Livingston County, Kentucky History & Biographies

41 Pages, 8.5" x11", Illustrations, Full Name Index, Softcover, KY-0235, $10.00

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A virtual "who's - who" of pioneer Livingston County, this reprint contains sketches and history originally published in:

a. The History of Kentucky, by Lewis Colins, published 1882 or
b. Kentucky: A History of The State, by W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle & G.C. Kniffin, published 1885.

These two books set the standard for Kentucky history and pioneer biographies.


Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Able, Adams**, Adcock**, Akers, Alcorn, Allard**, Alley, Alsbrook, Alvis**, Anderson*, Arkenstall

Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Barrett, Baxter, Beard, Bennett**, Berry**, Blankenship, Bobb, Boone, Boyd*, Boyle, Bradford, Branch, Breckinridge, Brian, Bridges**, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Buchannan, Buckley, Burgess, Bush, Butler**

Cade*, Calhoun*, Campbell, Chamberlain, Champion**, Chipps, Clark**, Clarky, Clemens*, Coleman**, Conant, Cooper, Cope, Cox, Coyle, Crawford, Creely, Crewdson**, Crider, Crossley, Crotser**, Crouch*, Cruce, Culver**

Dale, Dallam, Davis**, Dixon*, Dorroh**, Doyal, Duley**, Dunlap, Dunn, Dunning, Dyson

Ellis**, Enders

Farris**, Faulkner**, Ferrell, Finch, Fleming**, Fort*, Foster, Fowler, Franklin

Gillespie, Gilliam, Givens, Glass, Glenn, Gordon, Grassham**, Gray, Green*, Greer, Grimmett, Grinnette

Haines, Halstead, Hamilton, Handlin, Hardy, Harmon, Harris*, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkins, Hayden*, Haynes, Helm, Hendrick, Herman, Hibbs*, Hodge**Hosic, Hosick*, Huey**, Hughes, Hunter


Jackson*, James, Jameson, Jimeson, Johnson, Jones**, Jordan**

Kidd, Kingman, Knight, Knouer, Kremmer

Ladd, Lander, LaRue, Lay, Leeper, Lemon, Lindley, Linley**, Livingston, Love, Lowery**, Loyd, Lucas

McCollum**, McElmury, Madlock, Mantz, Markey**, Marshall, Martin, May**, Merritt, Metcalf, Miles*, Miliken, Milliken, Mitchell**, Morgan, Morris, Moss, Murphy

Neely, Nelson**, Nunn

Olive, Ordway, Owen**

Padon, Parker, Parmely, Patterson**, Peck, Peyton, Pickens, Pickett, Piles, Pill, Powell, Powers, Pringle

Ramage**, Randall, Ray, Rhodes, Rice**, Richeson, Robenson, Robertson**, Robinson, Rondeau**, Ross, Ruday, Rutter**

Sanders**, Sansberry, Scantland, Scott, Senour**, Sharp, Sim, Smith, Spell, Stanford**, Sterling, Stevens*, Steward, Stewart*, Stone, Strong

Taylor*, Thomson, Threlkeld**, Tolley**, Tompkinsville**, Trimble**, Turley

Ventress, Vick**, Vogle

Wallace, Ward, Watson, Watts, Weatherford, Webb, Weller, Whitehead, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woodmansee*, Worton*, Wright Young

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