Morgan County, Tennessee Bible & Cemetery Records

40 Pages, 8.5"x11", WPA Records, Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0942, $10.00

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The Bible and Cemetery records found in this publication were collected by W.P.A. Workers during the Depression.

The records were originally written down in pencil on notebook paper. This work contains the entire file of all records collected by W.P.A. Workers through 1939.


To help you along the way, here are the surnames listed in this publication. If (**) appears after the surname, more than six (6) individual names are referenced.

Abbot, Adams, Adcox, Addington, Adkins, Adsmond, Alley(**), Alnord, Anderson(**), Archer, Arrowood(**)

Banyord, Barnes, Bate, Beaty(**), Beosley(**), Bingham(**), Blake(**), Bonham, Bourne, Bowmer(**), Brenstetter, Brooks, Brown(**), Bullard, Byrd(**)

Cagley, Calletle(**), Canup, Carney, Carpenbter, Carpenter, Cash, Cherry, Clark(**), Coffey, Coffman, Cole(**), Collins(**), Cook, Cooper(**), Corum, Cox(**), Craig, Cromwell

Daugherty, Davidson, Davison, Dawson, Delius, Dennis, Dillar, Duncan, Cunington, Dunsmore

Edward, Edwards(**), Eldridge, England

Farmer, Farr, Farrienton, Ferman, Fisher, Fowler, Foylem, Francis, Fulton

Garleveski, Garrett(**), Gibson, Gillette, Gillis(**), Goforth, Goldston(**), Goldstone, Guffy

Hale, Hall(**), Hammond, Hannahan, Allen(**), Hanse, Hardie, Haskell, Hayworth, Headrick, Hedrick, Holley, Howard, Hown, Hunt, Hurst(**), Huskins

Jacks, James, Janes, Jaruis, Johnson, Jones(**)

Kemper, Kendrick, Kindrick, King, Kitchen, Kittell, Kittrell, Krupa

Lane, Lavender(**), Laymance, Lee, Loyler, Lunn, Lyngh, Lyons(**), Lyrd, Lytle

McGhee, McGill(**), McMahan

Maguffee, Mahan, Martinean, Mason, Matilda, May, Meister, Miles(**), Miller,
Moates(**), Moore, Morseman, Mullins

Naramore, Nash, Needham, Neil(**), Norman, Norris(**)

Olmstead, Olmsteod, Olson, Ooten, Ornseod, Ostramski, Owins

Pace(**), Pagel, Paller, Parson, Payne(**), Petitt, Philips, Phillips, Pittman(**), Pittmann, Pollard, Potter(**), Powell(**), Purl, Purvis

Quicker, Quillen, Quillis

Rankin, Rew, Rich, Ritter, Robbins, Robinson, Rogers, Rogers, Root, Roppe, Ross, Runion, Ruth, Ryan, Ryon, Ryhons

Scott, Sharpe, Shelton, Shonnins, Simmons, Simpson, Singers, Smas, Smith(**), Snow, Snyder, Spirling, Spurling, Stafa, Stansbury, Staples, Sternberg, Stone, Strand, Summer, Summers

Taner, Taylor, Thomas, Todd(**), Tyalor


Vanasthean, Vann, Voyles

Waddell, Walls, Ward, Watson, Weedman, Weiles, Weiver, Welch, Wheeler, Whipple, White, Wild, Wilds, Willard, William, Williams, Willis(**), Wyatt


Zalorski, Zeller, Zumstein(**)

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