Private Land Claims in Missouri: 1834

212 Pages, 8.5"x11", Softcover, Full Name Index, MO-0509, $35.00

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This hefty volume contains COMPLETE court transcriptions of 1834 Missouri land claims submitted to the United States Federal Government by residents of the State of Missouri, then known as the "Upper Louisiana."

The name of claimant, quantity in arpents, date of claim, by whom granted, by who surveyed, date, and situation are listed. Along with descriptions of the origin of the land, there is a summary of the court records regarding the land itself which often contain personal data on the claimant.

The fact that each petitioner wrote their own claim will be of special interest to historians and genealogists.



No. 83. - PETER CHOUTEAU, SR. (Claimant), Claiming 30,000 Arpents

to Don Charles Dehault, lieutenant colonel, attached to the stationery regiment of Louisiana, and lieutenant governor of the upper part of said province

Peter Chouteau, lieutenant of militia, and commandant of the fort of Carondelet, in the nation of the Great and Little Osages, has the honor of representing to you that, being often stopped in his travels for the want of water in the Osage river, he has formed, in consequence, the project of a considerable establishment, to serve him as a place of deposit, at 60 miles below the said river, on the south side of the Missouri; at which place he supplicates you to have the goodness to grant to him, in full property, the quantity of thirty thousand arpents of land in superficie, in which quantity shall be comprised the river A la Mine, and also the salt springs which the petitioner has the intention of working and improving at such time when, less troubled by the Indian nations, he may give more extension to his industry. The great quantity of timber necessary for the fabrication of sale and to maintain a considerable stock farm, are the reasons which have been determined the petitioner to ask for a quantity of land that may correspond to his views.
The petitioner, full of confidence in your justice, hopes that you will be pleased to take into consideration the confidence which it has pleased the government to place in him, as also the daily troubles he has taken to maintain good order among the Osage nations, and the multiplied sacrifices which he and his brother, Don Auguste Chouteau, proprietor of the exclusive trade with the above-mentioned nations of Indians, have made in all cases wherein it has been necessary to give to the government proofs of their zeal and attachment. These will be sufficient considerations to determine you to grant to him the favor which he claims of your justice and of the generosity of the government.

St Louis, November 19, 1799

The government's three paragraph approval follows.


Surnames Included in this Publication

Albrane, Allison, Alvarez, Amourux, Archange, Austin, Averitt

Bacanne, Ball, Barcantel, Barcello, Barsalous, Barsaloux, Bassy, Bates, Bay, Beauvais, Beauvis, Benoist, Bequet, Bequette, Bernard, Berthiaume, Besse, Bird, Bishop, Bisonette, Bissonet, Blanco, Blank, Blay, Blondeau, Bloom, Boilvin, Bois, Boise, Boisse, Bolduc, Boli, Bollinger, Bon, Boone, Boothe, Borchoa, Bottom, Boucher, Bouis, Boullier, Bouri, Bouvet, Boyer, Boze, Bradley, Brady, Brazeau, Broutin, Brown, Burbridge, Burns, Butcher

Cabanne, Caillou, Caldwell, Campbell, Carpenter, Carroll, Caulk, Cerre, Chandler, Charles, Chartran, Cheney, Chenier, Choteau, Choto, Chouteau, Clamorgan, Clark, Clem, Clements, Cole, Coleman, Colligan, Collins, Colman, Colmant, Connor, Conway, Cook, Coontz, Cortez, Cottle, Courtois, Cousin, Cousins, Cox, Crawford, Crites, Crump, Cruzat, Cummins

Dahmen, Darst, De Carondelet, De Kerlegand, De Kerlegant, De Klegand, De Klegant, De Las Casas, De Lemos, De Leyba, De Lis, De Lisa, De Lopez Y Angulo, De Lor, De Luziere, De Mun, De Salcedo, De St. Vrain, Deggyre, Dehault, Delannay, Delassus, Delaunay, Delauney, Delaure, Delauriere, Delille, Delisle, Delor, Delor De Treget, Deluziere, Deluzieres, Dent, Desgroseillers, Detchmendy, Devolsey, Dielle, Dillon, Dodge, Dodie, Dodier, Dodson, Donaldson, Drennen, Dreazy, Dubreuil, Duchouquet, Duchouquette, Duclos, Duncan, Dunegan, Dupuis

Ead, Eglis, Emison

Faillis, Fein, Fenwick, Ferguson, Ferrey, Ferrusola, Ferry, Fouche, Foux, Friend

Gaboury, Gagnier, Gallatin, Galvez, Gautier, Gibrault, Giboney, Godair, Gormenie, Govereau, Gratiot, Green, Gregoin, Gregoire, Griffin, Guibourd, Guibourg, Guiho, Gunsolis, Guyol

Haid, Haids, Harrington, Harrison, Harvey, Hay, Haynes, Hays, Hayward, Heamstead, Hebert, Hempstead, Henry, Herben, Hiblard, Hilderbrand, Hogan, Holstead, Horine, Horitz, Hortez, Hortiz, Houk, House, Howard, Howell, Hunt, Hurley

James, Janin, Janis, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Journey

Kelso, Kierseraux, Kinaird, Kincaid, Klegand, Krigbaum, Krytz

La Breire, La Caire, Labbadie, LeBeaume, LaBreche, LaChance, LaCombe, LaCoste, LaCroix, LaFleche, LaJoy, Landerville, Langlois, Lapensee, LaPlante, Lard, LaSource, Lawless, Le Duc, LeBeaume, LeClerc, LeCompte, Leduc, LeGrand, Leonard, LePage, LesBois, Lewis, Linn, Lisa, Loisel, Long, Lorimer, Lorimier, Loughry, Lucas, Lynn

McClenahan, McCullick, McDaniel, McKay, McLanahan, McMillan, McNeal, McOnnel

MacKay, Macklett, Madden, Maddin, Maniche, Manitie, Marechal, Martin, Maxwell, Meigs, Menard, Mesplais, Mesplas, Michael, Michau, Milburn, Milhomme, Millburg, Miro, Mongrain, Moore, Morales, Moreau, Morin, Morison, Moro, Morris, Moss, Mostiller, Motar, Motard, Mullanphy, Murphy, Musick

Nantes, Nash, Neswonger, Neybour, Nicol, Nicolle, Normandeau

Oge, O'Reily, Oubremeau

Pacquette, Papin, Parish, Parks, Partenay, Partinay, Partnay, Partney, Pasenute, Paul, Peck, Pedesclaux, Penrose, Pepin, Perez, Perrey, Peyroux, Philippes, Polite, Pond, Pontell, Portais, Portel, Portell, Porter, Portill, Portneuf, Potel, Pratte, Primm, Probenche, Provenchere, Pruitt, Pujeo, Pujeol

Quick, Quimby

Ramsay, Ramsey, Range, Rankin, Ratte, Rawlins, Reaves, Recolet, Recollet, Reed, Rhodes, Richardson, Riddick, Ride, Rivierre, Roberson, Robert, Rogers, Rollins, Rose, Ross, Routier, Roxe, Roy, Royer, Rulgers, Russell

St. Amant, St. Cir, St. Claire, St. Clare, St. Gemme, St. Gemmes, St. Germine, St. Jayme, St. Jemmes, St. Jems, St. Pierre, St. Vrain, Sarpy, Saucier, Saugrain, Saugrin, Saulnier, Saunders, Savoy, Scott, Senclare, Senders, Sexton, Sinclaire, Small, Smith, Somalt, Sonde, Soulard, Spencer, Spring, Stewart, Stoddard, Stoddart, Story, Summers

Taillon, Tallon, Tayon, Templeton, Terrey, Terry, Theel, Thibault, Thiel, Thomas, Tillier, Tison, Tournat, Tournot, Trimble, Trudeau, Tyler, Tyson

Updike, Updyke

Valentin, Valle, Valois, Vanderdider, Vanderhider, Vanlibber, Vasquez, Venable, Villars, Vital

Walker, Wamsley, Watkins, Watson, Wealthy, Welburn, Welker, Westover, Wherry, White, Wickerham, Wideman, Wilkinson, Williams, Wise, Wood

Yock, Yostie, Yosty, Young

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