Grainger County, Tennessee Apprenticeships

by Alan N. Miller II
32 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-1001, $7.50

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This publication contains apprenticeship records which give evidence to what happened in families if the parents became unable to care for their children because of illness, death, or financial circumstances.

The usual approach was to bind the children to others in the community who (hopefully) would care for them and give them support, education, and a start in life. Armed with the date of the court order, the researcher can go back into original Court Minutes to see what action the court took.


Pleasant Whaleing, orphan age 12 yrs, 3 mos, bound to Joel Field until age 21. May 17 (Also on May 17 Ann Whaleing transported from Hawkins County to Claiborne County jail.)

Indentures binding Ann Spieggs to Abner Lowe altered so far that Lowe learn the art of Spinning and Weaving in addition to what he is heretofore bound to give said apprentice. Jan 5.

Sheriff to bring into Court two boys, the children of David Horner, Deceased, that they may be bound out according to law, they being orphans and no person to take care of them. May 1.

Surnames Included In This Publication

(* after a surname indicates over (5) five first names are listed.)

Adams, Adkins*, Adkinson, Ailes, Alford, Alsup, Amis, Amos, Anderson, Arnett, Asberry, Atkins, Atkinson

Baker, Barket, Barr, Bean, Beaty, Bebbins, Beelar, Berry, Berton, Bethel, Bethell, Bibbins, Bird, Blakley, Boatman, Boran, Borden, Boren, Bowen, Bowman, Bradley, Branson, Brender, Brown, Bryant, Bulcher, Bull, Bullin, Bunch*, Bundren, Burden*, Burton

Caites, Caits, Campbell, Carback, Carrigan, Carrol, Casander, Cassady, Cassedy, Cassidy, Cates, Chambers, Chiser, Clark, Claunch, Claypole, Cock, Cocke*, Colison, Collins, Collison, Cook, Coose, Counts, Countz, Coward, Cox, Craig, Croxdale, Cunningham, Curry, Cutts, Cyrus

Daily, Dalton, Daniel, Darling, Davis*, Denkins, Denning, Dennis, Denson, Dinkins, Dobbs, Douglass, Duff*, Dunavant, Dunavent, Dunevant, Dunlap, Dyer*, Dyerer, Dyre

Easley, Eaton*, Edington, Elkins, Evans, Ezell

Farr, Field, Fielding, Fields, Findley, Finley, Fox, Free Black (blacks "adopted" by white families), Fry, Fulkerson

Garrett, Gibbs, Gillett, Gillmore, Goin, Going, Goldman, Gowan, Gowin, Gowing, Graham, Grntham, Gray, Greenlea, Griffith, Guein

Hackey, Hailey, Hale, Hammock, Hammond, Hammons, Hankins, Harbin, Harrel, Harrell, Harris, Haun, Hawkins, Hayse, Hazlewood, Heath, Heckson, Henerson, Henshaw, Hensley, Hickey, Hilton, Hinshaw, Hipshear, Hipsher, Hipshire, Hodge, Hodges, Holland, Holley, Holly, Holy, Hommel, Horner, Howell, Huddleston, Hudgins, Hughes, Hughs, Hypher

Idol*, Ingle, Inglebarger, Inklebarger, Isell, Ivey, Ivy*

Jack, Jackson, James, January, Jarnagin*, Jay Jennings, Johnsen, Johnson, Jones*

Kincaid, Kinder, King, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkham, Kitts, Kline

Lackey, Lacy, LaFaett, Lane, Latham, Lea, Leamons, Lenear, Leng, Lide, Linear, Livingston, Lohun, Long, Lowe, Lowe, Loyd

McAnnally*, McBee, McCurry, McElhaney, McFalls, McKinley, McKinny, McPheeters, McPheters, McVay, McVey

Mallicoat, Mallicoat, Manley, Mann, Martin*, Maxwell, Mayes, Mays, Mayse, Mefford, Merchant, Meriott, Merrett, Mifford, Millar, Millikin, Mincy, Mitchel, Mitchell*, Moody, Moore*, More, Morgan, Moss, Moulder, Moyers, Mullicoat, Myers

Nash, Neukin, Noe, Norris, North, Nuckles, Nuckols

Ore, Owens

Parker, Parkerson, Parrott, Perryhink, Phips, Preston, Pucupile, Pullen, Purcupile, Purkepile, Purkeypile

Rayl, Rear, Reed, Renshaw, Reynolds, Right*, Roach*, Robert, Roberts*, Robertson, Roddye, Routh, Rowe, Rucker*, Runnels, Rush*, Russell

Sartin, Savage, Scott, Semore, Senter, Shannom, Sharp, Shaw, Shelton, Shepperd, Shields, Shipley, Shirley, Short, Shropshear, Shropshire, Shumate, Simmons, Simpsen, Simpson, Sims, Singleton, Sloan, Smissen, Smith*, Solomon, Sparkman, Speggs, Spoon, Spruggs, Starnes, Statsworth*, Stephens, Stone, Stubblefield, Sufferage, Sunderland, Sword

Talbot*, Talbott, Tate, Taylor, Tleforah, Thomason, Thompson, Tolbert, Tolivar, Toliver, Tomason, Townsley, Trogden, Trott, Turley, Turner

Vandagriff, Vineyard, Vittetoe

Walden, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Washington, Watson, Watts, Wesly, West, Westly, Whaleing, Whaling, White, Whitener, Wickliff, Wildside, Williams, Wilson, Witt, Wolfenbarger, Woo, Woods, Wright, Wyatt, Wyrick

Yates, York, Young

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