Bradley County, Tennessee Biographies

34 Pages, 8.5" x 11", Full Name Index, Softbound, TN-0279, $7.50

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Originally printed by Goodspeed in 1887, this 34-page, 8.5" x 11" oversized reprint is packed with names and sketches of Bradley County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county.

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (below) are:

Surnames Included In This Publication

Aiken, Alexander, Anderson

Bailey, Ball, Barnes, Bashears, Bates, Batt, Beagle, Beckner, Bell, Berry, Bible, Billingsley, Blair, Blount, Blunt, Bond, Bostick, Boudinotte, Boweers, Bowie, Bowman, Bown, Bradford, Brandon, Brazleton, Britton, Brown, Bryan, Buckner, Burk, Butler, Byrd

Coffy, Calahan, Calloway, Camp, Campbell, Cannon, Carson, Carter, Caswell, Cate, Champion, Childress, Clemmer, Cleveland, Clifton, Clingan, Coffee, Collins, Cook, Cosby, Cote, Cowan, Cown, Cox, Cozby, Craigmiles, Crow, Culton, Curry

Davis, Dean, De Armond, Denton, Dobb, Dodson, Douglass, Duncan, Dunn

Earnest, Eaton, Eaves, Edwards, Evans

Fagan, Fetzer, Fillauer, Finnell, Fisher, Fletcher, Ford, Forman, Foster, Frazier

Garber, Gardner, Gass, Gaut, Gill, Gillespie, Goodner, Grady, Grant, Graves, Gray, Griffin

Hale, Hall, Hammond, Hanna, Hancock, Hannah, Hardegan, Hardwick, Harle, Harvey, Hatcher, Hawk, Hawkins, Haynes, Hays, Heiskell Hempstead, Henderson, Henegar, Henry, Herriford, Hickey, Higgins, Hill, Holland, Holt, Horton, Hoyl, Huff, Hughes, Humphreys, Hunt

Irwin, Isbell

Jackson, Jarnagin, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Julian

Kanester, Keeling, Keith, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenner, Key, Kibler, Kincannon, King, Knox, Kuhn

Lain, Lasater, Lauderdale, Lavendar, Layne, Lea, Legg, LeWidge, Lewis, Lillard, Low, Lucky

McCarty, McClary, McElwee, McFerrin, McKamy, McKarmy, McJunkin< McMillan, McMinn, McNelly, McPherson, McTeer

Mahan, Mansfield, Marshall, Mayfield, Meigs, Milburn, Miller, Milligan, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morelock

Napin, Neer, Neil, Newman, Morton, Norwood

Osborne, Osment

Parker, Parks, Patterson, Payne, Pendergrass, Pittitt, Pickens, Poe, Polk, Pomeroy, Potts, Pice

Rabe, Ragsdale, Raht, Ramsey, Read, Reed, Reeder, Reese, Reynolds, Rice, Rickey, Riddle, Ridge, Riggs, Roberts, Robertson, Rodefer, Rodgers, Rogers, Ross, Rowan, Rowles, Ruble, Rucker, Russell

Samples, Sandusky, Schultz, Scludge, Scott, Scruggs, Sevier, Shearson, Shugart, Simmons, Smith, Soule, Spaulding, Spears, Springgs, Spring, Springston, Starr, Steed, Sterling, Stockburger, Storr, Stuart, Stubblefield, Sullins, Swan

Taylor, Telford, Thompson, Thornberry, Tibbs, Tipton, Towns, Townsend, Traynor, Trewhitt, Tripplett, Tucker


Vance, VanDyke, Vest Von Aldenhoff

Wagoner, Walker, Waterhouse, Watkins, Weatherly, Weir, Welker, Whites, Whitt, Willhite, Williams, Wilson, Woods, Wool, Worcester

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