Graves County, Kentucky History & Biographies

33 Pages, 8.5" x11", Illustrations, Full Name Index, Softcover, KY-0221, $8.50

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A virtual "who's - who" of pioneer Graves County, this reprint contains sketches and history originally published in:

a. The History of Kentucky, by Lewis Colins, published 1882 or
b. Kentucky: A History of The State, by W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle & G.C. Kniffin, published 1885.

These two books set the standard for Kentucky history and pioneer biographies.


Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Adair**, Adams*, Albright, Albritton, Alexander*, Anderson**, Andrew*, Andrus*, Austin

Ballew**, Bartlett, Baucom, Beadles*, Beamount, Beaumont, Beeson, Bennett, Blalock*, Board, Boaz, Boon, Boone**, Boswell, Boyd, Brantly*, Briggs, Brown*, Bullock**, Burnett**, Bush

Caldwell, Campbell, Cannon, Canter**, Cargill**, Carney, Carter, Cavitt, Chowning, Clapp**, Clarke, Coffin, Coleman, Collins, Coltharp**, Cook, Coulter*

Dallam, Dalton, Darnell, Davis, Day*, Doublin, Drennan, Dunbar

Eaker, Earle**, Elmore, Emerson

Farr, Faulkner, Fowler, Fristoe

Galloway**, George*, Grace*, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gegory, Griffith

Hale, Hall, Hammill, Haneline, Hanson, Harrison, Hatchel, Hists, Hocker, Hodges**, Holifield**, Hopkins, Hughey, Hunt


Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones**


Lamm, Landrum, Lane, Leech, Lockridge, Lovelace, Luther**, Lynn

McClain**, McCuan*, McCulloch, McFall, McNeely*, McNeill, Mathews, Mayes*, Meridith, Milam, Moore, Moorman, Morris*, Morrow, Morse, Moss**, Motheral**, Mullins**

Neale*, Neel, Norman*

Osborne, Owen

Palmer, Park*, Patillo, Patterson, Perkins**, Pile, Pitt, Poplin, Powell**, Pritchard, Pryor, Purdy

Reynolds, Rhoden, Richardson, Ridgway*, Rives, Roach, Robbins, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers**

Scofield, Scoggins, Scott, Shelton, Sherrill, Sims, Smith*, Stanfield, Steward**, Suit, Summerville, Swain

Talbert, Taylor, Thomas*, Thompson*, Tice, Timmons**, Torian, Turner



Waddill, Wade**, Wadlington, Waggoner, Walker, Walthall, Watlington, Watson**, Watts, Webb, Weems, West, Whitemore, Wilkinson, Williams**, Willingham**, Wilson**, Wiman**, Wingo, Winston*, Woodard, Worrell, Worthan, Wright



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