Marriage Records of Putnam County, Tennessee
1878 - 1882

Transcribed by Willie D. Smith
35 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-1051, $10.00

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This straight-forward publication contains the earliest marriage records available for Putnam County, Tennessee. Entries are listed in the following order: The original page number, Groom's/Bride's name, date of license, date of return (in parentheses), name of officiating authority, and Bondsman.


Jefferson MILLS to Lucy PRICE, 15 Oct 1878 (17) By J. K. PEEK, J. P., C. J. BOHANNON

Edmond HUDDLESTON (colored) to Catherine HUDDLESTON (colored), 13 Nov. 1878, By W. G. Hughes, J. P. , H.B. Maddux

Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Aaron, Abster, Adams, Addams, Alcorn, Alexander, Algood, Allen, Allison, Amonett, Anderson Ashburn

Baker, Baldwin, Ballard, Barnes, Barr, Bartlett*, Bates, Beally, Bean, Bennett, Bilbrey, Blunt, Boatman, Bockman, Bohannan**, Boles, Bounds, Boyd*, Bradford, Bradham, Baraswell, Bray, Briant, Brindley, Brogden, Brogdon, Brooks, Brosley, Brown**, Broyles, Burce, Bruington, Bryant, Buck**, Buckner, Bullington, Bullock, Bunavin, Burgess, Burnett, Burton, Buxh, Bussell, Butler, Butts, Byers, Byrne

Cameron, Campbell, Cantrell, Cantwell, Capshaw, Carlin, Carr*, Carter, Cash, Cates, Choat, Choate, Christian, Clark, Clinton, Clouse, Coatney, Cole, Coleman, Conger, Conley, Conly, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cowen, Cox, Crabtree, Crawford, Cronk, Crowell, Crowley, Cullom, Cunningham, Curtis

Dalton, Daniel, Daughtrey, Daughtry, Daules, Davis**, Denny, Denson, Dewees, Ditty, Dobbs, Dollar, Douglas, Dowell, Dryer, Duke, Dunavan, Dunavin, Duncan, Dyer

Early, Eldridge, Ellis, Elmore, Elrod, Emry, England, Ensor, Evans

Farley, Farris, Fegus, Ferre, Ferrell, Fields, Findley, Fisher, Fletcher, Foister, Ford, Franklin, Frasier, Fuquay

Garner, Garrison, Gentry**, Gentry Jr, Gibbons, Goin, Golsby, Gooch, Goodman, Goodpasture, Goodwin, Goolsby*, Grace, Gracy, Gragg, Grayham, Green, Grider, Grime, Grimes, Grogan, Grogin, Gullet

Halaway, Haldford, Haley, Halford, Hall, Hallaway, Hammon, Hanse, Hargarett, Hariges, Harp, Harpole, Harris, Hash, Haynes, Henley, Henry**, Hergess, Herrain, Herrin, Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hilldreth, Hinds, Hitchcock, Holaway, Holladay, Holley, Hollow, Holmes, Homes, Hood, Horn, Howard, Howell, Huddleston**, Hudgens, Hughes, Hunter*, Hursey, Hyder

Isbell, Isom

Jackson**, Jaco, Jagness, Janes, Jaquess, Jared, Jarred, Johnson, Jones*, Judd*, Julian, Julin

Kaniard, Kerby, Kerr, Kinard, King, Kinnaird, Kinniard, Kirby, Kirkland

Lamb, Lamberson, Lankford, Lassby, Laycock, Leach, Ledbetter, Lee*, Leftwich*, Lenoard, Lewis, Lindsey, Linsey, Lisk, Lollar, Long, Lowary, Lowe, Lowry, Lynch

Mackey, Mackie, Maddox, Maddux, Maines, Manier, Marchbanks, Marlow, Marsh, Martain, Martin*, Matheny, Maxfield, Maxwell*, Maynard, Maynes, Meadows, Medley, Messenger, Miers, Miller, Mils*, Mires, Mitchell, Montgomery*, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Moss, Moyers, Mullican, Myatt, Myers

McBroom, McCaleb, McCleland, McCloud, McConnell, McCormack, McCuin, McCulley, McDonald, McHenry, McKee, McReynolds, McRussells, McWherley

Neal, Neighbors, Nicholas, Norris, Nunley

Oakes, Oaks, Officer, Ouse, Owen, Owings

Palston [Tolston?], Parkinson, Parsley, Patton, Paul, Payne, Peek*, Peeks, Pendergrass, Phillips, Phy, Pickard, Pippin, Pleasant, Pointer, Polk, Polston, Pope, Poteet, Presley, Price, Proffitt, Prophet, Puckett, Pullin, Pullum


Raburn, Randolph, Rash, Ray, Rechs, Rector*, Rice, Richardson, Ricktor, Rippetoe, Rittenberry, Rittenbery, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson**, Rockhold, Rodgers, Roland, Rose, Rowland, Rucker, Russell, Rutherford

Saddler, Sadler, Sample, Sanders, Saylors, Scarbrough, Scarlet, Scudders, Selby, Sexton, Shank, Shaver, Sherrel, Sherrell, Shipley, Short, Simes, Sims, Slagle**, Slaughter, Sliger*, Smith**, Snodgrass, Solomon, Sparks, Spivy, Stamp, Stamps, Stanley, Stanton, Step, Stephens, Stewart*, Stoglin, Stone, Stover, Street, Sullins, Sullivan, Suttle, Sutton, Swack, Swallows, Swann, Swearingin, Sypert

Tallant, Tallent, Taylor, Tayze, Teed, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Trice, Trobock, Troughboy, Trousdale, Truman, Tucker

Vaniver, Vanmeeter, Vaughan, Vaughn, Verbal, Vick, Vickers

Wafford, Walker*, Wallace, Waller, Warley, Warren, Wassam, Wassom, Wasson, Wassun, Watson, Watterson, Webb, Welch, West, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whiteaker, Whitefield, Whitehead, Whitson, Wiggins, Wilhite, Wilkinson, Will, Willet, Williams*, Wilimore, Wilmoth, Wilson, Winchester, Winfrey, Womack, Wood, Wright

York, Young

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