Perry County, Tennessee Biographies

37 Pages, Full Name Index, 8.5x11, Softbound, TN-0514, $7.50

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Originally published by Goodspeed in 1887, this 37-page reprint is filled with sketches and names of Perry County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county.

Surnames Included In This Publication

Adams, Akin, Alberson, Anderson, Atkin, Atkins

Baker, Baker, Barber, Barham, Barnett, Bastian, Bates, Baugus, Beard, Beasley, Black, Blackburn, Blackwell, Brahear, Branch, Breckenridge, Bredwell, Briley, Britewell, Britt, Brooks, Brown, Bryson, Bumpass, Burchard, Burrnett, Burns

Campbell, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Caruthers, Childress, Cobles, Coleman, Cooper, Corbitt, Cotes, Cox, Craig, Crudup, Cude, Culp

Dabbs, Daniel, Dansey, De Lobel, Denton, Depriest, Dickson, Dille, Dixon, Dodson, Doharty, Dowdy, Drake, Dudley, Duncan

Easley, Edwards, Edwin, Eldridge, Ellis, Evans

Flowers, Fraley, Frierson

Garner, Goblett, Gotthardt, Graham, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Griffin, Guthrie

Hand, Haney, Hardeman, Harder, Harmon, Harris, Henderson, Hinson, Hix, Hodge, Hollabough, Holligan, Holmes, Hooper, Horner, Houssels, Houston, Huffstedler, Hulme, Humphreys, Hunt

Jackson, Jarmon, Johnson

Kelley, Kimbel, Kimble, King, Kinzer, Kirkpatric, Kirkpatrick, Kittrell, Kline

Lancaster, Land, Ledbetter, Lewis, Lineberry, Little, Loggins, Lomax, Long, Loveless

Matthews, Maxwell, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Murphy

McAnally, McCage, McDonald

Nelly, Newsom, Newton, Niblett, Nix, Norris, Nunn


Patterson, Pavatt, Pearson, Pettigrew, Petty, Phillips, Pickard, Potter, Prince


Rains, Randal, Rice, Rickman, Rickmann, Rise, Roberts, Rutherford

Salmon, Scott, Shelton, Shepard, Shy, Simmons, Sims, Siser, Sloan, Smith, Stanley, Stanly, Starrett, Stephens, Steward, Stricklin, Sutton

Tally, Tanner, Tate, Tatom, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Tracy, Travis, Tucker, Turner

Vaughan, Vaughn

Waggoner, Ward, Webb, Weber, Weems, Welch, White, Whitwell, Whitwells, Whitson, Wilburn, Wiley, Wilkes, Wilkey, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Wims, Wood

Yates, Young

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (above) are:

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