Jefferson County, Tennessee
Will Book 2: 1811 - 1826

by James L. Douthat
44 Pages, 8.5" x 11", Full Name Index, Softcover, Perfect Bound, TN-0049, $12.50

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This straight-forward publication contains the full text of Jefferson County wills from 1792 through 1810 and is complimented by a short history of the county.

An Interesting Side Note

One settlement gives a listing of persons in the county that owed money to a doctor. This lists includes over 265 individuals and may well be the best indicator of who resided in Jefferson County in 1810.

Below are a few examples of short full-text wills contained in this publication. Some of the wills are very, very lengthly. (spellings & text left intact - exactly as written.)
Joel Elmore of Jefferson County make this his last will & testament: to Rebecka my wife all my real and personal estate; to my son Mordica all my land to be him at my widow's death; to my two daughter Ann and Hannah all the remaining part of the moving property.

James Ballinger makes this his last will & testament: to my wife the tract of land on which we now live that is 63 acres; to my son John shall receive this after his mother's death; to daughter Anna Ballinger, a cow; to daughter Sarah Ballinger a cow; to Isaac Ballinger and Jacob Ballinger, my sons, equal shares of the estate also Jonathan and Evin Ballinger my sons to have 30 acres of land out of a sixty acre tract of land beloning to me in Bunkem County, Jonathan to have the west end and Evan to have the East end; to son Josiah Ballinger 50 acres of land belonging to me out of a hundred and fifty acres tractk of land lying in Bunkem County; to my son James & Jesse Ballinger to have the remainder of the 150 acre tract; to son James to pay unto Hanna Embree, Mary Embree and Lyda Roberts 5 shillings. John Ballinger to have my rifle gun and a colt.

Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abott, Abraham, Abrams, Addams/Adams, Adamson, Adier, Aiken, Alle, Aley/Alley, Allturn, Anderson*, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnot, Arterburn, Arthur, Ashmore*, Atchley, Austell, Austin**

Babb, Bailey, Baker*, Balck, Baldridge, Bales/Boles, Ballard, Ballenger, Banks, Bare, Barlow, Barnes*, Barnett, Barringers, Barton, Bateman, Bates, Batton, Beads, Beals, Beck, Becknell, Bedwell, Bell, Bendon, Bennett, Benny, Bentley, Berry, Betts*, Bevens, Bicknell, Bicknessl, Bittered, Birchfield, Black, Blackburn*, Blackston, Blard, Blogg, Boen, Bogue, Bokkins, Bolen, Bradan, Bradford**, Bradley, Bradshaw**, Bramer, Bragg, Brigerdine, Britan, Brazelton*, Briant/Bryant, Brittin, Brown, Bryan, Buckner, Bull, Bullard, Burchfield, Burkhart, Burnett, Burtch, Byler

Caddle, Cafort, Calahan, Calburt, Caldwell, Calhorn, Callen, Calvin, Campbell*, Camper, Cann, Cannon*, Cantrell, Cardon, Carey, Carlock, Carltrek, Carmichael**, Carmon, Carney, Carper, Carter*, Cary, Case, Casell, Casper, Castle, Castling, Catching, Cates*, Catharp, Caughorn, Cavelier, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chase*, Cheeck, Childers, Chilton, Churchman, Clendenen, Clerke, Clevinger, Clevis, Coans, Coatnay, Coborn, Cochman, Cockran, Coddles, Coffee, Coffman*, Colbert, Colehor, Coleman, Collins/Collen, Collum, Coltharp, Combs, Conger, Conner, Conney, Cons, Conway, Connway, Conyers, Coons, Cooper*, Copeland*, Coppock, Corbet, Cortne, Cougham, Courtness, Courtney, Couter, Cowan, Cower, Cox, Crider, Crockett, Crosby, Crosley, Crow, Crozier, Cunningham, Current, Curry

Dance, Daniel, Dannel, Daugherty, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davis**, Day, Deaderick/Dedricks, Deane, Dellis, Denerick, Deniston, Denton**, Derment, Dick, Dickey, Dillon, dinnel, Dix, Dobkins, Dobson, Dobtson, Doggett, Doherty*, Dolen, Donaldson**, Donathon, Dotson, Doughty, Douglass, Drakes, Draper, Drinkwater, Driskil, Drummon, Dugan, Duncan, Dunn, Dyer

Eackle, Ealey/Ealy*, Ears, Easlely, Easterl, Eatherton, Eaton, Eccle, Eckles, Eckols, Edgar/Edgards**, Elder, elinger, Elkins, Ellidge, Ellis, Elmore, Emerson, Emons, Eslinger, Evans/Evins, Eyers

Faceas, Fain*, Fares/Fare, Farrel/Farrell, Flets, Ferman, Fettner, Fielding, Findsy, Finley, Firman, Firmwalt, Flatford, Ford, Fore, Forkner, Forman, Forscithe, Forsythe, Forter, Fourman, Foute, Fowler, Fos, Frane, Franklin, Fraze, Frazier/Fraises, Freels, French, Fry

Galleher, Gamble, Gann, Gant, Garner, Garrett, Garrison, Garriston, Gass*, Gautt, Gear, Genway, Gentry**, George, Gilbert, Gibbons, Gibson, Giger, Gillbreath/Gilbreath*, Gillespie, Gincumfetter, Goans, Goins/Goans, Golden, Gooss, Gordon, Grace*, Graham**, Grant, Graves, Gray, Grayson, Greek, Green, Gregory, Greshman, Grissom, Groves, Gun, Guthany, Guthrie, Grigesby

Hages, Hggard*, Hale, Hall, Hambeck, Hamilton**, Hammel, Hammer*, Hammons, Hammonds, Hampton, Hance, Hanes, Hardimon, Hargrove, Harle*, Harmon/Harman, Harner, Harralson, Harris, Harrison, Haupe, Hawk, Hawn, Haworth, Haynes*, Helm, Henderson**, Henry, Hickey, Hickle, Hicks, Hickman*, Hightower, Hile, Hill**, Hilton/Helton, Hinkle, Hinshaw, Hodges*, Hogan, Holdaway, Hollaway, Holoday, Hooser, Hopper, Horner*, Hoskins/Houskins, House, Houser, Houston, Howard, Howell*, Howerton, Hull, Hunter, Hutchison/Hutcheson

Ingram, Inman**, Ireland, Irvine*

Jack, Jacob, James, Jankins, Jarnagin*, Jaynes, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jester, Johnson**, Johnston, Jones**, Jonson, Justice

Kann, Karr, Kedner, Keeney, Keer, Keeton, Keith*, Kelly, Kelsey, Kelso, Kennedy, Kent, Kerr, Kersey, Kesterson, Ketner, Kidwell, Kimbro, Kimbrough, King*, Kirk, Kirkpatrick*, Kitchen, Klyne, Knester, Koffman

Ladd, Laforty, Lain, Lamon, Land, Lande, Landers, Lane/Laine**, Lanemore, Langdon, Laning, Larew, Large, Laurance, Lawrence, Lay, Layman, Lea/Lee**, Leeper, Leeth, Legg, Legs, Lemon, Lennon, Letnes, Lewis*, Licklyter, Lindsey, Linnquest, Lisby, Lively, Lockehart/Lockert, Lone, Long*, Longacre*, Loom, Lot, Lowery, Love, Lubbast, Luck, Luther, Lutte, Lyle*

McAlphin, McAndrew, McArtee, McBee, McBroom, McBrown, McCall, McCullaugh, McCampbell, McCann/McCan, McCarmick, McChristian, McClanahan*, McClary, McClenehan, McClin, McClister, McClure, McCoy, McCrookshanks, McCubbin, McCuistion** McCullah, McCullough, McDermott, McDonal, McDonald**, McDonaldson, McDonnell, McDowel, McFarland**, McGark, McGee, McGhee, McGill, McGirk, McGirth, McGuill, McGuinn, McGuire*, McKee, McKimsey, McKinney, McKnight, McMilliam, McNeese, McNight, McQuire, McQirk, McRoberts, McSpadden*, McWilliams

Macy*, Mainard, Majors, Malcolm, Manard, Mansfield, Maples, Marris, Marsh, Marshall, Martin*, Martial, Mascall, Maskell*, Mason, Mass, Mathes, Massingile, Mathews, May, Maze, Meadows, Meals, Meek**, Mendenhall*, Michel, Midelcoff, Midelton/Middleton, Miles, Miller**, Millikan, Mills*, Minter, Mitchell, Modreal, Molden, Monier, Monitor, Monrow, Montgomery, Moor, Moore**, Morrs, Moreland, Morgan, Morrell, Morris/Moris, Morrow*, Moser/Maser, Moses, Mosier, Mound, Mount, Moyers*, Muhaney, Mulramy, Murror, Musick

Nahala, Nance, Nanney, Napier, Neal*, Neely, Nelson*, Nenny/Neney*, Newman**, Nicholson, Niche, Nipper, Noagh, Noah Norwin, Norris, North, Norwood, Noun

Oldham, Oldhance, Ore

Palmo, Pangle, Pankey, Panthers, Park, Parker, Parks, Parrott, Pasons, Pate*, Patterson, Patton, Patty, Payne, Pearson, Peck*, Peels, Peirce, Penkston, Penn/Pann, Perryman, Pettit, Phagan, Phillips/Philips, Pierce, Pinckney, Pinkston, Plant, Pope, Porter*, Potter, Prewet, Price, Prigmore, Pucket*, Pulse, Putnam

Rader, Rail, Rainwater, Ralston, Randolph*, Rankin**, Rawlins, Reams, Reaves, Reanoe, Redman, Redwell, Reed, Reese/Reece*, Reeser, Reeves, Rennow, Renton, Reynolds, Rice, Richey, Rick, Rickey, Riddle*, Riggs*, Riley, Rinehart*, Ritchey/Ritchie, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roddye**, Rodgers**, Rogers, Rolson, Romines, Roper*, Ross, Routh, Royer, Russell, Rye

Salloman, Samples, Sampson, Sanders, Sands, Sartain, Sasson/Sasseen*, Saterfield, Scines, Scott, Scroggins, Seals, Sehorn**, Sellers, Serrett, Sewell, Shadden, Shanks, Shannon, Sharf, Shelly/Shally, Shelton*, Shields, Shiplley/Shiply, Shirley, Shulley, Sims, Simmons/Simons, Simeral, skeene, Skeeters, Slover, Smith**, Snider, Snoddy**, Snodgrass*, Snow, Snyder, Sowell, Staples, Stephens, Stephenson, Stewart, Stiffy, Stirling/Sterling, Strickland, Stubblefield, Summers, Sunderland, Surment, Sutherlands, Sutliff, Swain, Swann*

Taff*, Talbott*, Talley, Tate, Taylor**, Terrell, Theodrick, Thomas, Thompson*, Thornburgh**, Thornton*, Thorp, Tillet, Todd, Tremble, Trotter, Troyless, Tuckers, Turner, Turnley*, Tyler/Tylor


Vance, Vancy, Van Dyke, Vanhouser

Walker, Wall, Walron, Ward, Watkins*, Wear, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wendles, West, Whalen, White**, Whiteside, Wilcoxson, Wilbey, Wilkerson, Willhelm, Williford, Williams**, Willis, Wills, Wilson*, Winifred, Wise, Withile, Witt**, Woodard/Woodward, Woodkins, Woods*, Wordly, Wright, Write, Wukmon, Wyatt

Yates, Yeo, Young

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