Hawkins County Biographies

27 Pages, 8.5 x 11, Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0490, $5.00

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Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1887, this reprint is filled with sketches and information on Hawkins County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county. Surnames include:

Adams, Aiken, Alexander, Amis, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnott, Aston

Bachman, Bagler, Bales, Ball, Bassett, Baugh, Beal, Bean, Beckman, Bell, Berry, Blair, Blevins, Bradley, Brooks, Brown, Bullock, Buren, Burkett

Caldwell, Campbell, Carden, Carmack, Carter,
Caruthers, Charles, Chesnut, Chestnut, Chissom, Clarkson, Cloud, Cocke, Coffin, Cooper, Cox, Crawford, Crews, Critz

DaVault, David, Davis, Delap, Denny, Doherty, Dolzell, Elliott, Ellis, English, Erwin, Evans

Fain, Ferguson, Francisco, Fulkerson

Galbraith, Gallaher, Gault, Gents, Gibbons, Gillenwater, Gillenwaters, Gordon, Gray, Grigsby, Guthrie

Hagan, Hale, Hemblen, Hamilton, Harris, Hart, Hawkins, Haygood, Haynes, Henderson, Hickey, Hoffman, Hogg, Hood, Hord, Horton, Howry Huffmaster, Humphreys, Hunter, Hutcheson, Hutchison, Hutchings

Ingram, Jackson, Jarvin, Johnson, Johnston, Jones

Kennedy, Kenner, Kincaid, King, Kite, Klepper, Kyle

Lackey, Lane, Lauderbach, Lauson, Lee, Legg, Logan, Long, Looney, Love, Lucky, Luttrell, Lyons

McBride, McCampbell, McCann, McCarty, McClure, McCraw, McCulloch, McCullough, McDennott, McFerrin, MCGehee, McKibben, McKinney, McLim, McMinn, McNutt

Marcum, Marshall, Martin, Massengill, Maxwell, Meek, Miller, Mitchell, Mooney, Moore, Mulkey, Murrell

Neill, Nelson, Netherland, Nugent

Pace, Page, Park, Parks, Parrott, Parsons, Patterson, Payne, Pearson, Peck, Pegram, Phillips, Phipps, Pierce, Piper, Poats, Potter, Powel, Powell, Price, Pullen

Remes, Rice, Ridley, Riley, Rittner, Robertson, Rogan, Rogers, Rork, Ross, Roulstone, Ruthledge

Sanders, Sawyers, Scruggs, Self, Senabaugh, Sensabaugh, Sevier, Sexton, Shaner, Shanks, Shaver, Shields, Short, Simpson, Smith, SnodgrassSpears, Speck, Spryker, Stamps, Starnes, Stephenson, Stone, Surgoin

Tartar, Thurman, Tunnell

Wales, Walker, Wallace, Walling, Watterson, Wax, Webb, Wells, White, Williams, Wilson, Winston, Wolfe, Wood, Wright


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