White County, Tennessee Biographies

45 Pages, 8.5"x11", Softcover, Full Name Index, TN-0530, $9.50

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Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1887, this 84-page reprint is filled with names and sketches of White County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county.

Surnames Included In This Publication

Akins, Allison, Ames, Anderson, Anthony, Austin

Baker, Barbour, Barnes, Bassom, Basson, Bates, Beam, Bickford, Biles, Blankenship, Blount, Bossom, Bounds, Bowen, Boyd, Bradford, Bradley, Brittan, Brockett, Bronson, Brookstein, Brown, Brownlow, Bryan, Burgess, Burgis, Burton, Byard

Cameron, Campbell, Carrick, Carter, Caruthers, Catron, Cheatham, Chisem, Clark, Coatney, Cole, Collins, Combs, Comer,Connelly, Cooper, Cope, Copher, Cowan, Cox, Cram, Crawford, Crowley, Cummin, Cummings, Cummins, Cunningham

Daugherty, Davis, Denton, Denny, Dergan, Dibrell, Dibrell, Dillon, Dinges, Dodson, Dorton, Douglas, Drake, Draper,Dummings, Duncan, Dunny

Earls, Eastland, England, English, Epps

Fancher, Farmer, Farris, Faucher, Findley, Finley, Fisk, Fite, Fitzgerald, Flemming, Fletcher, Floyd, Ford, Forester, Forrest,Fraley, Frank, Franklin, Fulkerson

Gabe, Gains, Gamble, Gibbs, Gibrell, Gillentine, Gilliland, Gillin, Gissom, Gist, Glenn, Goff, Gooch, Goodall, Goodbar,Goodpasture, Gracey, Green, Guest, Gunter

Haggard, Hall, Hancock, Haqncock, Hardee, Hargess, Harpole, Harris, Harty, Haston, Hauks, Hayes, Henderson, Herd,Hess, High, Hill, Hitchcock, Hobson, Hoffman, Holder, Holford, Holter, Hopkins, Howard, Hudgens, Hudson, Huston


Jackson, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jenkins, Jett, Jones

Keith, King, Kirby, Knowles

Lampton, Lane, Lausden, Lawson, Laxon, Ledbetter, Lee, Leftwick, Lewis, Lincoln, Little, Longstreet, Lowrey

Madding, Madison, Magness, Marchbanks, Markum, Marmaduke, Martin, Matthews, May, Mayes, Meeks, Metcalf, Milican, Mitchael, Mitchell, Moat, Montgomery,Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Murray, Musgrove

McBride, McConnell, McDaniel, McGuire, Mackay, McManus, McWhister

Nelson, Nicholson, Norwood, Nourse

O'Connor, Officer, Ogle, Oldham, Overton

Payne, Pearce, Pennington, Pettit, Phillips, Pollard, Pollock, Pope, Potts, Price, Quarles

Randals, Ratan, Reed, Renshaw, Rhea, Rice, Ridley, Roberts, Robertson, Rodgers, Rogers, Rowland, Russell, Rutledge

Sander, Sapp, Scarborough, Scott, Seatt, Shackleford, Sharon, Sharp, Shelley (Shelly), Shields, Shockly, Simms, Simns, Simpson, Sinvil, Smallman, Smith, Snodgrass, Southern, Sparkman, Sperry, Spurlock, Stanton, Starkley, Starnes, Steele, Stewart, Story, Sugg, Swift, Swindler, Swofford

Taylor, Templeton, Terry, Thompson, Throckmorton, Tillman, Towles, Turner, Turney, Tyrell

Van Dyke, Vaughn, Vining, Voss

Wade, Wallace, Walling, Ward, Warren, Watson, Weaver, Webb, Wheeler, Whilhite, White, Whitehead, Wilcher, Williams, Wilson, Winstead, Winter, Witt, Woods, Woolsey, Wright

Yates, Young


Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (above) are:

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