Meade County, Kentucky History & Biographies

29 Pages, 8.5x11, Illustrations, Full Name Index, Softcover, KY-0243, $8.50

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A virtual "who's - who" of pioneer Meade County, all sketches and history contained in this reprint were initially published in:

a. The History of Kentucky, by Lewis Colins, published 1882 or
b. Kentucky: A History of The State, by W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle & G.C. Kniffin, published 1885.

These two books set the standard for Kentucky history and pioneer biographies.


Surnames Included in This Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adkisson, Alexander*, Allen**, Anderson

Ball, Bennet, Bewley, Boarman, Boone**, Brandenburg, Brashear**, Brewster, Bridgeford, Brown**, Bruner, Buach, Burch**, Buren**, Butler*

Cain**, Caldwell, Calhoon, Cardin, Carrigan, Chapeze, Cheatham, Clarkson**, Cockerell, Cody, Cosby, Craycroft, Cully, Cundiff*, Cunningham

Daviess, Davis, Degraffenreid, Drury, Duckwell, Durbin

Elder, Eliot, English, Enlows, Evans

Fairleigh**, Fitch, Fontaine, Foote*, Fowler, Frakes*, Fulton

Galman, Gilbert, Gilmore, Gough**, Greenwell**, Greenwood, Griggs, Grove

Hardin**, Harris, Harrison, Haynes, Heaverin, Henry**, Herndon*, Hill, Howard**, Hunter, Hurd

Jackson, Jones

Kalfus, Kean, Kendall**, Kincheloe, Knob, Knott

Lasley, Lewis**, Lilly, Livers**, Logston, Luckett, Lyddan

McCreary, McGill, McKay, Malin**, Meade, Miller, Mills, Moorman, Mooremen**, Morgan, Murray*

Neafus**, Noble

Osborne, Owings

Park, Patterson**, Patton, Perciful, Philpott, Porter, Pullen, Pusey

Rawlings**, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson**, Riddle, Ridgway, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson

Sanders, Scott, Shacklett, Shain, Shane, Shepherd, Sherrill, Smith**, Spinks, Staples, Stewart, Stith**, Stocket, Stringer, Stuart, Swan

Tanner, Taylor, Tenley, Tewell, Thompson**, Tyler


Vallandigham, Vanmeter, Vaughn

Walker, Warfield**, Warmouth, Wathen,, Watkins, Weedman**, Wemp, Wiles**, Williams**, Willis, Wilson, Wimp, Woodson, Woolfolk**, Worland**, Wrather


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