WPA Records
129 Pages, 8.5"x11", Published in 1941, Reprinted 1999, Perfect Bound, FI-0124, $25.00

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A chief work of the Survey in Texas has been the inventorying of the state, county, and municipal archives. Historically, records found in Texas county courthouses may be grouped to correspond to the three major periods in the history of Texas: Spanish records, covering the period from 1718 to 1821; colonial records of the Mexican period, 1821 to 1836; and county records of the Republic and State, 1837 to the present.

The present publication is divided into an historical sketch which attempts to give a background for the records system of the county; an essay on governmental organization which shows the structure of county government and points out the necessity for a records system; an essay on the care and housing of the records which pictures the conditions under which the records are preserved; and the inventory itself, arranged by agencies and bureaus. The bureaus are grouped on the basis of their functions; administrative, recording, judicial, law enforcement, financial, and technical supervision. Proceeding to records of each bureau is an essay detailing the specific duties and functions of that bureau. Within bureaus, related records are grouped in subdivisions.

For example:

COUNTY COURT - records of Probate; Minutes, Dockets, Case Papers, Testementary Records, distribution of Estates, Administration of Estates, Bonds, Foes, Guardianship. Lunacy. Civil: Minutes, Dockets, Case papers, Writs, Bonds, Executions, Fees and Costs, Miscellaneous. Criminal: Minutes, Pleas and Sentences, Dockets, Case papers, Writs, Bonds, Fees and Costs, Miscellaneous. Witness and Jury records.

Even though there are no surnames in the text, the information is of great value to the researcher as it gives directions of materials and the time period covered.

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