Grundy County Biographies

40 Pages, 8.5 x 11, Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0988, $10.00

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Reprinted from The Compendium of Biographies, this publication is crammed with sketches and information on Grundy County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county. Surnames include:

Abendrouth, Academy, Alabama, Alexander, Anderson

Bailey, Bain, Barne,s Baud, Bennett, Berry, Blanton, Born, Bost, Brady, Brown, Bryan, Burger, Burnett, Burroughs, Buzan

Campell, Carick, Carnes, Carroll, Castleberry, Cathcart, Cathcut, Chapel, Clayton, Cleburn, Cope, Cove, Cox, Crabtree, Crick, Cunningham, Cushman

Davis, Dickinson, Donalson, Drake, Draper, Dykes

Eller, Elliott, Evans, Farrell, Forrest, Foster, Freudenberg, Fults

Gowin, Green, Griswold, Grove, Gunn, Gunter, Gurney, Gwyn

Hall, Hamby, Hannah, Hargis, Harris, Harrison, Hartshorn, Hawk, Haynes, Heer, Henry, Hill, Hobbs, Holt, Howland, Hughes, Hunt, Hunter

Jackson, Jacobs, Jenette, Johnson, Kimbro, King, Kramer, Kurl

Lane, Lathrum, Laxon, Lee, Leverton, Lincoln, Lindsey, Locke, Lockhart, Lodge, Long, Longstreet

McCoslin, McCraw, McGovern, McMurray

Mabry, Macon, Martin, Marugg, Meeks, Meyer, Miles, Milroy, Mine, Mitchell, Moffitt, Morgan, Moyers, Munley, Myers

Nett, Newman, Northchut, Northcut, Norwell, Note, Nunnely

O'Leary, Ott, Overturf, Pankey, Patton, Pearson, Peck, Phelps, Purdom

Reed, Reeves, Roberts, Robinson, Roddy, Roth, Rust

Sabild, Sanders, Saunders, Scharer, Schild, Schlapback, Schneider, Scruggs, Shannon, Shisrling, Sims, Smartt, Smith, Spigles, Springs, Stewart, Street, Stump, Summers, Sumner, Sweeton

Talifarro, Thompson, Tipton, Travis, Troy, Tucker, Turney

Von Bergen, Von Lohr

Wacob, Wagner, Walker, Wamack, Warren, Weaver, Wenger, Werner, White, Wiley, Willis, Woodard, Woodlee, Wooten

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