar, Ferguson, Fielder, Fields, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzpatrick, Foileure, Fortune, Fortune, Foster, Fowler, Fowls, Freeman, Fretwell, Fry

Gaines, Gambell, Gardener, Garland, Garrell, Garrison, Garth, Gay, Gentry*, Gillasby, Gilliam, Gilmer, Gilmore, Golden, Golding, Goldsmith, Gooch, Goodman, Goolsley, Gordan, Gradey, Gragg, Grayson, Greening, Guayson

Hackett, Haden, Haggard, Hall, Hammock, Hamner*, Harding, Harlow, Harper, Harriss*, Harvey, Harvie, Hays, Hazbrig, Henderson*, Henring, Hensley, Herring, Hill, Hogg, Holt, Hood, Hopkins, Hudson, Hughes, Huleey, Humphry, Humphrys, Hunton, Huntsman, Hurt


Jamerson, Jefferson, Jerman, Johnson, Jones, Jopling, Jordan, Jouett

Keaton, Kennady, Kerley, Kerr, Kerrs, Key, Kidd*, Kindred, Kinney

Lacey, Lamb, Lane, Langford*, Layne, Leak, Leigh, Lewis**, Lindsay, Litteral, Lively, Long, Lott

McCallow, McClary, McCord, McCoy, McCullock, McEndree, McKinzie, McQuerry, McRay, McWilliams

Mansfield, Marks, Martin*, Massie, Maupine**, Maurey, Maxwell, Mayberry, Mayers, Mayo, Melton, Meriwether, Michie, Miller, Mills*, Minor, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moon, Mooran, Moore, Mooreman, Morgan, Morriss, Morton, Mosley, Mullins, Murrell, Muse, Musick

Nalley, Napier, Nash, Nelson, Nemore, Nicholas, Norriss, Nowell

Oglesby, Old, Olds, Osby, Owens

Page, Patterson, Pemberton, Perkins, Philips, Pilson, Piper, Powell, Pritchett, Proctor, Pulliam, Puthuff

Quarles, Quick

Radford, Ragland, Ramsay, Rawley, Ray, Reace, Reid, Reynolds, Richardson, Rippetoe, Roathwell, Roberts, Robinson, Rodes*, Rogers, Rosdels, Runnels

Salmon, Sandridge, Savage, Scott, Shackleford, Sharp, Sheets, Shelton, Shepherd, Shifflett, Smith*, Snell, Snow, Southerlin, Sowell, Spears*, Spencer, Spradling, Squair, Staples, Statham, Stephens, Stockton*, Stone, Sudderth, Sullavin

Taliaferro, Taylor, Thomas*, Thomason, Thompson, Thorpe, Thurmond*, Tindall, Tomkins, Tonkins, Toole, Travilliom, Trent, Tucyman, Tuley, Turk, Turner, Turnley

Uptegrove, Upton

Veatch, Via

Wade, Walker, Wallace, Walton, Wansley, Ward, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wayts, Weatherhead, Webster, Wells, West, Wharton, Wheeler, White, Wilkinson, Wills, Wingfield*, Wood**, Woodfork, Woods*, Woodson, Wray


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