Some Southern Families & Their Heritage, Volume IX
A Settlement at King's Creek, Lincoln County, North Carolina
In the Early 18th Century

Compiled by Lovell J. Morris, Jr.
327 Pages, 8.5" x 11", Perfect Bound, Full Name Index, FM-0113, $50.00

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If you are researching the BEATY, BLACKWOOD, DICKEY, DICKSON, FALLS, GRAHAM, McGILL, OATS, PLONK, or WEER surnames, this 327-page oversized volume is a 'must-have'.

Originally developed to introduce the Settlement of King's Creek in Lincoln County, North Carolina and trace the descendants of William McGill, certain surnames began to pop up with regularity. Noting this pattern, the compiler decided to research additional families who resided in the Settlement. This impressive volume is the result of that in-depth research.

With everything from birth/death dates, to military records, biographies, religious/political affiliations, pedigree charts, and family tidbits, the wealth of information contained in his publication can save you hundreds of hours of research time.

Table of Contents


Surnames Found In This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abernathy, Adams*, Aderholdt**, Alexander, Allen*, Anderson*, Aries, Armstrong, Asherbranner, Atkins, Atkinson, Austin

Babcock, Baine, Baker**, Ballew, Barrett, Barrier, Baxter, Beam**, Beattie*, Beatty**, Beaty, Beaver, Bell, Bennett, Bensen, Benson, Berry, Best, Bethel, Bigham*, Bish, Blackwood**, Blalock, Blanks, Blanton, Boggs, Boutwell, Boyd, Boyer, Bradley*, Brown, Bruffett, Bryan, Bryce, Buff, Bumgardner, Burgess, Burnhardt

Caldwell**, Carpenter**, Carroll, Carruth, Cathcart, Cathey, Chandler**, Chatman, Chidester, Childers, Civel, Clark*, Clayton, Cline*, Cloniger, Cobb, Codington, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Cook, Cordon, Cornwall, Costner**, Coulter**, Craft, Craig, Crawford**, Creasmore, Crouse**, Crow, Crowder, Curtiss

Dalton, Dellinger**, Dickey**, Dickson**, Dillingham, Dinkins, Dixon**, Dobbs, Dodd, Doggett, Douglas, Dover

Early, Elliott, Elmore, Eorio, Eskridge, Espey, Espy**, Ewing

Falls**, Farquahar, Ferguson, Finger, Fleming, Foil, Forsyth, Fortenberry, Friday*, Friddle, Froneberger**, Fulk*, Fulton**

Gage, Galloway, Gamble, Gantt, Gardner, Gilbert, Giles, Gillespie, Givens, Gladden, Glenn*, Goforth**, Gold, Goode, Graham*, Graves, Green, Greene, Guy

Hager**, Hall, Hallman**, Hambright*, Hamrick, Hand, Hardin, Harmon**, Harris, Harwood, Hause, Hayes, Haynes, Haywood, Heavener*, Heavner, Hefner, Henderson, Henry*, Herndon**, Hicks, Hill, Hines, Hite, Hoffman, Hoke, Holt, Hoover**, Hovis, Hoyle*, Hughes, Hunt, Hutchison


Jackson, Jenkins, Jermaine, Johnson, Johnston, Jones

Kennedy, Kidd, Kindall, Kirkland, Kiser*

Lackey**, Laird, Lattimore, Lau, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lee, Lewis, Lineberger, Litton, London, Long, Lothan, Love, Lowe, Lowrie, Lutz*, Lynn, Lytton

McAlister**, McCausland, McClure, McCorkle, McCraney, McElwee**, McGhee, McGill**, McGuire, McKelvey, McKie, McKinney, McLean, McMackin, McMahon, McMillian, McNair, McNulty, McPearson, McSwain

Magley, Mann, Marshal, Mauney*, Means, Melnikas, Mercer, Meredith, Merritt, Millen, Misenheimer**, Mode, Montgomery, Moore*, Moose, Morehead, Morgan, Moss, Mosteller, Motley

Neal, Nealy, Neeley, Neil, Nelms, Netherton, Newman, Newton**

Oates**, Oats**, Offenbacher, Ormand

Parker, Pasour*, Patterson*, Pearce, Pearson, Pence, Pharr, Piner, Plonk**, Plummer, Plunk, Poleyette, Porter, Poston, Potts, Powlas, Pratt, Price, Propst, Pruett, Puckett

Quickle**, Quinn

Randall, Rawlings, Reed, Reid, Reinhardt, Reynolds, Rhyne**, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Roberts, Robinson**, Rocket, Rockett, Rohm, Roof, Rorison, Rowlings, Rozell, Rudisill**, Rutherford, Ryland

Safrit, Sandel, Sardis, Sarvice, Saunders, Scheele, Schell, Schuford, Shehann, Shell, Shetley, Shields, Shipp, Shoaf*, Short, Shouse, Shrum*, Shull, Sigman, Simpson, Simrill, Sinclair, Skinner, Sloan, Smith*, Sayre, Sneed, Southwell, Spratt, Stamper, Stanley, Steele, Stilwell, Stowe, Street, Stroup, Sullivan, Summers, Summit, Sweum, Swindell

Tate, Taylor, Teague, Teeter, Thomas, Thompson*, Thornburg*, Trott, Tucker**, Turner*, Tutherow, Twitty

Von Landingham

Ware**, Warlick*, Warrington, Washburn, Watterson, Weaver, Webb, Weer**, Weir**, Weisenhorn, Wells, Wessler, Wheeler, White*, Whitener, Whitesides**, Whitworth, Williams*, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Winborn, Wolfe*, Woods, Wright, Wyatt

Yoder, Young

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