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J. T. Crawford
32 Pages, Full Name Index, Soft Cover, 8.5"x11", Reprinted 2017, TN-1437, $6.50


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Rhea County, located in east Tennessee was created in 1807 and named in honor of John Rhea a Revolutionary War soldier, member of the North Carolina and Tennessee state houses, member of the U. S. Congress, U. S. Commissioner to treat with the Choctaws. In this little publication you will find a good overview of the county with the events, places, and status of the county in the year 1912. Many of the industries listed are now no longer in existence and many of the resorts no longer operate, but their memories are very much alive in the minds of the citizens of the county. The reader will find taken back to a much simpler time in history and a deeper understanding of life as it was in those days



“The Southern Training Schook, Graysville, Tenn., is owned and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventists and was first founded by Elder G. W. Colcord in 1893.”

“Until the introduction of strawberries as a commercial crop and experiments had shown the wonderful adaptability of these lands, they were considered almost worthless and could be purchased at almost any price, but since that time prices have increased almost 800 per cent, and will, no doubt, double present values within the next decade.”


Surnames Included in This Publication

There is no index to this piece as it is a promotional piece from the Chamber of Commerce. Only a few surnames included.

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