WPA Records
28 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Soft Cover, Reprinted 2011, TN-1326, $7.50


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Macon County, located on the Kentucky border in the middle of the state and was organized in accordance with the General Assembly of the state of Tennessee, 18 Jan 1842, which provided that a new county should be established. Macon County, created from parts of Sumner and Smith counties, was named in honor of Nathaniel Macon (1758-1837), a Revolutionary War soldier and North Carolina statesman. These Bible and Tombstone records were collected and returned to the state in 1938. There are probably more burials in each of the cemeteries since that time, but these are the names of those there at this time. One of the advantages of this type of material is that the Bibles have disappeared and many of the graves have been destroyed or records lost as to who is there.



“Record from the Book belonging to John A. Claywell, bought for 75 cts in Kentucky in the year of our Lord 1857. Present owner [1938] Bill Cook, Lafayette, Tenn. - John A. Claywell was married to Sarah Appleby January the 18th 1840...etc. etc. “


Surnames Included in This Publication

Alexandria, Appleby, Arless

Ballow, Barber, Bell, Blankenship, Bledsoe, Brockett

Chitwood, Claywell, Cooksey, Copas, Cornwell

Denton, Dickens, Dillard, Dodson, Drury

Edens, Emberton

Gibbs, Griffith, Gross

Hall, Hamilton, Hanie, Hargis, Harlan, Harlin, Hewlett, Hodge, Holland,


King, Kirby, Kittrell

Leath, Loftis, Looe

Marshall, McClellan, McKnight, Meador, Milam, Moren, Morrison


Parker, Pearson, Pipkin, Pledger, Price

Ray, Reeves, Reid, Roark

Sary, Savage, Scott, Sims, Smith, Smothers, Stinson, Stone


Wakefield, Walton, West, Williams, Witcher, Wootten


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