Rhea County, Tennessee Biographies

30 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, TN-0284, $7.50

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Originally published by Goodspeed in 1887, this 30-page reprint is filled with sketches and names of Rhea County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county.

Surnames Included In This Publication

Abel, Abernathy, Allen, Angel, Asbury, Ault

Barnett, Bean, Beard, Bell, Benson, Berry, Bicknell, Bingam, Birdson, Blevins, Bolton, Bottom, Boyd, Boynton, Bradford, Brooks, Brown, Broyles, Buchanan, Burkett, Burton

Cain, Caldwell, Callahan, Campbell, Caywood, Chapman, Chatten, Chumley, Clack, Clark, Clements, Cobb, Collins, Colville, Compton, Condley, Cook, Cowan, Coulter, Cozby, Crabbs, Craighead, Craven, Crawford, Crutchfield, Cunningham

Darwin, Day, Denton, Dodge, Dukes, Dunham

Early, Earnest, Edwards, Evans, Evens

Falkner, Farley, Farmer, Ferguson, Fine, Fleming, Forbish, Foster, Foust, Francis, Frazier, Fulkerson, Fulton

Galbraith, Gamble, Gardenhire, Garrison, Gass, Gedge, George, Gettys, Gibbs, Gibson, Gillespie, Gilmore, Givens, Granley, Greer, Griffith, Grittinger

Hackett, Haggard, Halloway, Hampton, Hand, Handy, Harden, Hazzlerig, Heiskell, Henry, Hinch, Holloway, Holt, Hosier, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hoyal, Hudson, Huymphrey


James, Jamie, John, Johnson, Joney, Julian

Keenan, Kennedy, Key, King

Ladd, Lauderdale, Lea, Lennox, Lester, Leuty, Lewis, Lillard, Locke, Lones, Long, Love, Loutham, Luck, Lyon

McAndrew, McBride, McCaleb, McCallie, McClane, McDonald, McKenzie, McKinley, McMeans, McMillian, McMillin, McPherson, McWhirter

Magill, Majors, Miller, Minus, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Murphree

Nanny, Neal


Paine, Parham, Parker, Patterson, Persons, Pevyhouse, Phillips, Pierce, Polk, Preston, Pyott

Ramsey, Rawling, Reed, Renfro, Rennebaum, Rhea, Rice, Richard, Riddle, Ried, Robinson, Rockhold, Roddy, Rogers, Russell

Salts, Shaver, Simcox, Smith, Spencer, Spivey, Steece, Stephens, Stockton, Storie, Stuart, Swafford

Thomas, Thomison, Thompson, Turney

Walker, Walsh, Wassom, Waterhouse, Whittenburg, Wilshire, Wiseman, Witt, Woodward, Worley

Yarber, Yearwood, Young

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (above) are:

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