Hardin County, Kentucky History & Biographies

35 Pages, 8.5" x11", Illustrations, Full Name Index, Softcover, KY-0224, $10.00

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A virtual "who's - who" of pioneer Hardin County, this reprint contains sketches and history originally published in:

a. The History of Kentucky, by Lewis Colins, published 1882 or
b. Kentucky: A History of The State, by W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle & G.C. Kniffin, published 1885.

These two books set the standard for Kentucky history and pioneer biographies.


Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Akers, Anderson, Applegate**, Armstrong, Ashcraft, Audubon

Barnes, Barnett, Beeler, Bell, Bethel, Bland, Blanford, Boone, Booth, Bough, Brackett, Braine, Brazier, Brooks, Brown*, Bryan*, Buchanan, Buckman, Bullitt, Bush

Calvin, Carman, Cave**, Cecil, Chenowith, Chilton, Churchill, Clark, Clay, Cofer, Collins, Conway, Coombs, Coons, Craddock, Crane, Cresap, Crist**, Crittenden, Crutcher, Cully, Curtsinger

Douglas, Dowell, Dye, Dyer

Eliot, Elliott, English**, Evans

Fowler, French

Gardner, Garrard, Geoghegan**, Geohegan, Gerrard, Gray, Green, Greenbaugh, Greer, Gregg

Handly, Hardin**, Harned, Harris, Hart, Haycraft, Haydon, Hays, Heller**, Helm**, Henn, Henry, Herdt, Hibbs, Hill**, Hills, Hines, Hinton, Holman, Hough, Howard*, Howell, Hunt, Hutchings, Hynes

Jackson, Jacob, Jenkins**, Jernigan, Johnson, Jones

Keith, Kennedy, Kinkead, Klinglesmith

LaRue, Lambuth*, Lane, Larue, Lawson*, Letcher, Lewis, Lincoln, Lively, Love, Lutz

McAfee, MacClellan, McClellan, McConnell, McDonald, McGeoghegan, McHenry, McMillen, Marriott*, Martis, Mason, Mathis, Matthis, Meece, Meirs, Miles, Miller, Mobberly**, Moffitt, Montgomery, Moremen*, Morgan, Morrison


Ogen, Owsley*

Parker, Patton, Paul, Payne*, Peck, Perceful, Pttey, Phillips, Pirtle, Pusey**

Radley, Raine**, Ray, Rihn*, Roberts, Roby, Roop

Samuels, Sewards, Shacklett, Slider, Smallwood, Smith, Strange, Strickler, Swan

Talbott, Tally, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Troutman

VanNort**, Vanmatre, Vanmeter, Vanmetre*, Vertrees, Vertress

Wade, Waide, Walker, Watkins**, Wells, White*, Wickliffe, Williams, Wintersmith, Withers*, Wood


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