McMinn County, Tennessee Records

59 Pages, WPA Records, 8.5"x11", Surname Index, Perfect Bound, TN-0543, $10.00

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In the corner of an attic in Chattanooga, Tennessee, several hundreds of files lay gathering dust. Between the hunger of rats and insects, they were slowly being destroyed. Between the spider webs, dust, and mold there were records, lots of records ... church records, bible records, cemetery records, and miscellanous records.

Finally the true nature of the documents was confirmed: they were the lost WPA Records.

Here's a list of the 'lost' goodies found in this publication:

  • The History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Athens, TN
  • A List of Athens' Churches, pastors, etc.
  • Records abstracted from the Beaver, Bonner, Castell, Denton, Grant, Guthrey, Hafley, Hampton, Hutsell, Jarvis, Latham, Lewis, Mantooth, Matlock, Mathis, Nankivell, Patterson, Perry, Queener, Reed, Rudd, Snider, Spradling, and Wilson family Bibles.
    (From the 1700s - early 1900s)
  • Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions for the entire old Cedar Grove Cemtery (where the pioneers are buried).

Listed below are the surnames included in this publication:

Adair, Adams, Adee, Agnew, Alexander, Allen, Alloway, Amis, Anderson, Andrews, Arnett, Arnold, Arnwine, Artre, Atlee, Atless, Aughard

Baker, Balfour, Ball, Ballard, Ballew, Banks, Barr, Baul, Bayless, Beard, Beavers, Bedow, Bells, Betterton, Bivens, Black, Blackwell, Blake, Blanghard, Blari, Blevins, Blizard, Blizzard, Body, Boggess, Boice, Boker, Bolton, Bonner, Boyd, Boyd, Bradford, Branan, Brazzelton, Briant, Bridges, Briggs, Brigham, Brillhart, Brown, Browning, Brownlow, Burchard, Burger, Burke, Burkett, Burnett, Burns, Burrow, Butram

Caldwell, Calhoun, Campbell, Candler, Cantreel, Carban, Carden, Cardin, Carmack, Carr, Carson, Carter, Cass, Casteel, Cate, Cathcart, Chamlee, Chastain, Cheney, Childress, Chilers, Clark, Clayton, Cleage, Cleveland, Cobleich, Cobleigh, Coggins, Coley, Collins, Cook, Cooke, Cotes, Cox, Crabtree, Craig, Cravey, Crawford, Creasman, Creech, Crittenden, Crofts, Crouch, Crow, Crowe, Crutchfield, Culberson, Culpepper, Cunningham, Curtis

Dacus, Dalton, Daly, Daniel, Davis, Dean, Dedrick, Delay, Dement, Dennis, Denton, Derrick, Dickey, Dixon, Dobson, Dodson, Dubois, Duff, Dugan, Duggan, Dunn, Dyer

Earheart, Early, Eaton, Eaves, Edgemon, Edgmon, Elder, Elliott, Ellis, Ely, Emerson, Emert, Engledow, Ensminger, Ereckson, Erwin, Ester, Estis, Evans

Farrell, Faster, Ferguson, Fields, Fisher, Fleming, Flory, Fore, Foree, Foster, Fox, Frank, Franklin, French, Frye

Gamble, Gardiner, Garten, Gass, Gaston, Gennoe, Gentry, George, Getty, Gettys, Gibson, Gilbert, Gillespie, Grant, Gray, Greenwood, Gregory, Gresham, Griffin, Grigg, Grimes, Grubb, Guille, Guinn, Guthrey, Guthrie

Hacker, Hafley, Haines, Hains, Hale, Haley, Hall, Hamburg, Hamby, Hamilton, Hampton, Handy, Hanks, Harbison, Harbitt, Harmon, Harris, Hart, Harton, Harwell, Hatcher, Haynes, Helm, Henderson, Hendon, Henninger, Henry, Hewis, Hickox, Hicks, Higkox, Hilliard, Hoback, Hoge, Holder, Holdredge, Holgom, Holt, Hornsby, Horton, Hoss, Hounshell, Houston, Howard, Hoyl, Hughes, Humphreys, Hunt, Hurst, Hutsell, Hyatt, Hyden

Irvin, Isbell, Ivinis, Ivins

Jackson, Jamerson, James, Jarvis, Jeffers, Jenkins, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Joins, Jones, Jordan

Kamy, Keeton, Keirn, Keith, Kelley, Kennedy, Keyes, Kilgore, Kilzoe, Kinder, King, Kinser, Knox, Kyker

Ladue, Lafferty, Lambert, Lane, Lankford, Lasater, Latham, Lauderdale, Lawson, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lee, Leith, Lester, Leveck, Lewis, Lide, Lindner, Lingerfelt, Lipscomb, Lockmiller, Logan, Long, Lowe, Lowry, Lunsford, Lusk, Luter, Luther, Lyons

McAffrey, McCann, McClaskey, McConkey, McCracken, McDaniel, McDermott, McDowell, McElwee, McEwen, McGahey, McGaughey, McGill, McKamey, McKeldin, McKenzie, McKinney, McLaughlin, McMurray, McNeilis, McRoberts, McSpadden, McWhorter

Magill, Mahery, Malone, Manery, Mann, Mantooth, Mardith, Marston, Martin, Mary, Mason, Mathas, Mathews, Mathis, Matlock, Matthews, Maxwell, May, Mayo, Meek, Melear, Melton, Meredith, Merrill, Meyer, Miller, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Moses, Moss, Mulkey, Murray, Murrell

Nankivell, Nation, Neil, Nervell, Netherland, Newman, Nice, Nile, Nipper

Officer, Owen

Palmer, Pardue, Parker, Parkison, Parris, Parrott, Parsons, Partain, Patterson, Patton, Pearce, Pearson, Peck, Pemberton, Perry, Peters, Petty, Philips, Picklesimer, Piearce, Pierce, Pilgrim, Pitman, Plank, Plumlee, Powers, Prater, Prichard, Pritchett, Proudfoot, Pyot

Queener, Quinn

Randolph, Rankin, Rayl, Records, Reed, Reeder, Reid, Renegar, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Richeson, Riddle, Rider, Roach, Robers, Roberts, Robeson, Robinson, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rothwell, Rouse, Rowden, Rowland, Rudd, Rumple, Russell, Rutter

Sallee, Sample, Sanders, Sautell, Sawtell, Scott, Seever, Seharn, Sehorn, Sehorns, Self, Sharits, Shealds, Shell, Shelton, Sherlin, Sherman, Shoemaker, Shoffeitt, Shugart, Simmons, Simpson, Sims, Sites, Slack, Sliger, Slimp, Slover, Smith, Snider, Snyder, South, Spence, Spiggle, Spradling, Spradling, Spurlin, Spurling, Stalcup, Standridge, Stanfield, Stanton, Starr, Starrett, Steeed, Stevens, Stewart, Stone, Stout, Strange, Stringfield, Stum, Sugart, Sullivans, Suton, Sutton, Sweeney

Tallent, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlisoln, Torrence, Triplett, Trusley, Tuck, Tucker, Tuell, Tumblin, Turley, Turner

Ulrey, Underdown, Underwood

Van Dyke, Vaughan, Vaughn

Wade, Wafford, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Ware, Waters, Watson, Wattenbarger, Wattles, Watts, Webb, Webster, Weir, Welch, West, Wester, Wexler, Wilcox, Wilds, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Witcher, Woods Woolsey, Wright

Yarber, Yarberry, Young

Ziegler, Zimmerman

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