Washington County, Tennessee Biographies

47 Pages, 8.5"x11", Softcover, Full Name Index, TN-0527, $8.00

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Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1887, this 47-page reprint is filled with sketches and names of Washington County pioneers and complimented by a brief history of the county.

Surnames Included In This Publication

Acton, Adams, Aiken, Aikin, Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Arken, Armstrong, Arnold, Asher, Atkinson, Avery

Bacon, Baird, Baker, Balch, Barkley, Barnes, Barr, Barskdale, Barton, Battle, Baawn, Baxter, Bayless, Beam, Bean, Beard, Bell, Biddle, Bird, Blackburn, Blair, Blount, Bolinger, Boone, Boring, Bovell, Bowman, Boyd, Bricker, Briggs, Britton, Brown, Browlow, Broyles, Buchanan, Burgner, Burroughs, Burrow, Burson, Burton, Burts, Byers

Caldwell, Calvent, Campbell, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Carty, Cate, Chamberlain, Chesnutt, Chester, Chisolm, Claiborne, Clark, Clarke, Clem, Cobb, Coffin, Collins, Conley, Converse, Cooper, Copp, Cosson, Cowan, Cox, Crawford, Critzman, Crouch, Crough, Cruch, Crumley, Cummings, Cunningham

Damson, Davis, Deaderick, Deakens, Deakins, Dearborn, Denton, DePew, DeVault, Dickinson, Dillingham, Dilworth, Doak, Dobson, Doherty, Doren, Dosser, Douglass, Duncan, Dungan, Dunham, Dunlap, Dyer

Earnest, Eason, Ellis, Elsea, Embree, Emerson, Emory, Epperson, Erwin, Estes, Etheridge

Fain, Fair, Farr, February, Ferguson, Foglesong, Foot, Fowler, Fraber, Frost

Gammon, Garber, Gaut, Gentry, Gibson, Gifford, Gillespie, Gilliland, Gist, Glaze, Glenn, Gobble, Gollehon, Goodin, Gourley, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Griffith, Grimes, Grisham

Hacker, Hale, Hamilton, Hammer, Hannah, Harr, Harris, Harrison, Hassh, Hawes, Haynes, Henderson, Hendricks, Henshaw, Hickey, Hill, Hodge, Hodges, Holback, Hollis, Holt, Honaker, Hoskins, Hoss, Houghton, House, Howard, Hughes, Humphreys, Hunt, Hunter

Inman, Isaac, Isbell

Jackson, Jdoak, Jobe, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jroane

Keebler, Keel, Keels, Keen, Keezel, Kelsey, Kennedy, Kerr, Keys, King, Kirkpatrick, Kitzmiller, Klepper, Kyker

Lacey, Lacy, Lake, Lane, Layman, Leab, Lee, Lide, Lipscombe, Long, Love, Lovely, Lucas, Lucky, Luttrell, Lyle, Lyon, Lytton

McAllister, McBee, McCorkle, McCoy, McCray, McDowell, McFall, McFarland, McFerrin, McGaughey, McGinty, McKee, McLin, McMahan, McMahon, McNabb, McNairy, McNamee, McPherson

Mackin, Madison, Mahoney, Markwood, Martin, Mason, Mathes, Matson, Matthes, Maxwell, May, Merritte, Miller, Mingle, Minton, Mitchell, Moffitt, Mongle, Montgomery, Moody, Mooman, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Murphy, Murray

Naff, Nash, Nave, Nelson, Newell, Nolan, Norwood

O'Brien, Owens

Painter, Parks, Parry, Pearsons, Patterson, Patton, Payne, Pearn, Penn, Peoples, Pettibone, Phillips, Porsley, Pouder, Powell, Price, Pritchett, Pugh, Pursley, Putnam

Ramsey, Randolph, Range, Rankin Reed, Reese, Reeve, Reeves, Rhea, Rhine, Rice, Robertson, Robinson, Rogan, Rorex, Ruble, Russell, Rutherford, Ryland

St. John, Scudden, Seaver, Seehorn, Sells, Sevier, Shannon, Sharp, Shelby, Shipley, Shurley, Simms, Sims, Slaughter, Smith, Smiyth, Snapp, Spann, Spencer, Spurgeon, Stafford, Steele, Stephens, Stephenson, Stewart, Stout, Strain, Stuart, Stubblefield, Swingle

Tadlock, Talbott, Tate, Taylor, Teeter, Telford, Thompson, Thornburgh, Tilford, Tipton, Trimble, Tucker, Tyler

Vance, Vanlier, Varnum, Vaughn, Vincent

Waddell, Waddill, Wagner, Wallace, Walter, Walton, Ward, Warlick, Waterbury, Watson, Wells, West, Wheeler White, Whitson, Willett, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Wise, Witherspoon, Wood, Woodrow, Wood, Woods, Wooldridge, Worth, Wright, Wyer

Yager, Yeager, Young

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (above) are:

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