Cannon County, Tennessee Marriage Book I
Books A, A-1, B, C, D, E, and F 1838-1899, Volume 1

by Helen L. Rogers
257 Pages, 8.5"x11", Softcover, TN-0585, $35.00

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This hefty 257-page volume contains marriage licenses for Cannon County, Tennessee from 1838 through 1899. Presented in alphabetical order by both Groom's and Bride's surname, it includes both the date marriage application was purchase and date of marriage. The book and page number of the original book are also included.

BAY Alford & BELL Jane, Book #C/210, Date of License: January 14, 1879, Date of Marriage: January 15, 1879

GANN, Cinthia & TITTLE, Adam, Book A/88, Date of License: May 2, 1846, Date of Marriage: May 3, 1846

Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Acres, Adams**, Adamson*, Adcock, Addams, Adonis, Airs, Aken, Akers, Akins, Alden, Aldridge, Alexander**, Alford*, Allen**, Allison, Allman, Allmon, Alman, Almon, Alread, Amos, Amus, Anders, Anderson**, Andrew, Andrews, Angles, Anos, Aread, Armstrong**, Arnet, Arnett*, Arnold**, Aronheart, Arrington, Arvin, Ase, Ashfor, Ashford**, Ashley, Ashly, Ashworth, Atcheley, Atchley, Atnip, Aushus, Ausment, Austin, Auston, Auton, Avent

Babbett, Babbit, Babet, Bagett, Bailey**, Bain, Baine, Bains, Baird, Bairns, Baker, Baley, Baltimore*, Baly, Bank, Banks*, Bankston, Barett, Barket, Barkley*, Barnes**, Barnet, Barns, Barrat, Barratt, Barratt**, Barret*, Barrett**, Barrutt, Barry, Barthen, Barton**, Basham**, Bass, Bassham, Bates*, Baltimore, Batson, Batton, Baty, Baxter*, Bay, Beadon, Bearden, Bearder, Bearding, Beargin, Beashears, Beason, Beaty**, Beckton, Bedden, Beechboard, Beeson, Belk, Bell**, Benfon, Bennet, Bennett, Berks, Berrett, Berryhill*, Beshears, Beshers, Besheas, Bess, Bethel, **, Bethell*, Bether, Betherl, Beverly,Bevins, Bowrey, Biles, Binem, Binges, Bivens, Bivins, Bivvans, Black, Blackburn, Blackwell, Blades, Blain, Blair**, Blancet, Blancett, Blanch, Blank, Blanks*, Blansett, Blanton*, Blay, Blew, Blue**, Bluer, Bly, Bodkins, Bogle**, Bogles, Bolen, Boles, Boley, Bolin, Boll, Boly, Bomer, Bond*, Bonds, Boners, Bonn, Boren*, Bornet, Borren, Botkins, Botten, Bottom, Bottoms, Bounds, Bowe, Bowen**, Bowenen, Bowers*, Bowk, Bowland, Bowley, Bowlin*, Bowman, Bowren, Boxley, Boyd, Boyles, Brackon, Bradberry, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Brage, Bragg**, Brailer, Bralley, Bramer, Branatt, Branden, Brandon**, Branon, Brant, Brantley, Brantly, Brasheares, Brashears*, Brasher, Brashers, Braswell, Braton, Bratton, Brawley, Braxton*, Bray, Brazel, Brazwell, Breis, Brents, Brevard, Brewer**, Brewies, Brewin, Brewis, Briant, Brien, Bright, Brim*, Brinkley, Brison, Brnum, Brogon, Brooks*, Brown**, Brownfield, Broyles, Bruce, Bruster, Bryan*, Bryans, Bryant**, Brynum, Bryson**, Bucher, Bucy*, Bullard**, Bullen, Bulling, Bunch, Burch*, Burchett, Burger**, Burgett, Burgner, Burk**, Burke*, Burkee, Burkes, Burket, Burkett**, Burks*, Burnet, Burnett**, Burroughs, Burry, Burt, Busey, Bush**, Bushs, Busy, Butcher, Butter, Bylor, Byford**, Byler, Bynnum, Bynuim, Bynum**, Byran, Byres, Byron, Byrum, Byrn*, Byrne, Byms, Byron, Byrum

Cabbage, Caffey, Caffy, Cagle, Cagwell, Callico, Cambel, Cambell, Campbell**, Can, Canes, Cannahan, Cannon, Cantrell**, Capps, Capshaw, Caric, Carick, Carmichael, Carmon, Carnahan*, Carnes, Carney, Caroll, Carr, Carrack, Carrell, Carric, Carrick**, Carrol, Carroll, Carson, Carter**, Caruther, Caruthers, Cash, Calcart, Cates**, Cathcart, Catherine, Cathey*, Cathy, Cawthan, Cawthen, Cawthers, Cawthon**, Cawthone, Cawthorn, Chaffen, Chambers, Chambly, Chapell, Chapin, Chapman, Cherry*, Childress, Chumbey, Chumley, Chuymly, Church, Cinly, Clar, Clark**, Classie, Clay, Clements, Clendenen, Clendennan, Clendennen, Clendin, Cleveland, Clifford, Clore, Coarcy, Cobert, Cock, Coleman*, Collans, Collens, Collins**, Colvart, Colvert, Colwell, Combs, Comer, Conley*, Conn, Connelly, Conner, Conoley, Conly, Cook**, Coop, Cooper**, Cope*, Copland, Corn, Corner, Cos, Cosbey, Cotheren, Cothran, Cotter, Couch**, Coughanour, Coulter, Course, Cousley, Couthen, Covington**, Cowen, Cowthern, Cowthron, Cox**, Crabtree*, Craddock, Craft**, Crafte, Crage, Craig, Crain, Cramner, Crane*, Crank, Crawford, Craye, Creson**, Crockett, Crocker, Cronk, Crop, Cross, Crouch*, Croughonour, Crow, Culwell, Cumings, Cumins, Cummings**, Cummins**, Cuningham, Cunningham*, Cuper, Curdon, Curis, Curlee**, Curry, Curtis

Dabbs, Daniel**, Danning, Daraberry, Darbery, Darnel, Darnell, Dass, Daugherty, Daughety, Daughtery, Daughtry, Daules/Daubs, Davanport, Davenport**, Davis**, Ddom, Dean, Deanboise, Dearley, Deberry**, Debery, Debonk, Decke, Delang, DeLoach, Delong, Delony, Dement, Denby, Denis, Denley, Dennis**, Denny, Denton*, Deraberry, Dereberry, Derting, Dethcart, Devanport, Devenport*, Dickens*, Dickins, Dieheus, Diehl, Dill, Dillard, Dillon, Dillen, Dillian, Dillon*, Dillons, Dirting, Distin, Dixon*, Doak, Doakes, Doaks, Dobbs*, Dodd**, Dodson, Dom/Odom, Donel, Donnel, Donnell*, Donnelle, Donoho, Dood, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dow, Dowing*, Dozier, Drennen, Driver, Dubirth, Dubois, Duboise, Duboys, Dugan, Duggam, Duggan, Duggen, Duggin**, Duggins, Duke**, Dukes, Dukin, Duncan**, Dunkin, Dunlap, Dunn, Durrett, Dyer

Eades, Eads, Eagleton, Eakes, Earles, Earls, Earnhart, Earp, Earvin, Earwood, Eason, Eatherly, Edding, Eddings, Eddington, Edge, Edward, Edwards**, Ekens, Ekins, Elam**, Elams, Elander, Elder, Eledge, Elgin, Elkin, Elkins**, Elladge, Elledge**, Ellidge, Ellie, Elliott, Ellison, Elrod**, Elroy, Emery, Enais, Enas, English, Ennevvey, Ennie, Enos, Ensey, Epsey, Ersry, Ervin, Erving, Escue*, Eskhue, Espey*, Espy*, Esque, Essary, Estep, Estes*, Estragre, Etherly, Evans**, Everett, Evins, Evon, Ewel, Ewell, Ewing*, Exque

Fagan*, Faiestar, Falkenbery, Fan, Fanen, Fann**, Fare, Farler*, Farless, Farley*, Farly, Farrell, Farrris, Faulkam, Faulkenberg, Faulkenberry, Faulkenbery, Ferbush, Fergason, Ferrel*, Ferrell**, Ferrill, Fields, Fight, Finch, Finetta, Fingers, Finley**, Finly*, Fish, Fisher*, Fitch, Fite*, Fitspatrick, Flaners, Fleming, Flemming, Flemmings, Fletcher*, Flories, Flower, Flowers, Floyd, Foard, Forcana, Ford**, Foreman, Fortenberry, Foster**, Fouston, Fowler**, Fowller, Fox, Frances, Francis**, Franklin, Franks, Franses, Frasure, Frazier, Freece, Freeman**, Freemon, Freeze*, French, Fry, Fugett*, Fugette, Fugitt**, Fugitte, Fuller*, Furbus, Furgerson, Fuman, Fuston**

Gains, Gaithen, Gaither**, Galahare, Gallaway, Gandy, Gan*, Gandy, Gann**, Gannon**, Garaway, Gardener, Gardner, Garity, Garis, Garity, Garment, Garmon, Garner, Garris, Garrison, Garven, Gasaway*, Gasay, Gassoway, Gates, Gather, Gay, Genty, Geons, Georg, George**, Gibson*, Gilither, Gillam, Gilley**, Gillum, Gilliam, Gillum, Gilliam, Gillie, Gillis, Gillum, Gilly, Gilson, Ginoe, Gipson, Givan, Given, Givens**, Givins, Gizzel, Glaspler, Glasper, Glazebrooks, Glimes, Goad, Godwin, Goff*, Goings, Goins**, Golahah, Good**, Goode, Gooden, Gooding**, Goodloe*, Goodwar, Goodwin, Gorden, Gordon**, Gotcher, Gothard, Gowen*, Gowens, Gower, Gowin, Gowind, Gowins, Gownesn, Graham**, Gray**, Grear, Greear, Green*, Greer, Gribble, Griffa, Griffin, Griggs, Grimes**, Grimett, Grindstaff, Grizzel*, Grizzell*, Grizzle**

Hale**, Haley**, Hall**, Halle, Halleyburton, Halpayne, Haltiman, Ham, Hamilton*, Hamlet, Hammen, Hammer, Hammers, Hammon, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons*, Hamons, Han/Hare, Hancock**, Hancok, Hanes, Haney, Hankins, Hanons, Haras, Hardcastle, Hardin, Hare**, Hargis, Hargus, Harmon, Harney, Harp, Harper, Harrald, Harrell, Harriman, Harris**, Harrison, Harrod, Harrris, Hart*, Harvell, Harvey, Hase, Haskers, Hast, Hatchett, Hatchins, Hate, Hatfield*, Hatherly, Hatley, Hawkins**, Hay, Hayes**, Haynes, Hays**, Haywood, Hazelwood, Heam, Hearn, Hearne, Heart, Heathcock, Heatherrly, Heelton, Helms, Helton*, Hemman, Henderson**, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrickson*, Hendrix, Hendrixson, Hearndon, Heigdon, Helton, Henderson, Henegar, Henne, Hennessee, Herald, Herell, Herenden, Heriman, Herman, Hernden, Herndon, Hernidon, Herod, Herold, Heron, Herral, Herrald, Herrall, Herrell*, Herrich, Herriman**, Herrimon, Herrin, Herrod, Herryman, Hetherly, Hettson, Hibden, Hibdon*, Hickenbotham, Hickenbottom, Hickey, Hicks*, Hiff, Higdon, Hiet, Hill, Hiff, Higdon**, Higgans*, Higgenbottom, Higgin, Higgins**, High, Hill**, Hillis, Hipp**, Hitson, Hitt, Hobbs, Hodge, Hodges, Hogwood*, Holandsworth, Holdf, Holder, Holemane, Holland**, Hollandsworth**, Hollandswoth, Hollandworth*, Hollen, Hollensworth, Hollenworth, Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth*, Hollis**, Hollowman, Holmes, Holms, Holston, Holt**, Holtermand, Holy, Holyfield, Hoobs, Hoodenpyle, Hooker, Hooper, Hoover**, Hope, Hopkins*, Hopp, Hoppins, Horn, Horral, House*, Howard, Howel, Howell, Howeth, Howeton, Hubbard*, Hudeston, Huff, Hughs, Hulehens, Hulet, Humble, Hume, Hunt*, Hunter, Hurst, Hutcheans, Hutchens, Hutchenson, Hutcherson, Hutcheson, Hutchin, Hutchins*, Hyse

Ingles, Inglis, Inglish*, Irvin*, Irvine, Isam, Isom, Ivey, Ivie, Ivory, Ivy

Jaco*, Jacobs*, Jamerson, James**, Jameson, Jamison*, Janson, Jarnagin, Jarratt, Jarrett, Jemson, Jennings*, Jernigan**, Jernison, Jerrett, Jetten, Jetton**, Jewel, Jewell, Jimerson, Johns, Johnson**, Jones**, Jonran, Jonsen, Jordan, Jourdan, Jurnigan, Justice**

Keath, Keaton**, Keel, Keele**, Keely, Keeny, Kees, Keetan, Keeton, Keith, Keeton**, Keile, Keith, Kell, Kelley, Kelly*, Kelton, Kenedy*, Kennady, Kennedy*, Kenser, Kep, Kerby, Kerklin, Kerr, Kersey*, Kersy, Kertz, Keth, Keyton, Kincaid, King**, Kinnamon, Kipp, Kirby**, Kirk, Kirkland, Kirsey, Kittrell, Knapper, Knight**, Knott, Know*, Knox**, Kurkendall, Kuykendall

Lackey, Lafever, Lafevers**, Lakew, Lamb, Lamberson, Lambert*, Lamberth*, Lambirth, Lambuth, Lamlet, Lance**, Land, Landan, Landsden, Lane, Laner, Lang, Lanier, Lansden, Lansley, Larance, Larrence, Larx, Lasater**, Lasiter*, Lassiter, Lasiter*, Laster, Laswell, Latemore, Lattimer, Latymoore, Latymore, Laugthery, Law, Lawing, Lawrance, Lawrence**, Lawson, Layman, Lea, Leach, Leak, Leal, Ledbetter**, Ledford, Lee, Leech*, Lefever, Lefevers, Lehmay, Leigh*, Lemay*, Lemmon, Lemmons**, Lemons, Lening, Lenox, Leonard, Lett, Lewellen, Lewin, Lewis**, Lillar, Lillard, Lince, Linch, Linder, Litle, Litrell, Litter, Litteral, Little, Loftton, Logan*, Login, Logue, Lollin, Long*, Lorance**, Lorancer, Lord, Lorrance, Low*, Lowe**, Lowing, Lowis, Lowrance, Lowry, Ludsdon, Luster, Lvaner, Lynch, Lynn*, Lyon**, Lyons*

Mabry, Macey, Maclan, Maclin, Macon, Maddex, Maddox, Maddux, MaGlocklin, Magon, Mahaffa, Mahaffy, Mahather, Maines, Mairs, Major, Makum, Malard, Malone, Maness, Maney*, Manfres, Mangrum, Mangum, Manis, Manius, Manking, Manns, Manous, Manus**, Marberry, Marchall, Marchbanks, Marcuis, Marcum*, Marcun, Mare, Mares, Marker, Markin, Markins, Markum**, Marler, Marlin, Maroony, Marris, Marrs, Mars, Marshall, Marthis, Martin**, Masey*, Mason**, Massey, Massie, Mathais, Mathews**, Mathis**, Matthew, Matthews,Maxey**, Maxwell, Mayes, Mayfield, Mayo, Mays, Mazey, Mazo, Mazy, McAdams, McAdoe, McAdoo**, McAdow*, McAffry, McAffy, McAlexander, McBorren, McBride*, McBroom**, McBroon, McBrum, McCabe**, McCaffrey, McCarlin, McCartin, McCaslin*, McCasline, McCaster, McClain**, McClemen, McClennen, McCollough, McCow, McCoy, McCrary, McCray, McCujllar, McCuller, McCulloch, McCullough**, McDanel, McDaniel, McDarnell, McDengal, McDougle, McDougal*, McDougald, McDougle*, McDow, McDowell, McElroy*, McEwen, McEwin, McFaddan, McFarland, McFarlin, McFerin, McFerren, McFerrin**, McGee**, McGill**, McGlocklin, McGlothin, McGowen, McGregar, McGregger, McGregor, McGuire, McIntire, McKee, McKenney, McKnab, McKnabb, McKnight**, Mclain, McLea, McLin, McMahan**, McMickley, McMillen, McMillon, McMurry, Mcnabb, Mcnairy, McNeely, McNelly, McNight, McPhearson, McRead, McWhearter, McWhirter, Meadow, Meadows, Mean/Mears, Meanis, Meants, Meares, Mears**, Measel, MeClelland, Meddows, Medford, Medlock, Meeks, Meers, Mellon, Melton**, Merit, Meritt, Merphey, Merratt, Merrett*, Merrick, Merriman**, Merrimon, Merriter, Merritt**, Merryman, Messick, Meton, Mettar, Metton, Mickey, Middleton, Miles, Milligan, Millar, Miller**, Milligan**, Milliganin, Milligin, Millikin, Millikian, Millikin*, Millinax, Mills, Millstead, Millsted, Milstead, Milton, Mingle**, Mingles, Minten, Mitchel**, Mitchell**, Mithcel, Mitty, Moffitt, Mollen, Molley, Mongomery, Mont, Montley, Moody**, Mooer, Moon**, Monneham, Moonaham, Mooneham, Mooneyham*, Mooneyhen, Moonyham, Moore**, Moran, More, Morgan**, Morris**, Mors, Moses, Mosey, Moss*, Moten, Motley, Motone, Mount, Mullen, Mullenax, Mullenix, Mullennix, Mullens, Mullican, Mullin, Mullinax, Mullinex, Mullingax, Mullinix, Mullins**, Muncey, Muncy*, Muny, Murfree, Murfee, Murfrep, Murfrey, Murphey, Murphy**, Murry*, Muse

Naper, Napper, Neal*, Nealey, Nealy, Neel, Neeley*, Neely**, Nelson, Nesbett, Nesbitt, Neugent, Neval, New*, Newby, Newgent, Nichol**, Nichols*, Nickels, Night, Nivens, Noakes, Nobles, Nokes**, Norman, North, Northcott, Northcut*, Northcutt, Nuckley, Nugan

Oconner, Odem, Oden, Odom**, Office, Officer*, Ogelsy, Oglesby, Olford, Olivar, Oliver, Ollivar, Oneal, O’Neal, ONeel, Orand*, Orr, Orrand, Orrick, Orron, Osbon, Osburn, Osment*, Overall, Ovie, Owen**, Owenby, Owens*, Owensby, Owin, Ownby

Pace, Pack, Page, Painter, Paits, Pallett, Palmer, Paris, Parker**, Parkerson, Parrett, Parris, Parsley, Parten*, Partin, Parton**, Partrick, Pascal, Paschal, Paschall, Pasby/Pasly, Paterson, Patrick**, Patten, Patterson**, Patton**, Pattrick, Paty, Patz, Paul, Payne, Payton, Pealer*, Pearce, Pearcey, Pearson, Peay*, Peden, Pedigo, Pedon*, Peedon, Peeler*, Peerce, Pelham*, Pemelton, Pendergrass, Pendleton**, Pennington, People, Peoples, Percell, Perriman, Perry**, Perryman, Petrill, Pettey, Pettus, Petty**, Peydan, Peyden, Peydon, Peyton, Phalon, Philips**, Phillips**, Phins, Pilotte, Pinketon, Pinkerton*, Pitar, Pitard, Pitman**, Pitts, Pitt, Pittard, Pittered, Pittman, Pitts**, Pitz, Poff, Polock, Pond, Pope, Porter, Porterfield*, Porutes, Poston, Poterfield, Powel*, Powell**, Prater**, Prator*,*, Preston**, Price*, Prim, Prime, Prior, Prutherbin, Pryor, Pucket, Puckett, Puketon, Pulliam, Pumphrey, Purtan

Qualls, Quals, Quarles, Quarls

Raburn, Rackley, Ragland, Raikes, Raines, Rains**, Raker, Ralston, Ramsey*, Raney, Rankhorn, Rankin, Ranson, Ratley, Ratly, Rawlings, Rawlins, Ray, Rayburn, Read, Readman, Ready**, Redder, Reagan, Reaves, Reddy, Redener, Reed**, Reeves, Reid, Retton, Rewed, Reynods, Reynolds, Rhea, Rhyne, Rich**, Richards**, Richardson**, Richerson*, Richetts, Richie, Rickets, Ridener, Rideout, Ridinger, Ridner, Rigby, Riggby, Right, Rigsby**, Ring**, Ritch, Ritchey, Rizzle, Roach, Roberson**, Robert, Roberts**, Robertson**, Robets, Robinson**, Robison, Robtson, Rodger, Rodgers**, Roemines, Roger, Rogers**, Rollens, Rollins*, Romine, Rood, Roper, Ross*, Rotty, Roughton, Rucker**, Ruckey, Ruckley, Rudy, Rule, Ruller, Runels, Rusel, Rushing**, Russell

Saddler, Sadler*, Saddler, Saffal, Saffle*, Saffley, Sagely, Sain, Saine, Salers, Sand, Sander, Sanders, Sands, Sanford, Sapp*, Satine, Saules, Sauls**, Sawles, Sawyers, Sayley, Schobt, Schott, Scissam, Scott, Scot, Scott**, Scruggs, Scrugs, Scurlock, Sea, Seal, Seales, Seals, Seat, Seates, Seawell, Seay, See, Sellard, Sellars*, Sessin, Ssessom, Sessoms, Sewell, Shachelford, Shacklett, Schackley, Shanklin, Shannon, Shaver, Shearly, Shelby, Shelton**, Shepherd, Sheres, Sheriden, Sherley*, Sherly, Sherril, Shipes, Shipp, Shirley**, Shitt, Shoelford, Shoemate, Shores, Silvertooth, Simman, Simmon, Simmons**, Simms, Simon, Simons, Simpson**, Sims, Singleton, Sisom, Sison, Sissam, Sissom**, Sisson, Skirlock, Skurlock, Slendly, Sloan, Smart, Smith**, Smithe, Smithsen, Smithson**, Smoot, Sneed*, Snipes, Snow, Soap, Soape*, Somers, Southerland, Southern, Sowell, Sowells, Sowels, Sowls, Spain, Spangler**, Sparkman, Sparks*, Spatton, Spears, Spiceer, Spicer**, Spidell, Spidle, Spradley, Spradlin, Spray, Spry**, Spurlock**, Sryson, St. Clair, St. John**, Stacey, Stacy**, Stafford, Stamper, Standly, Stanfield, Stanley**, Stanly, Stans, Stanton, Star, Starr*, Stasy, Statom, Steeples, Stepehens, Stephen*, Stephens**, Sternly, Stewart**, Stile, Stiles, Stine, Stolls/Stoley, Stone**, Stoner, Stor, Story, Stotts, Stricklin, Strong, Stroud**, Sullen, Sullens**, Sullin, Sullins**, Sullivan**, Sumars, Sumer, Sumers, Summar**, Summars**, Summer**, Summers**, Sumnar, Suthern, Sutten, Sutton*, Swan, Swaner, Swanford, Swanger*, Swindell, Swindle, Swoap, Swoape

Tabour, Tackett, Tallet, Talley**, Tally, Tapley, Tarleton, Tarlton, Tarpley, Tarply, Tarwater, Tassey*, Tate*, Tatum*, Tayler, Taylor**, Teague*, Teal, Teasley, Teasly, techoble, Tedder*, Teddler, Teel, Teele, Teeples, Tembleton, Tenerson, Tennpenny, Tennyson, Tenpenney, Tenpenny**, Tenpeny, Teples, Terner, Terry, Tettard,Tetters, Theirs, Thomas**, Thomason, Thompkins, Thompson**, Throw, Throwe, Thrower, Thurston, Tiflor, Tilford, Tindel, Tindell, Tinley, Tinsly, Tittle**, Tobbert, Tober, Tobert, Todd**, Toddd, Tolbert, Tollier, Todder, Tolber, Tolbert**, Tollivar, Tompkins, Tort, Tosh, Towy, Travers, Travis**, Tribble, Trigg, Trimble, Trollinger, Trott, Truett, Truit, Tubb, Tubs, Tucker**, Tuples, Turner**, Turney, Turpen, Tuttle, Tyree

Umbarger, Underhill, Underwood**, Urp, Ursery, Usselton

Valentin, Vance**, Vandagriff*, Vandagriffe, Vandagrift, Vandegriff, Vandell, Vanderfriff**, Vandergriph, Vandygrift, Vane, VanHooser, Vanhooser, Vardel, Vardelle, Varton, Vassar, Vasser**, Vassor, Vaughan, Vaughn*, Vernon*, Viars, Vicars, Vichers, Vickers, Vinson**, Vosser

Wade*, Wadkins, Walcup, Wakton, Wale, Walker**, Walkes, Walkins, Walkup**, Wallace**, Walls**, Walton, Wamach, Wamack*, Wammack, Ward**, Ware, Warley, Warnack, Warren**, Warrick, Wasson, Waters*, Watkins, Watson**, Watter, Watters, Watts, Weadon, Weatherford, Weatherly, Weatherspon, Weatherspoon, Webb**, Webber**, Weedan, Weeden, Weedon**, Weeks, Weellan, Welch, Wells/Webb, Werley, West**, Wetherspoon, Wharrey, Wharry, Wharten, Wharton*, Wheeler*, Wheeling, Wheeir, Wherry, Whirley, Whit, Whitaker, Whitamoore, Whitamore, White*, Whjitefield, Whiteley, Whitfield**, Whitlock*, Whitsmore, Whitt, Whittamore, Whittemic, Whittemore*, Whitter, Whittiemore, Whorton, Wilburn, Wilcher**, Wildman, Wiley, Wileyford, Wilkenson, Willard**, Willas, William, Williams**, Williamsm, Willird, Willis, Wilsen, Wilson**, Wily, Wimberley*, Wimberly*, Wimbley, Winaham, Winily, Winnet, Winnett**, Winnette, Wiser, Witherspoon*, Withrowe, Witt, Witter, Witty*, Wivite, Womach, Womack**, Womberly, Wommack, Wommacs, Wood**, Woodall, Woodard, Woodards, Wooderd, Wooderick, Woodroff, Woodruff, Woodruffe, Woods**, Woodside, Woodsides, Woodward, Woolard, Wooton, Worley**, Worlien, Wrather, Wright**, Writh, Wron, Wyly

Yancey, Yarbro, Yates, Yeargain, Yearwood, York**, Young**, Youngblood**, Youree**, Yourie

Zuarles, Zumbro

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