Union County, Tennessee Cemeteries

Compiled by Sallie Hayes
63 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0953, $15.00

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This publication is a genealogical gold mine for the Union County researcher.

Listing burials as early as 1785, and as late as 1932, there are approximately 1,685 entries. Included are Civil War veterans, infants and young children.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Acuff**, Ailor*, Alder, Anderson, Archer, Arms, Ashley, Atkins*

Bailey, Bains, Baker, Bales, Banks, Bardley, Bayless, Beeler*, Bell, Berry, Blackburn, Blansit, Boles, Booker**, Boruf, Bowers, Bowles, Bowling, Bradley, Branson, Brantley, Brdley(sic), Breeding, Brewer, Brock, Brogan, Brooks, Browning, Buckner*, Bunch, Burnett, Butcher**

Cadwell, Canada, Canup, Canupp, Carden, Cardwell, Carman, Carmon, Carr**, Carroll, Carter*, Cary, Cassady, Cassidy, Ceymore, Chadwick, Chandler, Chesney**, Christain, Christian, Clapp*, Clark, Claxton, Clevenger, Cody, Cole, Collett*, Collins**, Colvin, Condray, Cook**, Coram*, Corum, Cowan, Cox, Cranke, Crawford, Cross, Crutchfield, Crwford(sic), Cuck

Dail, Dalton, Damewood**, Daniel, Davis, Devault**, Donahew**, Donehew, Drinnen, Dukes, Dyer**

Eakers, Easterly, Edmondson, Edmunds, English, Epperson, Evans

Fares, Faulkner, Ferguson*, Field*, Fields, Flatford, Fox, Francis, Franklin, Frost**, Furgason

Gaines*, Genrty, Gibson, Gose, Graves*, Greene, Griffin, Grigsby

Hall, Hamilton, Hammer, Hankins, Hardin, Harless, Harris, Haun, Haynes, Heiskell*, Henderson, Henley, Henry, Hensard, Herguson(sic), Hery, Hickle**, Hieskell, Hill**, Hipsher, Holmes, Hubbes, Hubs**, Huddleston*, Hundley, Hurst*, Hutcheson

Inklebarger, Irick

Jennings, Jessee, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jordon

Kanaday, Keck, Kee, Keller, Kelly**, Key, Keys*, Kingaid, Kinsley, Kitts**, Kinsley, Koontz

Lamb, Lambdin*, Lane, Lawson, Ledgerwood, Leinart*, Leroy, Lewis, Lifford, Linart, Long, Lovell, Luttrell, Lynch

Maples, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Meltabarger, Mendenhall, Merritt*, Miller**, Mitchel, Mize, Monroe**, Moore, Morgan, Morton, Moyers, Muncy, Myers, Mynat, Mynatt*, Myres

McAfee, McAffee, McBee*, McClain, McDaniel, McDonald, McFee, McNew, McPhetridge*

Neal, Needham**, Neil, Nelson, Nicely, Noblin, Noris, Norris

Oaks, Odam, Odom, Odon, Oneal, Oreefe*, Owsley

Palmer, Parker, Parson, Paul, Peters, Petters**, Phipps*, Pike, Popejoy*, Potter, Pugh

Ralden, Raley, Reeder, Rice, Ridenour, Roberts, Robison, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Russell**, Ryan

Salling**, Sands, Satterfield, Seal, Seals, Seamore, Seivers, Sellers*, Severs, Seymore, Seymour, Shadwick, Shap, Sharp**, Sharp., Sharpe, Shaw, Sheckles, Shelby, Shelton*, Shermon, Shumate, Simmons, Skaggs*, Skeen**, Smith**, Snodderly, Snoderly**, Steele, Strevel, Sulfrage, Sulfridge, Sweet*

Tapp, Taylor, Tharp*, Thomas, Thorpe, Tolive, Toliver, Tony, Trick, Troutt, Turner


Vandergriff, Viettetoe, Viettoe, Vittoe(sic)

Wade, Waggnoner, Waggoner, Wake, Walker*, Wallace**, Waller, Werwick, Weaver, Weber, West, Western, Wheelock, White, Whited**, Whitelock, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wininger, Wise, Witt, Wolfe, Wolfenberger*, Wood**, Woodall, Woods, Wrenn, Wyrick*

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