DeKalb County Biographies

51 Pages, 8.5 x 11, Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0477, $10.00

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Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1887, this reprint is filled with sketches and information on DeKalb County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county. Surnames include:

Adams, Adcock, Allen, Allison, Arant, Argo, Attwell, Avant

Bain, Baker, Banatta, Banks, Barber, Barnes, Barry, Barton, Bass, Batey, Batts, Bears, Beckwith, Bell, Belle, Bensy, Black, Blackburn, Blankenship, Bloyds, Blythe, Bond, Bone, Boon, Botts, Bowers, Boyd, Bozarth, Bragg, Branch, Bratten, Bratton, Breckinridge, Bridges, Brien, Britton, Brown, Bryan, Buck, Buckley, Burton

Calhoun, Cameron, Campbell, Cantrell, Carnes, Caruthers, Chandler, Cheatham, Christian, Clark, Coe, Coffee, Coggin, Colms, Colvert, Compton, Conway, Corley, Cox, Crompton, Crowley, Crutchfield

Dale, David, Davis, Dearman, DeKalb, Denton, DeWitt, Dildine, Dinges, Dingess, Dodson, Donnell, Dorse, Doss, Dougherty, Dowell, Driver, Duncan, Dunnaway, Dunnington, Durham

Eastham, Easton, Eddings, Edwards, Ellison, English, Ervin, Erwin, Estham, Evans, Evart, Exum

Farrar, Fillmore, Finney, Fisher, Fite, Fitts, Flippin, Flowers, Floy, Floyd, Ford, Forester, Forrest, Foster, Foust, Foutch, Frazier, Fruits, Fuson, Fuston

Garrison, Gay, Geltford, Geraghty, Geraty, Gibble, Gibbs, Gill, Givan, Given, Givens, Glenn, Goodner, Gould, Grandstaff, Grant, Graves, Gray, Greeley, Gribble, Griffith, Groom, Gross, Gulick, Gwaltney

Hale, Hallin, Hallum, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardwicke, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Haskins, Hathaway, Hayes, Haynes, Herschel, Hicks, Hill, Hollis, Holmes, Hooper, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hurd


Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Jost

Kelley, Kelly, Kelton, Kennedy, Kersey, King, Kinnard, Kirby, Kitching, Knights

LaFever, Lannon, Lawrence, League, Lee, Lewis, Lick, Lincoln, Lockhart, Luckey, Luster

McCaverty, McCleain, McClelland, McDearmon, McDonald, McDowell, McGiniss, McGuire, McHarner, McNelly

Maddox, Magness, Manier, Manning, Marchbanks, Marks, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matthews, Mauldon, Maxwell, Maynor, Merritt, Miller, McClelland, Moore, More, Morgan, Munlacks, Myers

Nesmith, Newman

Oakley, Overall

Parker, Patterson, Paty, Pearce, Peck, Phillips, Pickett, Pigg, Potter, Powell, Price, Prichard, Pritchett

Quarels, Quinn

Ray, Reece, Reese, Reynold, Reynolds, Richardson, Ridley, Robertson, Robinson, Rollings, Roundtree, Rutland

Sales, Savage, Schure, Schurer, Scott, Scruggs, Sellers, Settle, Shields, Showers, Simpson, Simrell, Smallman, Smith, Sneed, Squires, Steele, Stewart, Stokes, Strong, Sullivan, Summers, Swann

Talley, Taylor, Thomason, Thompson, Tilden, Tillman, Tippitt, Tracy, Tubb, Turner, Turney, Tyra, Tysee

Upton, Vantrees, Vick

Wade, Walk, Walker, Walks, Ward, Ware, Waters, Webb, Weedon, West, Whaley, Wheeler, Whitson, Whorley, Williams, Wilson, Winfrey, Womach, Wood, Wooldrige, Wright

Young, Zergin

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