Haywood County Biographies

46 Pages, 8.5 x 11, Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0491, $8.00

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Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1887, this reprint is filled with sketches and information on Haywood County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county. Surnames include:

Albright, Alexander (8), Alfin, Allen, Alley, Alston, Anderson (10), Anker, Anthony, Ashe, Austin

Bain, Barbee, Barclay, Barcroft, Baucom, Baugh, Baynes, Beason, Bee, Bennett, Black, Blackwell, Bledsoe, Block, Bond (13), Boothe, Boswell, Royce, Boyd, Bradford (5), Brantly, Brewer, Bridgeman, Briggs, Bright (5), Broadnax, Brooks, Broughton, Brown, Bruce, Buck, Bullifin, Burton, Byars

Caldwell (6), Campbell Capell, Carpenter, Carroll, Carthell, Caruthers, Castlelow, Chainey, Chalmbers, Cheatham, Cherry, Christie, Clark, Clarke, Claud, Clay, Claybourne, Clements, Clinton, Cobb, Coe, Coffe, Coleman, Collins, Colman, Conner, Coppedge (7), Cox (5), Cozort, Crawder, Cromwell, Crump, Currie (6)

Dancy, Davidson, Davie, Davis (11), Day, Dill, Dillard, Dobbins, Dobins, Dodd, Dorthel, Dotson, Douglas, Douglass, Drennon, Duckworth (10), Dunaway, Dupree, Dyer

Eader, Eager, Eason, Ellis, Emby, Estes (7), Farmer, Farrell, Farrington, Felsenthal, Felts, Folk, Folts, Forrest, Foust, Freeman

Gale, Gardner, Gates, Gause, Ghent, Gholson, Gillespie, Glass, Gordon, Gray, Green, Griffin, Grove, Guyger

Halliburton, Haralson, Hardwick, Hargis, Hargrove, Harris, Harston, Harvey (6), Hay, Haywood (11), Head, Henderson, Henley, Henly, Hess, Hill, Hisk, Hodges, Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hudson, Hume, Humphreys

Irby, Jackson, Jacocks Jarratt, Jeffreys, Jetton, Johnson (12), Jones (9), Joyner, Julius

Kelso, Kennedy, Kerr, King (5), Klyce, Lamb, Lanier, Lankford, Lawhorn, Lea, Lee, Leigh, Leonard, Levy, Ligon, Lill, Link, Linn, Livingston, Longley, Lord, Loving, Lucas, Lyle (6)

McCampbell, McConnico, McCool (5), McFarland, McGee, McGrath, McGuire, McKenney, McLeod, McMahen, McCurry, McNeal, McPerson

Maclin, Mahon, Mann, Martin, Massy, Matthews, Maudlin, Medlin, Meux (6), Miles, Miller, Mills (8), Montedonico, Moore (15), Morton, Mourir, Mulholland, Murnan, Muse

Nail, Naill, Naylor, Neely, Nelson, Newman, Nixon (6), Nolan, Nolen, Nunn (6)

Outlaw, Owen, Parker, Parrott, Patrick, Patton, Payne, Pemberton, Penn, Perkins, Petty, Pewett, Phillips (6), Porter, Poston, Potter, Powell, Proudfit, Pugh, Pulley

Ragland, Rawlins, Raymond, Rayner, Read (6), Reads, Reid, Revell, Reverly, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice (7), Richardson, Richmond, Rives (6), Roach, Rogers (5), Rothchilds, Rothschild, Rowan, Rudd, Russell (7), Rutherford, Ruthledge

Samfield, Samith, Sanderlin, Sanders, Sangster, Sangston, Savery, Scott, Sevier, Shapard, Shattuck, Shaw (8), Sherman, Short, Simms, Smith (11), Southerland, Standley, Stanton, Steinberger, Sternberger, Stevens, Stokely, Strange, Strayhorne, Strothers, Sullivan, Sumners

Taliaferro, Tally, Tamm, Tanner, Tappan, Taylor (11), Thomas (12), Thompson, Tripp, Trotman, Trottman, Tunly, Turner, Twity, Tyas, Tyus (8)

Waggoner, Wagner, Wainwright, Waldron, Wallace, Ware (8), Warren, Watkins, Watson, Weaver, Weir, Welch, Wells, Wenberry, Westbrook, White (6), Whitehead (6), Whitelaw, Wilder, Wilkerson, Williams (12), Williamson, Wilson, Winfield, Winfield, Wofford, Wood, Woods

Yabncey, York, Young

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