Allen County, Kentucky History & Biographies

56 Pages, 8.5" x11", Illustrations, Full Name Index, Softcover, KY-0200, $9.50

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A virtual "who's - who" of pioneer Allen County, this reprint contains sketches and history originally published in:

a. The History of Kentucky, by Lewis Colins, published 1882 or
b. Kentucky: A History of The State, by W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle & G.C. Kniffin, published 1885.

These two books set the standard for Kentucky history and pioneer biographies.


Surnames Included in this Publication

Able, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Anston, Anthony, Asbury, Ashley, Atwood, Ayers

Bailey, Baird, Barclay, Barton, Bell, Benbrook, Benedict, Bennett, Berry, Billingsly, Black, Blackburn, Bond, Boone, Botts, Boucher, Bradburn, Bradshaw, Bridges, Bright, Briley, Brite, Brough, Brown, Browning, Brunson, Buchanan, Buckhanan, Buckhannon, Buckhanon, Burr, Burton, Bush, Button

Cagle, Caldwell, Calvert, Cameron, Carpenter, Carruthers, Carter, Caruth, Casey, Cash, Childress, Clark, Clarkson, Claypool, Cockrell, Cole, Coleman, College, Collins, Compton, Conner, Cook, Cooksey, Corder, Cornwallis, Cornwell, Craig, Cushenberry

Dalton, Davasher, Daveiss, Davidson, Daviess, Davis, Dearing, Devasher, Devine, Dilliard, Dixon, Dodd, Dodds, Dodson, Douglas, Down, Downing, Duncan, Dunham, Dunn

Eddy, Edmunds, Epperson, Evans, Everett

Fant, Faulkner, Favier, Fickland, Ficklin, Fishback, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Follis, Foster, Fraim, Francis, Frazer

Gaines, Gambling, Garing, Garnett, Gatewood, Gibson, Glascock, Glaze, Glover, Goodman, Goodnight, Goodrum, Greaer, Green, Greenfield, Greer, Griffin, Grounds, Grubbs, Grundy, Guy

Hagan, Halcomb, Hall, Ham, Hamilton, Hancock, Harlan, Harman, Harris, Harrison, Harston, Hatler, Hawkins, Heeter, Henderson, Hendricks, Hewit, Hilburn, Hoffman, Holland, Holliday, Hollis, Holman, Horn, Howard, Howell, Hudsoe, Hudson, Hughes, Hunt

Jackson, Jameson, Janes, Jenkins, Jewell, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Justice

Kelley, Kelly, Kerr, Kirby, Knott

Landers, Langston, Lee, Letcher, Lewis, Lightfoot, Logan, Lovell, Lyles

McCall, McElroy, McGlothlin, McMurray, McReynolds

MacClellan, Marion, Marr, Martin, Mayhew, Meadows, Meng, Merrill, Merton, Mitchell, Mohundro, Monroe, Montana, Moore, Moorehead, Morehead, Morgan, Motley, Mulennix, Mulligan

Napier, Neal, New, Newman, Norris

Oliver, Orr

Pace, Page, Paine, Partheny, Patton, Pettey, Phillips, Pierce, Pitchford, Polk, Pope, Porter, Powell, Priestly, Pritchford, Pruitt, Pulliam


Ragland, Ragsdale, Ralston, Read, Rector, Rhodes, Richards, Richey, Rithery, Ritter, River, Rowan, Rush, Russell

Samuel, Saterfield, Sayers, Scott, Sears, Seay, Settle, Settles, Shive, Siddnes, Sledge, Spann, Spencer, Spillman, Stamps, Stark, Stewart, Stone, Strait

Tabes, Tabor, Tate, Tayloir, Terry, Thomas, Tilford, Travis, Tucker, Turner

Vaden, Venable

Wade, Waggle, Wagoner, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Watts, Weaver, Welch, Wheeler, White, Whitley, Whitney, Wickware, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Witherspoon, Wood, Woodward, Wright



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