Macon County, Tennessee Biographies

28 Pages, Full Name Index, 8.5x11, Softbound, TN-0505, $6.50

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This 28-page publication is filled with names and sketches of Macon County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county. Surnames:

Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Atkerson

Barbee, Barry, Bennett, Blackmore, Blankenship, Bonham, Bradley, Brattton, Brinkely, Brockett, Brownlow, Buie, Burnly, Burrow

Cage, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Cartwright, Caruthers, Carver, Chamberlain, Chitwood, Clairborne, Cocker, Coley, Comer, Cooper, Cothron, Crowley, Cullom

Davis, Dean, Denton, Depp, DeWitt, Dodson, Douglas, Driver, Duffy, Dunn

Eaton, Eller

Ferguson, Fite, Flippen, Forgason, Freeman

Gillenwaters, Gillum, Glover, Goodall, Goodpaster, Graham, Grant, Gray, Gregory, Griffin, Guild

Haley, Hargass, Harlin, Harrison, Hawkins, Head, Hemphill, Henderson, Hickerson, Holland, Holiday, Howell, Hudleston, Hunter

Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson

Kerley, Key, Kirby, Lauck, Lincoln, Lloyd, Loveall

McClain, McConnell, McDonald, McDuffy, McKinnis

Marshall, Mayben, Meador, Meadowville, Mooningham, Morgan, Morris, Morrison

Patterson, Payne, Pickett, Pinkney, Price, Pursley, Puttie

Reneau, Rhoads, Rickman, Ridley, Rison, Roark, Roarke, Roberson, Rose, Royster

Sears, Seegraves, Seymour, Shackelford, Shaughnessy, Short, Simmons, Sitton, Slone, Smith, Stephens, Stinson, Street, Sullivan

Talman, Thompson, Thurman, Towson, Tuck, Turner

Uhle, Ursley


Wade, Wakefield, Walton , Weaver, West, White, Whitley, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Wilmore, Wood, Wooten, Wright

York, Young

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (above) are:

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