Chester County, Tennessee Biographies

20 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0471, $5.00

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Originally published by Goodspeed in 1887, this 20-page, 8.5"x11" oversized reprint is packed with names and sketches of Chester County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county.

Surnames Included in this Publication

Allen, Anderson, Anthony, Arnold, Ashcraft

Ball, Ballard, Barbam, Barham, Barnett, Barrett, Bateman, Bean, Beaver, Bell, Billingsly, Bishop, Blackard, Blackman, Bland, Bootyhie, Boren, Bradford, Brashears, Bray, Browder, Brown, Brummer, Buckley, Burkhead, Busick, Butler

Cain, Campbell, Cash, Cason, Cauthorn, Cawthorn, Caygle, Cherry, Chester, Christopher, Clay, Clifford, Cochran, Collins, Combs, Conner, Cook, Cooper, Criner, Crittenden, Crook, Cunningham

Davis, Davison, Dean, Deberry, Duckworth, Edwards, Estes, Ewing, Forrest, Franklin, Fray, Fry, Fuller

Galbraith, Garland, Garner, Garrett, Gatham, Gillespie, Glass, Glover, Graham, Gratham, Greeley, Greer

Hall, Halton, Hamblett, Hamilton, Hamlett, Hardage, Hardeman, Hart, Haynes, Hays, Henderson, Hendrick, Hendricks, Henry, Hewlett, Hicks, Hite, Hodges, Hollenburg, Hollis, Holloway, Howard, Hubbard, Hudson, Hunter

Ingram, Inman, Ivey, Jackson, Jester, Johnson, Jones, Junnell

Kee, Kerr, Kissee, Lootz, Lambert, Lee, Livingston, Long, Lovelace

McCall, McCampbell, McCann, McCleary, McCleod, McCollum, McCorkle, McCulley, McCullum, McCully, McDaniel, McGee, McGraw, McKinnon, McKnight, McLellan, McLeod, McNatt, McRea

Marsh, Mason, Masonic, Massengill, May, Meeks, Messinger, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Muse

Nailer, Narborough, Nash, Naylor, Neeley, Neill, Newsom, O'Neal, Ozier

Pace, Pare, Parham, Parrish, Patterson, Peddy, Perkins, Perry, Phelps, Post, Priddy, Province, Purdy

Reams, Reed, Rhodes, Richardson, Riddle, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Rosey, Rush

Sanders, Sandford, Savage, Sayle, Sayles, Scarborough, Senter, Shackelford, Shannon, Shelton, Sherell, Sherrell, Sherill, Sherwood, Short, Shull, Siler, Simmons, Skinner, Smith, Spencer, Stanfield, Stansill, Stegall, Stewart, Still, Stone, Stovall, Stow, Stubblefield, Swank

Tabler, Tarbutton, Taylor, Tedford, Temple, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Tidwell, Tilden, Tillman, Travis, Tremble, Trice, Troutt, Tucker, Tull

Umstead, Vance

Walsh, Wamble, Sambler, Watkins, Weir, West, Wheatley, Wheeler, White, Will, Willett, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Worley, Worsham


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