Anderson County 1836 Tennesee Civil Districts And Tax Lists

38 Total Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, TN-0766, $8.00

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This unique publication ties the ten (10) "districts" of Anderson County with tax listings from 1836, 1837, 1838, or 1839. By matching the tax list with the "District Map," a researcher can narrow the search for ancestors, eliminate those of similar names, and place ancestors in place and time.

For instance ... the town of "WHATEVER" is in District #6. Knowing this information allows a researcher to pinpoint cemeteries, churches, or surnames. The tax lists have been compiled from microfilm and are as faithful as possible to original spellings. A 'must-have' for Anderson County researchers.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adkin, Adkins*, Aldridge, Alldridge, Allred, Allridge, Alverson, Ambrister, Ames, Ammis, Amos, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Arants, Armbrister, Arthur, Aryre, Ashhurst, Ashlock, Ashurst, Aultman, Aultom, Aulton, Aultrum, Aultum, Ayers

Badden, Badley, Badly, Bailey, Baker*, Ballard, Baster, Baxter, Bay, Bays, Beadin, Beats*, Beaver, Beeler, Bellew, Black*, Blackburn, Bledsoe, Boatright*, Bodgams, Bourn, Bowling*, Bowman, Boyd, Bradden, Bradley, Bradly, Bradshaw, Brammett, Brandon, Bratcher, Bray*, Breaden, Breadin*, Bredsser, Breever, Brewer, Bridges, Brim, Britton, Brock, Brogan, Brogans, Bronson, Brown, Brummet**, Brummett*, Buler, Bullard, Bulltar*, Bunch, Burness, Burris, Butcher, Butlar*, Butler, Buts, Buttlar*, Byars

Camalle, Camath, Canady, Canedy, Cannedy, Carden, Cardin, Carmalle, Carman, Carnable, Carnalle, Carns, Carnut, Carroll, Carrolle**, Carrolls, Carter, Chapman, Charles, Cheek, Cheen, Chester, Childress*, Chiles*, Chissher, Chrisly, Christenberry, Chritenberry, Clair, Clappier, Clardy, Clark*, Clarkson, Cleppier, Coatney, Coatny, Cobb, Coker, Cooper*, Coward*, Cox, Craig, Cratny, Cravens, Cravins, Cross**, Crozier, Croziers, Cummings, Cunning(am)?, Curd, Curtin

Dabney, Dagby, Dagley, Dagly, Dail, Darniel, Darnn, David, Davidson, Davis**, Deil, Dew*, Dickey, Dimarcus, Disonang, Dizney, Dizng, Dizny, Doherty*, Dougherty*, Dunavin, Duncan*, Dunett, Dunkin, Dunn, Dunnington, Durrett, Dyches

Eastland, Eaton, Edmondson, Edmundson, Edward, Edwards, Eliot, Emery, England**, Epperson, Eppes, Ervin*, Evans, Evins

Faber, Farmer**, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fielding, Fitzgerald, Forest, Foster, Foust, Fox, Fraker, Freels*, Freeman, Frost*, Fry

Gaines, Galbraith**, Gallaher, Gamble*, Gammon, Garman, Garner, Gaston, Gentry, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gilbraith*, Gintry, Goan, Godin, Going, Goldson**, Goodman, Gosset, Graham, Green, Griffin, Griffith, Gross

Hackney, Hackworth, Haglar, Hail, Hale, Hall*, Hammock, Harberson, Harden, Hardin, Harless, Harlinson, Harly, Harmon, Harrell, Harrington, Hart, Hartly, Harts, Harverer, Haseul, Haskell, Haskin, Haskins*, Hasqua, Hatcher, Hatmaker, Havens, Havins, Hawkins, Hays, Hayter, Henderson*, Hendrix, Hibbs, Hicks, Hidenhour, Hill, Hills, Hillsman, Hilsman, Hinderson, Hindon, Hitts, Hogoest, Hogshead, Hogsheads, Holaway, Holmes, Horton**, HOwell, Hucaboy, Huckaby, Hudson, Hughling, Humphrays, Humphreys, Hundly, Hunley, Hunly, Hunter, Hutcherson, Hutchison

Ingram, Ingrum, Inings, Irvin

Jackson, James, Jarnagin*, Jinings, Johnson**, Jones, Jourden, Jourdin

Karns, Karnutt, Kasling, Keath, Keebler, Keeblers, Kenney*, Keeny*, Kees, Keesling, Keith**, Keller, Kenedy, Kennedy, Keney, Kermitt, Kesterson, Kew, Key, Keys, Kincaid, Kinckio, King*, Kirk**, Kirkpatrick*, Kirmitt, Kissing, Kissinger, Kisterser, Kisterson, Knox, Kurnut

Lackey, Lamar*, Lamars, Landrum, Langmire, Larkin, LaRue, Lawson, Lay, Leach, Leath, Leinert, Lernert, Lett, Leud, Lewallen, Lewis, Linbaugh, Linch, Lindrum, Linebaugh, Lively*, Long*, Longhing, Longling, Longmire, Loveday, Lovely, Lovin, Low, Lowe, Loy*, Luallen**, Luwallen, Lysom

Maberry, Mabry, M'Adoo, Maddox, Malone, Manley, Manly, Manor, Marlow, Marshall*, Martin, Massey, Massingal, Massingale, Matney, Melton*, Messamore, Miles, Milie, Millar, Miller**, Millican, Mills, Milton, Miisamore, Mitchell*, Moire, Monger, Moore**, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Morton*, Mosier*, Mossamore, Murphy, Mynatt

MC (All Names Begin with "MC"): Adoo, Amis, Cling, Clung, Conkey, Coy, Ewen, Ewin, Ewing, Ghee, Kamey*, Kamy*, Kehan, Lin, Linn, Munn, Pherson

Nail, Neal, Nelson, Nickle*, Noel, Norman**, Norris, Norton

Oakes*, Oliver**, Overton*, Owen

Packs, Parker, Parks, Parvell, Patterson*, Paty, Peak*, Peck, Peter, Peters*, Phibbs, Philip, Philips*, Phillip, Piles, Pitman, Pittman, Pone, Poore, Portwood, Postwood, Prichard, Prince, Pritchard, Pritchett, Pyle


Ragan, Raley, Rayan, Rearmille, Reaves, Reavis, Rector, Redmond, Reeder, Reeves, Reynalds, Reynolds, Reysdon, Rhea, Rhodes, Rice, Rich, Richardson*, Richman, Richmond, Ridenhour, Ridenour, Righ, Rismasth, Roark, Robbins, Robert, Roberts*, Robertson, Roders, Rogers, Romines, Rommin, Roop, Ross, Row, Rowe, Roysden, Roysdon, Rucker, Russell*, Rutherford*, Rutherord, Ryan

Sampsel, Sangean, Sartain, Sartin, Sawyer, Scarborough, Scarbrough*, Scruggs, Seiber*, Severs, Sevier, Seviers, Shannon*, Sharp**, Shaulobread, Shaw, Shelton, Shinlaver, Shinliver*, Sieber*, Sinclair, Slaughter, Slover*, Smith*, Snoderly, Sparks, Speard, Spears, Spesard, Stewart, Still, Stilt, Stokes, Stuckesberry, Stukerberry, Stukesberry**, Suber, Summers, Sutherland, Swafford, Sylvester

Talland, Talley, Tally, Tate, Tayler**, Taylor, Terpin, Thomas, Thompson*, Tiller, Tilter, Tire, Tirpin*, Todd, Tompson, Towery, Towry, Tucker, Tunnell*, Turner**, Tyler, Tyre

Umphrays, Umphrys, Underwood

Vandegriff, Vandergriff*, Vandergrift, Vann, Voiles, Vowel, Vowell

Walker, Wallace**, Wallan, Ward, Warren, Warwick, Wayath, Weatherington, Weaver**, Weavers, Webb, Webber, Weevers, West, Wharton, Wheeler, Wheeling, Whilin, Whitaberry, White*, Whitson, Whitton*, Wiley, William, Williams**, Willie, Willis, Wilson**, Winchester, Winters, Winton, Wolfenbarger, Wolfinbargar, Wolfinbarger, Wood, Worthington, Wright*, Wyatt, Wyley, Wylie

Yarnall, York, Yorks, Young

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