Abstract of Cannon County Will Book
Volume A 1836-1895

35 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0453, $12.50

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This publication contains a synopsis of Will Book, Volume "A" ( 1836 - 1895 ) for Cannon County.

Originally compiled by WPA works during the FDR administration, Carlson references each will and includes a full name index containing the page number on which each will is found. With this information, the researcher can write Cannon County and obtain a complete abstract of the will.


JOHN HIGGINS. Will. Wife: Mary. Sons" Westly, William, Alexander, Elijah, John, James. Daughters: Elizabeth MILIGAN; Nancy TITTLE; Mary TITTLE; Sally MORREY; Margaret ARMSTRONG; Polly TITTLE. John MC MINN and George BOGLE to value estate, including slaves. Slaves: Claria; Ben, Susan, Mariah, Lucy, George, Jim, Jack, Shearman. Executors: Jehu MC MINN; George, BOGLE.

Surnames Contained in This Publication

Abbot, Adams, Alexander**, Allen, Alley, Armstrong**, Arnett, Arnold

Bailey, Baird, Banks, Barkley, Barnett, Barratt, Barrell, Barrett, Barry, Barton**, Bates, Baxter, Beck, Bell, Berry, Blair**, Blanks, Blanton, Bogle**, Bond, Bowen**, Boyd, Bradford, Bragg**, Brandon, Brevard**, Brewis, Bridges, Britton, Brokwell, Brown**, Bryant, Brysen, Bryson**, Bullard, Burch, Burgar, Burger, Burk**, Burkett, Burks, Burnes, Burnett, Bush, Butcher, Byford, Bynum, Byrn, Byron

Cabbage, Camon, Campbell**, Cannon, Cantrell, Carmichael, Carnes, Carr**, Carr, Carter**, Cathcart, Cathon, Cawthon, Cawthron, Chas, Cherry, Chunn, Clark, Clarke, Clemments, Cole, Comer, Connelly, Cook, Cooper**, Cope, Cothons, Couch, Covington, Craig, Crenshaw, Creson, Cronk, Cummings, Cummins**, Curlee

Damron, Daniel, Danniel**, Davenport**, Davinport, Davis**, Dement, Denby, Denton, Dickens, Dickenson, Dickey, Dickson, Doak, Dobbs, Donnall, Donnell, Dosher, Dubois, Duggin, Duncan, Dunn

Earls, Edge, Edward, Edwards, Eledge, Elkins**, Elledge, Elrod, England, English, Eoff, Esary, Escue, Espy, Etherage, Evans**, Everett

Fann, Fare, Ferrell, Ferril, Finley**, Finly, Foler, Ford**, Forester, Forrester, Foster, Fowler, Francis, Franks, Freeman**, Fugitt, Fuston

Gaither**, Gandy, Gannon, Garrison, George**, Gillam, Gilley, Gilliam, Gillum, Gilly, Gilum, Gode, Good, Gooding, Goodloe, Goodlove, Goodwin, Gordon, Gowan, Gowen, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Gribble, Grizzle, Guess, Guy

Hailey, Hale, Haley, Hammond, Hancock, Hanes, Haney, Hankins, Hare, Harper, Harral, Harrell, Harris**, Hawkins, Hayes, Hays**, Henderson, Hicks, Higgins**, Hill, Hines, Hipp**, Hodge, Hollis**, Holloway, Holmes, Holmns, Hoover**, Hope, Hoper, Hopper, Horn, House, Houston, Hubbard**, Hume, Hunt

Inglis, Irvin

James, Jamison, Jarratt, Jarrett, Jernigan, Jetton**, Johns, Johnson, Jones**

Kearsey, Keele, Keeton, Kelley, Kennady, Kennedy, Kerke, Kersey, Keysdale, King, Kirsey, Kittrell, Kneeland, Knox, Koonce

Labby, Lance, Landers, Landsden, Laseter, Lasiter**, Laurance, Lawrence**, Leach, Ledbetter, Leech**, Lemay, Lemmons, Linley, Lockhart, Long, Lowe, Lumay**, Lyens, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons

Maddox, Marbury, Marcum**, Mares, Markin, Markum, Marshall, Martin**, Mason, Mathews, Maxey, Mears, Medavill, Medow, Melton**, Meres, Middleton, Miller, Milligan, Millikin, Mingle, Mitchel**, Mitchell**, Mitchells, Moore**, Morely, Morgan, Morrey

McAdoo, McBroom**, McCabe, McCaslin, McCloud, McCommark, McCrary, McCullough, McElroy, McFerrin, McGill, McGuffey, McKnight(** 50+ 1st Names), McMahan, McMinn, McNairy

Neely, Nelsen, Nelson, New**, Nichol, Nichols

Odem**, Odom**, Odum, Oliver, Orand**, Orr, Overall, Owen**

Page, Pare, Parker**, Parkes, Parmer, Parris, Parton, Patton, Paty, Payne, Peake, Pealer, Peden, Peeler, Pelham, Pellam, Pendelton, Pendleton, Perry, Petty, Phillips**, Pinkerton, Pitard, Porterfield, Preston, Pursley

Raines, Rains, Ralston, Ramsey, Randles, Ratley, Rawlings, Raynolds, Ready, Reed**, Richards, Richardson, Rigsby, Roberts**, Robertson, Robinson**, Rollins, Rose, Ross, Rucker**, Rucks, Rushing**, Russell

Saddler, Sadler, Saffle**, Sandidge, Sapp, Sauls**, Scott, Seal, Selvedge, Shelby, Sherly, Shirfield, Shirley, Simmons, Simpson, Sissom, Smith**, Spidell, Spry, St. John, Stafford, Stamper, Standly, Starr, Stephen, Stephens**, Stewart, Stone**, Stoner, Stroud**, Sullens, Sullivan, Summar, Summer**, Summers, Swindell

Talley, Tatum, Taylor**, Teasley, Tenpenny**, Tension, Thomas**, Thompson**, Thrower, Throwers, Tilford, Timberlake, Tittle, Todd**, Tolbert, Tolor, Tramwell, Travis**, Trott, Tubb, Turner**, Turnley

Vance**, Vandergriff, Vane, Vanney, Vaunts, Venay, Vinson

Wade, Wale, Walker, Walkup**, Walls**, Ware, Warren, Warrick, Watson, Weatherford, Weedon, West**, Wharrey, Wharry, Wharton, Wheeler, Whitlock Whittemore, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wimberly, Witherspoon, Womack, Wood**, Woods, Wooton, Worley, Wormich, Wright

Yong, Young**, Youree, Yourie

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