Sullivan County, Tennessee Will Book 1

159 Pages, WPA Records, 8.5"x11", Softcover, Full Text, TN-0646, $25.00

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This publication contains the COMPLETE text of wills registered in Sullivan County from 1830-1870 as compiled by WPA workers.

Along with the actual will, you will find names of children, spouses, brothers, sisters, aunts, nephews, slaves, aunts, uncles, and friends. No changes have been made ... the wills read exactly as written and bring you back to a different era of forethought, understanding, and love.


JOHN HIGGINS. Will. Wife: Mary. Sons" Westly, William, Alexander, Elijah, John, James. Daughters: Elizabeth MILIGAN; Nancy TITTLE; Mary TITTLE; Sally MORREY; Margaret ARMSTRONG; Polly TITTLE. John MC MINN and George BOGLE to value estate, including slaves. Slaves: Claria; Ben, Susan, Mariah, Lucy, George, Jim, Jack, Shearman. Executors: Jehu MC MINN; George, BOGLE.

To help you along the way, wills for the following Sullivan pioneers are contained in this publication. REMEMBER: if you match a surname but the first name is different, there's a good possibility of a match through blood.

Adams, Stephen
Armistead, Lucy
Arterburn, James
Arrants, Nathan
Bachman, Jonathan
Bachman, Nathan
Barger, John
Barger, Nicholas
Barker, Joel M.
Bar, Susan
Bay, (or Boy) Adam
Bear, George
Beard, John Sr.
Boy (or Bay), Adam
Boy, Andrew
Booher, Abraham M.
Booher, Christian
Booher, Martin
Booher, William
Bragg, David
Bragg, Thomas
Butler, Wesley
Cain, Leonard
Carlton, Blake
Carlton, Frederick
Carrier, Jonathan
Carr, George
Chester, John
Childress, George
Cloud, George
Cox, John
Cowan, William B.
Cook, David
Crockett, Silas
Cross, Jesse
Crumley, George
Curtain, John
Davault, Cynthia H.
Dulany, Thomas E.
Dulany, Thomas Elizabeth
Dulany, W.R.
Dykes, Loftton
Easley, John
Easley, Vincent, Elsea, Icy
Galloway, Alen
Galloway, James
Galloway, John
Gardner, Lewis
Giesler, Adam
Goodson, Samuel E.
Grant, Jno.
Gregg, James
Hancer, Wm.
Harrington, James
Hatcher, Jas.
Hatcher, Reuben B.
Hatcher, Sarah
Haynes, Mathew T.
Hicks, Nathaniel
Hite, Malinda
Hodge, Francis
Holt, George
Hopkins, Stephen
Horn, John
Hughs, Wm. J.
Hulse, James
Hulse, William
Hull, Noah
James, Walter
Johnson, Hugh
King, James, Sr.
King, Jane
King, Jonathan
King, Sarah
King, William
Lady, Geo.
Latture, Thomas
Laudermilk, Jacob
Laudermilk, John
Lyon, Eliza J.
Lyon, Jacob
Massengill, Michael
Maul (or Moul), Benjamin
Mead, Nancy
Miller, Daniel
Mattern, Nicholas
Mathew, Susanah
Moul (or Maul), Benjamin
Moore, Levi
McClellan, Abraham
McClellan, David
McCroskey, Mathew
O'dell, William
Offield, William
Pearce, Elizabeth
Riley, John
Rockhold, William
Rogers, David
Roller, David
Roller, George
Roller, John
Roller, Margaret
Rutledge, Robert
Sells, Isaac
Shipley, Enoch
Shipley, Jane
Shipley, Martha
Shryack, Amelia
Slaughter, Jacob
Smith, Robert
Smith, Solomon
Snodgrass, David
Thatcher, Sarah
Thomas, Adam
Thomas, John
Thomas, William
Tipton, A.B.
Torbett, Hugh
Tujrner, Jane
Vance, David
Vincent, John
Wagner, Jacob
Warren, Eli
Webb, John
Wexler, E.C.
Whitman, Samuel
Willard, George
Wood, Agnes
Yoakley, E.L.
Yoakly, Peter

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