Putnam County, Tennessee Bible, Family & Tombstone Records

Compiled by WPA Workers **
154 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, TN-0899, $18.00

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Gathered by WPA ** Workers, the records found in this 8.5"x11" oversized publication may well contain the 'missing link' you are desperately searching for. Packed with bible, family, and tombstone records, it's a virtual genealogical goldmine for Putnam County, Tennessee descendants. Although the records are now scattered between the State Archives, various Public and Private Libraries and other collections, this volume contains all available data.

** WPA Workers
During the Great Depression in the early 1900s, many Americans were given a "job" by the United States Government to support their family. One such "job" was transcribing early court, family, Bible, and cemetery records as well as other local records. Original versions were typed on onion skin paper with "x" number of carbon copies. Although the State Archives owns the vast majority of 'first' or typed copy, carbons have circulated for years but are now scattered. Often the typing is not the best and is difficult to read but these valuable records still constitute one of the best sources of information for Tennessee Counties. In many cases, these are all that remain of the original as many county records have been lost. WPA records are generally full text transcription: much larger in scope than an abstraction or summary.

Family Records & Bibles Contained in this Publication


Cemeteries Contained in this Publication

Bloomington Springs Graveyard
Baxter Graveyard
Boma Graveyard
Boyd Family Lot
Buffalo Valley Cemetery
Campbell Family Lot
Cookeville City Cemetery
Cookeville Graveyard
Ditty Family Graveyard
Double Springs Graveyard
Dry Valley Graveyard
Farley Graveyard
Farley Family Lot
Haynes Graveyard
Frank Huddleston Graveyard
Hughes Graveyard
Joseph Jared Graveyard
William Jared Graveyard
Johnson Graveyard
Bird Jones Family Lot
Lee Graveyard
Lovelady Graveyard
Maddux Graveyard
McBroom Graveyard
McDaniel Graveyard
McKinley Graveyard
Nichols Graveyard
Phillips Graveyard
Potite Graveyard
Rhea Graveyard
Sand Springs Graveyard
Tucker Graveyard
White Plains Graveyard
Surnames Contained in this Publication

Adcox, Alexander, Alexandra, Alfred, Algood**, Allen, Allison**, Anders, Anderson**, Andrew, Apple, Armstrong, Arnold, Austin

Baker, Barrier, Bartlett**, Barton*, Beasley, Belcher, Bennett, Benson, Benton, Bilbrey, Birdwell, Bishop, Blank, Blythe, Bockman, Bohanon**, Boor, Bounds, Bowington, Bowman, Boyd**, Bradford, Bradley, Bradorn, Bramblett, Bransford, Braswell*, Breeding, Briant, Bristoe, Brooke, Brooks, Brown**, Browne, Broyles**, Bryant**, Bullard, Bullington, Bumbalough, Burch, Burgess, Burk, Burnett, Burnett, Burns, Burton**, Bush, Butler, Byrne**

Cain, Cameron, Campbell*, Cardwell, Carlen**, Carlisle, Carmack, Carr, Carrick, Carrier, Carter, Carver, Cassety, Cheeves, Chilton, Chriseman, Chunn, Claborn, Clarin, Clayton, Clemons, Clouse, Cloyd, Cobble, Cochran, Coffee, Coleman, Collier*, Collins*, Colson, Conley, Conways, Cook*, Cooke, Cooper*, Copeland, Copland, Cornwell, Cox, Craven*, Cravens, Crawford, Crook, Crutcher, Crutchfield, Cullom**, Cullum

Daniels, Darwin, Dauley, Davis, Daws, Denny**, Denton, Deweese, Dibrell, Dietz*, Dinges, Ditty*, Dixon, Douglass, Dowell**, Draper, DuBois, Duff, Duke, Dunn, Dyer**

Early, Easland, Eaton, Elbert, Ellis**, Elrod*, Embrey, Emery, Ensor**, Evans

Farley**, Farly, Farris, Featherston, Ferges, Farley, Ferrell, Fields, Flormay, Ford**, Franklin, Frasier, French, Funck

Garrett, Gentry**, Gilliam Gipson, Gleghorn, Glen, Glenn, Glesby, Goan, Goodbar, Gore, Gragg**, Graham, Grant*, Graves, Green, Greyman, Gross, Gulbesy

Hambleton, Hamblin, Hargas*, Hargis**, Harrison, Hart, Hawes, Haynes, Heifnor, Hennessee, Henry*, Hensley, Hickman, High**, Holland, Holliday, Holliway, Hood, Hopkins, Horn**, Horner, Horton*, Howard*, Huddleston**, Huff, Hughes**, Hunter*, Hyder**

Isbell, Isom

Jackson*, James, Jared**, Jay, Jeffers*, Jenkins, Jernigan, Johnson**, Jones**, Judd*, Julian

Keeton, Kerr, Kinchellough, King, Kinnaird, Kinslow, Kirby, Kirklin

Law, Leach, Lee*, Leftwich**, Lemons, Lida, Lindsey, Loftis*, Lollar, Long, Loor, Lowe*, Lucas

Mabery, Maberry, Maddux**, Majors, Marchbanks, Martin, Mascript, Mason*, Massa, Matheny, Mauldin, Manley, Maxwell, Maynard,, Medley, Metcalf, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Millsap, Mitchell*, Monroe, Montgomery, Mooneham, Mooneyham, Moore**, Moose, Morgan*, Morrow, Mott, Mudly, Murray

McBroom*, McClain, McClellon, McColoud, McConn, McCormack, McCormic, McCormick, McCrary, McCulley, McDaniel, McDonald**, McHenry, McIver, McKee, McKindley**, McKinley**, McKinney, McLaines

Nabors, Nackles, Neal, Nettles*, Newton, Nicholas, Nichols**, Northcroft, Norton

Oaks, O'Conner, Office, Officer*, O'Wham

Parkison, Pass, Passon, Patterson, Patton, Pearson, Pemberton, Pendergrass, Perkins, Petty, Phillips, Phy*, Pickard, Pippin*, Pointer, Polk, Pool, Poston, Potite, Price, Prince, Proffitt

Quarles**, Quarles

Ragland, Raglin, Ray, Reagan**, Rector**, Rhea, Richardson**, Richerson*, Richmon*, Richmond**, Robberts, Robbins, Robbinson, Robbison*, Roberts*, Robinson, Robison, Rockwell, Roulston

Sacrey, Saddler, Sanders**, Scruggs, Scudder, Seamon, Settle, Sewell**, Shanks**, Shaw, Sherrell, Shipley, Sidwell, Silman, Simmons, Simpson, Sims, Slagel, Slaughter, Sliger, Sloan, Smith**, Snodgrass**, Speakman, Sperry, Stamps*, Stanton, Starnes, Steakley, Steele, Stewart*, Stone, Stults, Sudekum, Suttel, Suttell*, Suttle, Sutton, Swamp, Swan

Talbot, Taylor**, Teel, Terry**, Thompson, Thornton, Tolbert, Tucker, Turner

Vade, Vaden*, Vance, Vantrease, Vaughn, Verble, Veteto**, Vick

Wade. Walker*, Wallace, Walling, Warden, Washington, Watson**, Welch*, West**, Whaley, Whitaker, White, Whitehead*, Whitker, Whitson*, Whorton, Wiggins, Wilhite**, Williams*, Willis, Winfree, Winter, Wisdom, Withers, Witt, Womack, Woods*, Worley, Wright*

Yates, Yeargan**, Yeargen, Yeager, Young*

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