Maury County, Tennessee Wills
Volume I - Book "B": 1810-1825

Compiled by WPA Workers *
470 Pages, 8.5" x 11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, TN-0601, $55.00

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If the surname you are researching is found in this hefty publication, you may have hit the proverbial genealogical goldmine as the FULL TEXT of each will along with inventory is published intact and includes everything from bequeaths of land, homes, and livestock to beds, pots, pans, and clothing.

Reading these wills is like taking a trip to another place, another time. Here's an example (spelling errors left intact):

"Isaac ROBERTS has fourteen negroes, fourteen horses, thirty head of cattle, fifty-one head of sheep, two hundred and fifty hogs, one yoke oven, one wagon, eight feather beds, and furnishture - three tables, one bureau, one dish, one book case, one cupboard, and furniture, one dozen chairs, one candlestick, one chest, one duch wheat fan, five plows, one iron harrow, six axes, seven hoes, one large crib, one loom, three wheels, three thousand pounds of pork, two kettle, five potts, five ovens, one saw mill irons, one coss-cut saw, one handsaw, a few other tools, one large bible, a few other books, eight hundred dollars, one compass and surveying instruments, one brass pistol, one sword, one saddle, one pare saddle bags, three bridles, one broad axe, two stone hammbers, two grubbing hoes, two hundred weight of lard, one note - it $37.50.

Wills and inventory of the following individuals are contained in this volume. Please remember: names of children, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, slaves, friends, and more are included in these wills.

Jane Adkins, William Adkins, John Alderson, Aron Aldridge, Ezekiel Alexander, Moses Alexander, John Asche, John Askew, John Askins, Mitan Atheny

Edward Beanland, William Bradshaw, Drury Bridges, Samuel Brooks, Jonathan Broom, Jessee Brown, Jethro Brown, James Burns, Lawrence Burns, William Bynum

James Campbell, John Campbell, William Can, Moses Chafin, Isham Christian, Epriam Churchwell, Charles Coats, David Copeland, Thomas Cox, John Craig, Thomas Crawford

John Davidson, Daniel Davis, William Dean, Joseph Denton, William Depriest, Tyre Dollins, Joseph Dyal

Thomas Edwards, Dr. L.B. Estes

Thomas Fore, Louis Forkner, Robert Foster, Theophelas Frame, Joshua Fryerson, Samuel Fryerson

Jesse Gant, William Gant, Balias Gediers, Andrew Goforth, John M. Goodloe, Mary Green, William Green, William Grimes, Jeremiah Gurley

N.P. Hardeman, William Hawkins, Jesse Hays, Wilson Henderson, David Hines, Agnes Hoge (Hodge), Enos Holland

Charles Isham, Jonathan Isham, John Isom

John Jack, John Jacbos, John Jenkins, John Jinkins, John Johnson, James Johnston, Robert Johnston, David Jones, William Jones, John Joyle

William Kelly, Abner King, Patience Kirk, James Kindrick, Gideon Kirksay, James Knox

Thomas Ladd, Joseph Landford, Obediah Langston, Thomas Laremore, Henry Leech, Ezekiel Lindsay, John Joseph Long, William Long, Harry Luck, Robert Lumpkins

Robert McCain, Donald McDonald, Ann McIntire, Jacob McKee, William McLean, James McMahon

William Minniffee, John Muse

Robert Neely, Osburn P. Nicholson, Daniel Niel

Marmaduke O'Neal, David Oglevie, James Oglesby

Thomas Parker, Lock Partee, Abrham Pickens, Thomas Powel, Charles Powel(l)

Elisha Rhoads, Asa Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Joseph Robb, Isaac Roberts, John Record, Hugh Ross

Joseph Sandford, Samuel Scott, Patience Sellars, Hetty Shearmon, Thomas Shelby, Benjamin Shipley, Samuel Shrigley, Nathan Sunderland, John Sutherland

William Tony, James Trousdale, James Turner, Nancy Turner

Daniel Yates

Dabney Wade, Washington Walker, Mary Ward, John J. Webb, William Williams, Samuel Willis, William Winns

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