James County, Tennessee Marriages

by James L. Douthat
17 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0067, $10.00

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James County, Tennessee was formed in 1870 and abolished in 1919. Several courthouse fires destroyed many records over the years. These marriage records for the years 1913-1919 are the only marriage records from James County that have survived.

This volume is indexed by Bride/Groom, by security and by officials.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adkinson Aduff Allen Allison Anderson Arams Argo Armes Atchley

Bailey Baker Balden Baldwin Bale Ballew Banther Barbee Barksdale Barnard Barnes Barnett Bartree Bates Bearden Beavers Beckler Been Bennett Benton Berroney Bettis Betts Bice Biggs Bird Bishop Blackwell Blair Bones Bower Boyd Boyer Boyrley Bramblett Brannon Brantley Broglan Brown Buckart Burnett Burns Burrell Burton Buttram Byrd

Cagle Camp Campbell Cannon Cantrell Carden Cardin Carle Carson Carter Carvin Casey Cash Chase Chesnutt Chestnut Childs Choate Christian Clark Clay Clayton Cofer Collins Colvin Combs Cooper Cordell Cranfield Crimmins Cross Crowder Crozer Crumley Cunningham Curton

Daneman Davis Day De Mars Deaton Defriese Deitz Dempsey Denton Devoe Dickey Dill Dixon Dodd Douglas Dunn Dyson

Early Edmonson Eldridge Elliott Eperson Evans Everett

Fairbanks Faugh Felker Fitch Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Flinn Ford Fortner Foster Frew Friar Friddell Frizell

Gachette Gaines Gamble Gann Gibson Giddens Gill Gillespie Gipson Godderd Godfrey Goff Goins Goode Goodman Goodner Goodwin Grass Gray Green Griffith Grille Gross Guinn Guire

Hagler Hale Hales Hall Hamby Hamil Hamilton Hancock Hardin Harmon Harris Harwell Haven Hayes Headrick Heaton Henegar Henry Henshaw Hensley Hering Hice Hicks Hight Hill Hixon Hixson Hodge Hogan Holder Horn Horner Howard Hudson Hufard Hughes Huise Hulender Humphreys Hurse Huston

Igo Ivens Ivey

Jackson Jenkins Johns Johnson Johnston Jones

Kaiser Keesley Keith Kerr Kesey Keys Kible Kimball Knauff Knowlen Knox

Lamb Land Landers Lang Langston Lawson Lea Leamon Lee Lemons Lewis Liner Lively Loftis Loggins London Long Longley Longwith Loughley Louis Lovell Lowe Lowell

Mack Made Madison Magill Mahan Malley Malone Manis Marler Marr Marshal Marshall Masengale Mason Matley Mayfield McAlister McAmis McCarty McCattister McCurry McDaniel McDavid McGhee McGill McKay McKinney Messecar Millard Miller Miser Mitchell Mode Monger Moon Moore Morgan Mosier Motley Mullins Mur Murphy Murray

Nailor Neal Neely Newell Newton Nicholds Nickademus Nunnelly

Oliver Owens

Padgett Pae Parker Parkerson Parks Pearce Phillips Piffenger Poe Pool Porter Posey Potter Pratchard Presswood Prince


Rains Ramsey Ratherford Ray Reding Reed Reno Reynolds Rhinehart Rice Richey Richie Riddle Ritchey Roach Roark Robb Roberson Roberts Robinson Robson Rogers Rollins Rowland Roy Russell

Sanders Sawyers Scoggins Seagle Selridge Seymore Shafee Shanhan Shelton Shirley Shorpshire Shugart Shulpah Sims Sloan Smith Snow Spadden Spriggs Stafford Stanfield Steel Stennet Stephens Stephenson Stevison Steward Stickley Stimson Stokes Stone Stover Stulce Swafford Swaford Swaggerty Swarts Swinford Swisher Syler

Taliaferro Tallant Tallay Talley Tallor Tankersley Tarell Tate Taylor Terry Thatch Thomas Thomasson Thompson Timmons Tranham Trew Turk


Van Winkle Vernell Visage

Walker Wallin Ware Warren Weatherow Webb Welch White Whittle Whittneburg Will Williams Wilson Witt Wofford Wolf Womack Woods Wooten Wright Wrinkle

Yarnell Young


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