Claiborne County, Tennessee
1836 Tennesee Civil Districts And Tax Lists

by James L. Douthat
36 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0772, $10.00

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This unique publication ties the twelve (12) "districts" of Claiborne County with tax listings from 1836, 1837, 1838, or 1839. By matching the tax list with the "District Map," a researcher can narrow the search for ancestors, eliminate those of similar names, and place ancestors in place and time.

For instance ... the town of "WHATEVER" is in District #12. Knowing this information allows a researcher to pinpoint cemeteries, churches, or surnames. The tax lists have been compiled from microfilm and are as faithful as possible to original spellings. A 'must-have' for Claiborne County researchers.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Acrew, Adames, Adams, Adison, Alder, Alexander, Allen, Allin, Anderson, Anthony, Arnold, Arnwine, Arwine, Asberry, Atkins, Ausmus

Bagwell, Bailes, Baker**, Baldridge, Bales*, Ball*, Balls, Balltripe, Baltrip, Bandran, Bandren, Barb, Barbee, Barksdale, Barnard**, Barnarde, Barnett, Baronfield, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bates, Bathrop, Beach, Bealor, Beaty, Beeler*, Berk, Berry, Biant, Bibel, Biddle, Billingsley, Billingsly, Birch, Birkitt, Bishop, Bisnak, Bledsoe, Blevins*, Boles, Bolinger, Bollinger, Boroff, Borolinger, Bowder, Bowlinger, Bowls, Bowman*, Bo Bowyers, Boyers, Brabson, Bracker, Braden*, Brandson, Branham, Branscomb, Brason, Brassfield, Brathan, Bratson, Bray*, Breedan, Breeding, Brewer*8, Briant, Brice, Brils, Brock, Brogan, Brooks**, Browden, Brown**, Bruce, Brudson, Brummet, Brummit, Brummitt, Bruster, Brwer, Bryant, Buckhanan, Buckhannan*, Bullard*, Bunch, Bunckan, Bundy, Burch, Burchett, Burk, Burket, Burkhart, Burkit, Burnett, Burnfield, Burns, Burntrigger, Burot, Burrow, Bush, Busick, Bussel, Bussell*, Buston, Buttry, Buttsey

Cadle*, Cain, Callinsworth, Callnet, Campbell**, Capps, Carder, Cardwell*, Carmac, Carmack, Carpenter**, Carr*, Carroll*, Carter, Cartrell, Cassel, Cassell, Castle, Cate, Cates, Catlins, Causby, Cavin, Caywood, Chadwell, Chapman*, Chartlethy, Charter, Chartes, Chaswell, Cheeck, Cheek, Childers, Childress, Childs, Chitoplin, Christian, Chumbly, Chumley*, Claiborne, Clanton, Clapp, Clark, Claxton, Cleghorne, Cline, Clomet, Cloud**, Clouse, Cluck, Coach, Coate, Cole, Colemans, Collens, Collins**, Collons, Combs, Condry*, Conner, Connerly, Cook*, Cool, Cooley, Cooper, Corbin, Corder, Cosby, Cottrell, Couch, Cox*, Crabtree, Crasdale, Cravens, Crichfield*, Critchfield*, Crockett, Crosly, Croxdale, Cuningham, Cunningham, Cupp*

Damerson, Daniel, Daswell, Davault, Davenport, David, Davis**, Day**, Dean, Denham, Devault, Devenport, Dick, Dickerson, Dickinson, Dinkens, Dinkins, Dkerman, Dobbins, Dobbs*, Dobkins*, Dodds, Dodson*, Doherty, Donalaly, Dooley, Doolin, Dooling, Dougherty, Drummonds, Drummons, Dunkin, Dunn*, Dunsmas, Dunsmore, Durham, Durhane, Dykes

Eades, Easley, Eastridge, Eastrige, Edward, Edwards**, Eli, Eller, Ellington, Elliot, Ellis, Ellisea, Ellison, Ely, England*, Esten, Estridge, Evans**, Ewing, Ewton

Fairchild, Farchild, Farmer, Farrill, Farris*, Farry, Felps, Fergerson, Ferrell, Field, Fielder, Fields**, Forgerson, Forguson, Fortener, Fossett, Fouskie, Frasure, Freeman, Friar, Frier, Frost, Fugate*, Fulkerson, Fullington, Fully, Furgerson, Furrey, Furry

Gallahand, Garland, Garrett, Gayless, Gibbs, Gibson**, Gilbert*, Gilmore, Givens, Givins, Glanden, Glover, Godeon, Godsey, Goin**, Gollahorn, Goodage, Goodman, Gowan, Gowin*, Gowins**, Grabbs, Grady, Graham*, Grant, Graves**, Gray, Green, Greer, Gregory, Grey, Griffin, Grimes*, Grisass, Grisham, Grisson, Groseclose, Gross, Grubb, Guess, Guthery, Guthrey, Guttery

Hacker, Haffaker, Hage, Hail, Hale, Hall, Hamblin, Hamiltian, Hamilton**, Hamlet, Hamlin, Hampton, Hance, Hand, Haneycut, Hansford, Hardin, Hardy*, argus, Harkins, Harman, Harmon, Harmore, Harp, Harper**, Harpr, Harrell, Harris, Harrison*, Harst, Hart, Hatfield**, Haut, Hawkins, Hays, Helenis, Helton, Henderson, Henry, Herrald, Herrele, Herren, Hewill, Hicks, Hillins, Hill, Hilldrey, Hinde, Hislope, Hobbs, Hodges**, Hodson, Holland, Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth, Holmes, Holt, Holton, Honeycut, Hooper**, Hopkins**, Hopper*, Hoskins, Houdges, Houlton, Housman, Houston*, Howerton, Hubbard, Hubbert, Huddleston*, Huff, Huffaker, Hughs, Hunt, Hunter*, Hurd, Hurley, Hurst**, Husly, Hust, Hutner, Hutson


Jackson, James, Janeway, January, Janway, Jenkings*, Jenkings, Jenkins, Jennings*, Jesse, Jinings, Jinkins*, Jinnings, John, Johnson**, Johnston*, Jones**

Keck*, Kelly, Kelsey, Kelso, Kennell, Kerly, Kersey, Kesterson*, Ketron, Kibert, Killiam, Killian, Killon, Kincaid, King**, Kinser, Kirby, Kisternd, Kistinn

Laffoow, Laffron, LaForce, Lake, Lamb, Lambert, Landers, Landrum, Lane, Langley, Lanham, Lankford, Lansberry, Large, Lawrence, Lawson*, Lay*, Lea*, Leach, Lebow, Lee, LeForce*, Leger, Lejear, Leman, Lemar, Lenar, Leonard, Lettrell, Lewis*, Lichlighter, Licklighter, Light, Lingar, Litrell, Littrell, Love, Loveless, Lower, Loweter, Lufsey, Lynch*

Maden, Mahan, Maiden, Maize, Major, Malong, Manee, Mann, Mannan, Mannon, Maples, Marble, Marcum, Margrave, Margraves, Marland, Martin*, Mason, Massengill, Massey, Mathis, Matler, Matthew, Matthis, Mayer, Mayes, Mayo, Mayse, Mealer, Meeler, Meredith, Mies, Milehan, Miller**, Mills, Minik, Mire, Mise, Miser, Mitchell, Mize, Moin, Monday, Money, Montgomery, Moody, Moon, Moor*, Moore*, Morgan, Morris, Moses, Moss**, Mouk, Mountain, Moyer*, Moyers, Mullin, Mullins, Mumsford, Munday, Murphy, Murray, Murrey, Myers

McBee**, M'Bee, McBroom, McCallough, McCarroll, McClain, McClary*, McClelland, McCoaky, McColough, McCorky, McCrary, McCubbins, McCullough, McDowel, McDowell*, McEnally, McFarlane, McGlothlin, McHenly, McHenry, McKeehan, McKehan, McLain, McMahan, McNalence, McNealand, McNeil, McNelilance, McNew*, McNight, Mcroe, McVay, McVey, McWilliams

Nal, Nance, Narsmore, Nash*, Nations, Neely, Neil*, Nelms, Nelson, Newman, Nicely, Nichols, Niel, Nighhert, Nining, Noah, Noel, Norton, Norvell*, Nowell, Nuckels, Nunn*

O'Daniel, O'Dell, Odle, Ogan, Ousley, Ously, Overstreet, Overton, Owens**, Owins, Owsly

Parker, Parkey, Parks, Parky, Parrott**, Parry, Partin, Parton, Patrick, Patterson, Paul, Pearson*, Pebley, Peck, Peebly, Perry, Phelps*, Philips, Philps, Pike, Pimmon, Pirriman, Pittman*, Plank, Pluming, Poindexter, Poke, Poor, Poors, Posey*, Poston, Powell, Powers, Preddy, Presley, Presly, Price, Pritchard, Prophet

Qualls, Queen, Quillen

Ragan, Raisden, Ramsey**, Ramsy, Raney, Rason, Redman, Redmond, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhea*, Rice*, Riceton, Richard, Richardson, Rick, Right, Riley, Ritchie*, RitherfordRitter, Rivers, Roads, Roalston, Roark*, Robellet, Roberson*, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson*, Roe, Rogers**, Romery, Romine, Root, Rose*, Rosenbalm, Rosenbaum, Row, Rowlett, Runnolds, Russel, Russell**, Ruth, Rutledge

St. John, Salinger, Sallinger, Sampson, Sand, Sanders*, Sands, Sauthern, Savage, Sawyers, Seabolt, Seaborn, Seaboult, Seal*, Seals, Sellers, Selvage, Sevier, Sewell, Sexton, Shackelford, Shaffner, Sharp**, Sharpe, Sheaman, Shelby, Shelton, Sherman, Shetter, Shoemaker, Shoemate, Shomate, Shopman, Shrabread, Shults, Shumate*, Shumatey, Shutly, Shutters, Sicros, Simmons, Simmons*, Simpson, Sims, Singleton, Skelton, Slatten, Slavins, Small, Smith**, Snodgrass, Snuffer, Southern*, Sowder*, Sowders, Sower, Sparks, Speak, Spillers, Spradlin, Spradling, Stanberry, Starnes, Stellings, Stephens, Stevenson, Stiner, Stinnett, Stone*, Stoner, Stower, Strifle, Strivel, Stuart, Stubblefield, Sucker, Sulfridge, Sulfridge, Sullin, Sullivan, Summa, Summers, Sumpter*, Sutten, Sylvester

Tayor, Teaugue, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson*, Tickleter, Tickletes, Townsely, Townsley, Towsly, Trease, Treece, Treese, Trice, Trucis, Tucker, Turman, Turner, Tussy

Upton, Uthery

Vadin, Valentine, Vanal, Vanbebber*, Vance, Vanderpool, Vandervanter, Vanderventer, Vanhebber, Vann, Venable, Venoy, Vent, Vermillion, Volentine, Vonay

Waddle, Walker*, Walkers, Wallen*, Waller, Wallie, Wallis**, Walls, Walton, Ward, Warmcutt, Warren, Warrick, Warris, Warsson, Watkin, Watson, Watter, Wear, Webb, Weir, Welch*, Wells, Welsh, West, Wheeler, Wheelers, Whitaker, White*, Whiteaker*, Whited, Whitehead, Whitsan, Whitt, Wilborne, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, William, Williams**, Williamson, Willis**, Willis, Wilson**, Wiser, Wolfinbarger, Wombles, Woodall, Woodard, Woods, Woodson, Woolly, Woolry, Wooten, Word, Wyatt

Yarber, Yeaden, Yeadin, Yearry, Yearly, Yoakum*, Young

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