Jefferson County, Tennessee Will Book #1

44 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0005, $7.50

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This straight-forward publication contains the full text of Jefferson County wills from 1792 through 1810 and is complimented by a short history of the county.

An Interesting Side Note

One settlement gives a listing of persons in the county that owed money to a doctor. This lists includes over 265 individuals and may well be the best indicator of who resided in Jefferson County in 1810.

Below are a few examples of short full-text wills contained in this publication. Some of the wills are very, very lengthly. (spellings & text left intact - exactly as written.)
Joel Elmore of Jefferson County make this his last will & testament: to Rebecka my wife all my real and personal estate; to my son Mordica all my land to be him at my widow's death; to my two daughter Ann and Hannah all the remaining part of the moving property.

James Ballinger makes this his last will & testament: to my wife the tract of land on which we now live that is 63 acres; to my son John shall receive this after his mother's death; to daughter Anna Ballinger, a cow; to daughter Sarah Ballinger a cow; to Isaac Ballinger and Jacob Ballinger, my sons, equal shares of the estate also Jonathan and Evin Ballinger my sons to have 30 acres of land out of a sixty acre tract of land beloning to me in Bunkem County, Jonathan to have the west end and Evan to have the East end; to son Josiah Ballinger 50 acres of land belonging to me out of a hundred and fifty acres tractk of land lying in Bunkem County; to my son James & Jesse Ballinger to have the remainder of the 150 acre tract; to son James to pay unto Hanna Embree, Mary Embree and Lyda Roberts 5 shillings. John Ballinger to have my rifle gun and a colt.

Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abel, Adams, Ailey, Ailor, Allen, Alley, Allison, Alsup, Anderson, Anderton, Ashmore, Atchley, Axley, Ayers

Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Baldwin, Ballinger, Barker, Barns, Barry, Berton, Bassett, Bats, Bean, Beard, Beck, Beckran, Bedford, Bedvera, Bell, Benton, Berry, Bethen, Bilbreath, Billens, Bird, Black, Blackburn, Blackstone, Boggas, Bolden, Bond, Booker, Bordine, Bowyer, Brabson, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brag, Bragg, Brandon, Branner, Braselton, Brazelton, Briggs, Brimet, Brougher, Brown, Brumit, Brumley, Bryan, Buckner, Buckingham, Bull, Bumpass, Burk, Burns, Bylor, Byrd

Cabel, Caffery Caircey, Calahan, Caldwell, Callen, Calley, Cameron, Calewll, Campbell, Camn, Canady, Cannon, Cantwell, Caphorner, Carlock, Carlens, Carman, Carmichael, Carper, Carson, Carter, Cash, Casson, Cate, Catuert, Celly, Chamberlain, Cheers, Chestnut, Chilton, Christian, Churchman, Clack, Clackston, Clark, Clevis, Clingan, Cloud, Cluck, Coats, Cocke, Coffey, Coffman, Cofman, Colance, Collard, Collier, Collinsworth, Coltrap, Combs, Conicnut, Connell, Conner, Conway, Coons, Coopock, Copeland, Coppar, Coppock, Corbert, Cormack, Costner, Coulter, Countz, Cowan, Cox, Crab, Crockett, Crook, Crosby, Culton, Cumning, Cumpton, Cunningham, Curry

Dameron, Davenport, Davis, Day, Deaderick, Dean, Dellis, Dennison, Denniston, Denton, Derrick, Dodd, Doggett, Doherty, Domars, Donal, Donald, Donaldson, Donelson, Doughty, Douglas, Dover, Drinkwaters, Drinner, Driskil, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Durossette, Dyer

Eakin, Eaton, Edgar, Edminston, Edmonds, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Elmore, Embree, Engart, Epperson, Erwin, Estis, Etherton, Evans

Farrekk, Fine, Fitzgerald, Flate, Flower, Forbey, Ford, Fortiner, Formalt, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Frazier, Fulton, Furgeson

Gager, Galbreath, Garrett, Garrison, Garson, Gass, Gentry, George, Gibson, Gideon, Gidean, Gilliland, Gillilin, Givens, Glascock, Glothten, Goforth, Goin, Gollahron, Goodman, Gordon, Gore, Gorman, Graham, Gowan, Grant, Grayson, Graves, Greene, Greer, Grier, Griffey, Griffin, Grindstaff, Griggs, Grisham, Grissom, Guess, Guttery

Hackley, Hadox, Haggard, Hail, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Hammer, Hammon, Hanes, Hankins, Hany, Hardin, Hargrove, Harle, Harman, Harmon, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hatcher, Hatler, Havens, Hawkins, Haworth, Hays, Heany, Henderson, Heng, Henry, Hensley, Herchey, Hibbar, Hickle, Hill, Hinshaw, Hiss, Hix, Hobert, Hodges, Hornback, Horner, Horton, Hoskins, House, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hudgins, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Hull, Hunter, Hutchison

Inman, Inyart, Iraland, Irvine, Ison, Ivey

Jack, Jackson, Jarmagin, Jennings, Job, Johnson, Jones

Kain, Kannon, Karr, Keel, Keeth, Keif, Keith, Kelly, Kelson, Kennedy, Kenney, Kerr, Keys, Kimbrough, Kinchiloe, King, Kinney, Kinning, Kirkpatrick, Knabb, Knave

Lake, Lambert, Lane, Larue, Lashbrook, Lathim, Layman, Lea, Leaky, Lee, Leith, Lemmons, Lenard, Lewis, Lillard, Lindsy, Line, Liney, Lines, Long, Longacre, Low, Lowe, Lower, Lowry, Love, Lovelady, Loves, Luster, Lyle, Lyons

McAdoe, McAdou, McBroom, McCallister, McClanahan, McClellan, McClister, McColley, McCown, McCormack, McCormic, McCrory, McCuistion, McCullah, McCullough, McDermott, McDonal, McDonald, McFarland, McGee, McGowan, McGuire, McGuirk, McKee, McKneely, McKinney, McKnabb, McMahan, McMeans, McNabb, McPeeters, McPherrin, McSpadden, McWilliams, Macy, Madcaff, Madish, Magill, Mahon, Majors, Malcon, Maloney, Manuel, Marrick Martgrove, Martin, Mathes, Mathews, Matler, Maulsby, Maxwell, Mayberry, Mays, Maze, Meek, Mendinghall, Merrick, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moffett, Mohlar, Mohon, Moman, Montgomery, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morriss, Morrow, Mosness, Moyer, Munrow, Murhside, Murrell

Nail, Narramore, Natherton, Nave, Neel, Neely, Neilson, Neitherton, Nelson, Nenney, Netherton, Newman, Nicholson, Noradike, Norton

Oar, O'Dell, Odle, Outlaw, Overton

Padget, Paget, Papers, Parks, Parrott, Parton, Patterson, Patton, Peck, Perrein, Perkins, Peveighouse, Phens, Pierce, Pinekston, Poe, Poindexter, Pollock, Pope, Porter, Priddy, Puckett


Ramsey, Randolph, Rankin, Reader, Reading, Ready, Rector, Redman, Redus, Reece, Reed, Rees, Renfro, Renneau, Renno, Richards, Richey, Richmon, Riddle, Riggs, Ritchey, Roach, Roan, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rodkpott, Roddye, Rodgers, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rouden, Roulston, Royer, Runyon, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan, Ryon

Sample, Sampson, Sanders, Sandusky, Saunders, Scott, Sehorn, Seahorn, Seeburn, Sehorn, Sellers, Shadden, Shaffy, Sharp, Shelly, Shelton, Shields, Sholl, Silvy, Simmons, Simpson, Sheene, Slover, Small, Smelser, Smiley, Smith, Snelson, Snoddy, Snodgrass, Solomon, Spring, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Stevins, Stewart, Stinnet, Stores, Stricklin, Stropes, Stuart, Styers, Sullens, Summer, Sutherland, Swain, Swingles

Talbird, Talbot, Talley, Tanner, Tarwater, Tate, Taylor, Tharp, Thompson, Thornburgh, Thornton, Timmons, Tipton, Todd, Thurman, Trasey, Trimbel, Tripplett, Thompson, Tully, Turnbill, Turner, Turnley


Waddle, Wagas, Wair, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Ward, Watkins, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wells, West, Wever, White, Whitson, Whitter, Wiley, Wilkerson, Will, Williams, Willcockston, Williby, Williford, Wilson, Willson, Wilmot, Windle, Winton, Witt, Wood, Wooden, Woods, Woodward, Wooten, Wray, Wright


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