Grand Lodge of Georgia

Compiled by The Grand Lodge of Georgia
193 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover, GA-0246, $25.00

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Containing approximately 10,000 listings, the material found in this volume was abstracted from the proceedings of the most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Georgia for Free and Accepted Masons during their Annual Communication in 1854.

Officers and members of each lodge are listed seperately.

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Aaron, Abercrombie, Abney, Abrahams, Acklin, Adair, Adams**, Adamson, Adcock, Addams, Aderhold, Adington, Adkins, Adkinson, Aikens, Ainsworth, Akens, Akers, Akin, Albea, Albert, Alberts, Albright, Alden, Alderman, Aldridge, Aldsworth, Alexander**, Alford*, Alfred, Alfriend, Allan, Allbright, Allday, Allen**, Andrews**, Ansley, Anthony, Antrobus, Appleton, Applewhite, Appling, Arandle, Archer, Arline, Armor, Armour, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold*, Arnow, Arrington, Artope, Asbury, Ash, Ashburn, Ashley, Ashmore, Askew*, Askins, Athon, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwell, Au, Auchmooty, Audas, Ault, Austell, Austin*, Autrey, Avant, Aven, Avent*, Avery, Avory, Avrey, Awbrey, Aycock, Ayer, Ayres

Babb, Bacon, Badkins, Bagby, Babbs, Bagwell, Bailey**, Baily, Baird, Baisden, Baity, Baker**, Balchen, Baldwin*, Baley, Ball*, Ballard*, Bancroft, Bandy, Bankman, Banks*, Bankston, Barber*, Barbour, Barclay, Barden, Bardwell, Bareford, Barentine, Barfield, Barge, Barker, Barksdale, Barler, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes**, Barnet, Barnett, Barney, Barnwell, Barrester, Barrett*, Barringer, Barron, Barrow, Barry, Barschall, Bartholomew, Bartlett*, Barton, Bashler, Baskin, Bass*, Basset, Bassford, Bastion, Baswell, Batcheller, Bateman*, Bates*, Batey, Battle*, Batton, Baughn, Bawling, Baxley, Baxter, Baynes, Beachamp, Beall* , Bealle, Beard, Beardin, Beasely, Beasley, Beauchamp, Beaumont, Beaves, Beck, Beckham*, Bedell, Bedford, Beech, Beeland, Belcher, Bell**, Bellah, Bellamy, Bellflower, Bellinger, Belvin, Bembry, Bender, Benefield, Bennet, Bennett*, Benson, Bentley, Bently, Benton, Berdett, Berrenger, Berry**, Berryhill, Bertha, Berthee, Bessent, Besser, Best, Betterton, Betts, Beuford, Bevis, Bigelow, Biggers, Biggs, Bigham, Bignon, Billups, Binford, Binion, Binns, Bird*, Birdsong, Bishop, Bissell, Bivin, Bivins, Black*, Blackburn, Blackman, Blackmer, Blackshear, Blackstock, Blackwell*, Blain, Blake, Blakely, Blakewood, Blakey, Blalock*, Blanford, Blassengame, Blassingame, Bledsoe, Blewster, Bliss, Bloodworth, Blount*, Blunt, Boardman, Boartfield, Boddie, Bogan, Bogart, Boggess, Boggs, Bohannon, Bohanon, Boice, Boifeuillet, Boles, Boling, Bolling, Bolton*, Bomar, Bond**, Bonds, Bonner*, Booker, Boon, Boone, Booner, Booth*, Booty, Borders, Boren, Boring, Borland, Born, Bosley, Bostick, Boston, Bostwick, Boswell, Bosworth, Bothwell, Bottoms, Bouran, Bowden*, Bowdoin, Bowdre, Bowen*, Bowers, Bowling, Bowman, Bowren, Box, Boyce, Boyd*, Boyett, Boykin, Boyle, Boynton, Boyt, Boytt, Bozeman, Brace, Bracewell, Brackett, Braden, Bradfield, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bragan, Bragg, Brahe, Branch, Brand, Brandson, Branham*, Bransford, Brantley, Branyan, Brassell, Brassil, Braswell, Brawley, Brawner**, Bray, Braziel, Brazzleton, Breed, Breedlove, Brenner, Brenton, Brewer*, Brewster, Brice, Brickell, Bridges*, Briggs, Bright, Brightwell, Brin, Bringhurst, Brinson*, Bristow, Britt, Broadweli, Brock, Brocks, Brockway, Brogdon, Bronson, Brook, Brooke, Brookins, Brooks**, Broom, Brotherton, Broughton, Brown**, Browne, Browning, Brownlow, Broyles, Bruce, Vruckner, Bruen, Bruff, Brundage, Bruner, Bruton, Bryan**, Bryans, Bryant*, Bryce, Brydie, Bryghtwell, Bryman*, Buchanan**, Buchannan, Buchanon, Buckalew, Buckelew, Buckley, Buckner, Burrington, Buffington, Bugg, Buice, Buker, Bullard, Blullock, Bunch, Bunkley, Blunt, Bunting, Buntyn, Buntz, Burch, Burden, Burdett, Blurditt, Burford, Burke*, Burkit, Burkitt, Burks, Burnet, Burnett*, Burney, Burns, Burnside, Burr, Burroughs, Burrows, Burt, Burton, Burtz, Busbay, Bush*, Bussey*, Bussy, Butcher, Butler**, Butt*, Buttrill, Butts**, Byars, Byas, Byck, Bynum, Byrd*, Byrum

Cabaniss, Cade, Cain, Calaway, Calder, Caldwell**, Calhoun,*, Callahan, Callaway, Callier, Calwell, Camden, Cameron*, Camp**, Campbell**, Campton, Candler, Canfield, Cannady, Canning, Cannon*, Cantelou, Cantrell, Caraway, Card, Carden, Carey, Cargile, Carhan, Carithers, Carlile, Carlisle, Carlton, Carmichael, Carnes, Carpenter*, Carr, Carraway, Carriger, Carrington, Carrol, Carroll*, Carruthers, Carson, Carstarphen, Carsteen, Carswell, Carter**, Cartledge, Cartright, Caruthers, Carver, Case, Casey, Cash, Cason, Caspary, Cassete, Castens, Castleberry, Castlebury, Castlin, Cate, Cater, Cates, Cathern, Cato, Causey*, Cavender, Cawthon, Chaffin, Chambers*, Chambles, Chambless, Chambliss, Champion, Chance, Chancey, Chandler*, Chaney, Channel Chapman**, Chappell, Charlton, Chase, Chastain*, Chatfield, Cheatham, Cheek, Chenault, Cheney*, Chenyl, Cherry, Cheshire, Chesnut, Chester, Cheves, Chew, Childers, Childress, Childs, Chiplay, Chisolm, Chivers, Choice, Christian**, Christopher, Chunin, Chuning, Church, Churchill, Clakler, Clancy, Clardy, Clark**, Clarke**, Clawson, Clay, Clayborn, Clayton, Cleaton, Cleaveland, Cleaves, Cleavland, Cleghorn, Clemants, Clements*, Clemons, Clendenen, Cler, Cleveland, Cliatt, Cliet, Cliett, Clifton, Cline, Clink, Clonts, Clontz, Clopton, Cloud, Cloutz, Clower*, Clutt, Coates, Coats, Cobb**, Coburn, Cocherell, Cochran*, Cockron, Cocroft, Cody, Cofer, Cohen, Coker, Colbert, Colclough, Cole, Coleman*, Colier, Collars, Colley*, Collier*, Collins**, Colquitt, Colt, Combs, Compton, Conally, Cone, Coney, Conley, Conly, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connerley, Conrvoisie, Constantine, Conyers, Cook**, Cooksey, Coombs, Cooper**, Cope, Copelan, Copeland*, Coppage, Coram, Corbet, Corbin*, Corbitt, Cordle, Corley, Cornett, Cornwell, Corra, Corry, Coston, Cothem, Cotter, Cottingham, Cottle, Cotton, Couch*, Coulter, Courtenay, Covery, Covington, Cowaan, Cowart, Cowin, Cox**, Coxe, Coyners, Cozart, Cozatt, Crabb, Crafton, Craig, Crandell, Crandle, Crane, Craps, Craven, Cravern, Crawford**, Crawley, Cray, Creamer, Crenshaw, Cressy, Cribb, Crichton, Crim, Crittenden, Crittendon, Crocker, Crockett, Croft, Cronie, Crook, Croshaw, Cross, Crow, Crowder, Crowell, Crubley, Crum, Crumbly, Crumly, Crump, Crussell, Crutchfield*, Crute, Crymes, Crukford, Culberson, Cull, Culler, Culp, Culpepper*, Culver, Culverson, Cumming, Cummings, Cunnard, Cunningham, Cunyurs, Cureton, Currell, Currey, Curry*, Curtis, Curtiss, Cushing, Cutliff, Cutts, Cuyler

Davney, Daggers, Dagnall, Daily, Dais, Dallis*, Damour, Dangston, Daniel**, Danielly, Daniels, Dansby, Darden*, Darley, Darsey, Dasher, Davenport*, David, Davidson*, Davie, Davis**, Davison, Dawkins, Dawson, Day, Deadwyler, Deal, Dean, Dearing, Deas, Deason, Deaton, Deavers, Deavours, Dees, Deese, DeGraffenreid, Dejournett, Dekle, DeLacy, DeLamar, Delaperriere, DeLeache, Delk, DeLoach, Deloach, DeLyon, Demarest, DeMartin, Deming, Demund, Denham, Denison, Denmead, Dennard, Dennis, Denny, Densmore, Denson, Dent*, Derby, Derrick, Desser, Dessery, Devereaux, Devore, Devreaux, Dew, Dewald, Dewees, Dexter, Diamond, Dibble, Dick, Dicken, Dickerson*, Dickey, Dickin, Dickinson, Dickson*, Diehl, Dill, Dillard, Dismukeg, Dismukes, Dittenheifer, Dixon, Dobson, Dodd, Dodson, Doggett, Dolan, Doles, Dolvin, Donaldson, Donalson, Donehoo, Donnon, Doolittle, Dooly, Dorman, Dorough*, Dorsett, Dorsey*, Doss, Doster, Dotry, Douglas, Douglass, Dowd, Dowdy, Downs, Doyal, Dozier, Drake, Drane, Draughorn, Drew, Drewry, Duberly, DuBignon, DuBose, Dubose, Duck, Dudley, Duer, Duffey, Duffy, Dugger, Duke*, Dukes, Dumas, Dunaway, Duncan*, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunn**, Durdin, Durham**, Durkes, Dwelle, Dyal, Dyar, Dye, Dyer, Dykes, Dyson

Eady, Eakin, Earl, Earle, Earls, Early, Easley, Eason, Easterling, Eastman, Eaton, Ebberhart, Eberhart, Echols, Eckles, Eckman, Ecols, Ector, Eddins, Eddleman, Eddy, Edgar, Edge, Edges, Edgworth, Edler, Edmonds, Edmondson*, Edmonson, Edmundson, Edward, Edwards**, Eeds, Einstein, Elam, Elder*, Eldridge, Eley, Elfe, Eliby, Elkan, Elkins, Ellege, Ellington*, Elliot, Elliott**, Ellis*, Ellison, Elmore, Elrod, Embry, Emery, Emfinger, Emory, England*, English*, Engram, Ensign, Ephraim, Epperson, Epps, Ersfield, Estbert, Estes, Etheridge, Ethredge, Ethridge, Eubanks, Evans**, Everett, Everitt, Eves, Evins, Evons, Ewing, Ezell

Faber, Fagin, Fain*, Fair, Fall, Fambro, Fambrough*, Fanin, Fannin, Fanning, Farmer, Farner, Farrar, Farrell, Farriss, Faucett, Faulk, Faulkinberry, Faulkinburg, Favor, Fawns, Fay, Feagan, Feagin, Feagle, Fears, Fee, Felder, Felton, Felts, Fenell, Fenn, Fennel, Fentress, Ferguson*, Ferrabee, Ferrill, Ferry, Few, Fewell, Fickling, Field, Fielder, Fields, Fife, Fillingham, Finch, Fincher, Findley, Finlay, Finley, Fish, Fitts, Fittz, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Flanders, Flanigan, Fleming**, Flemister, Fletcher, Flewellen, Fling, Flint, Florence, Flournoy, Flowers, Floyd**, Flynn, Fogle, Folds, Foley, Folsom, Foote, Footman, Forbes, Forbis, Ford**, Forehand, Forest, Foretson, Forister, Formby, Forrest, Forrester, Forrister, Forsyth, Fort, Forte, Fortson, Foster*, Fote, Fountain, Foushee, Fowler*, Fox, Franklin, Franks, Fraser, Frazer, Frazier, Freasure, Freeman**, French, Frenison, Fretwewll, Fricks, Friedlander, Friedly, Frierson, Frost, Fryer, Fudge, Flulford, Fluller*, Flullilove, Fulton, Fulwood, Funderburk, Furgason, Furgerson, Furlow, Furman, Futch, Futrell

Gaar, Gable, Gaines, Gaither, Gallimore, Galloway, Galt*, Gamage, Gamble, Games, Ganahl, Gandy, Gant, Gantt, Gardiner, Gardner*, Garey, Harland, Garlington, Garmany, Garner, Garrard, Garrason, Garren, Garrett**, Garrison, Gartrell, Garvin, Gaskins, Gassett, Gaston, Giddens, Gilbert**, Giles*, Gill, Gilleland, Gillespie, Gilliland, Gillis, Gilman, Gilmore, Giltenan, Girardeau, Gittinger, Givins, Glanton, Glasner, Glass**, Glaze, Glenn**, Glesson, Glover*, Goalding, Gober, Godfrey, Godkin, Godwin, Goethy, Goff, Goggans, Goins, Goldburg, Golding, Goldsberry, Goldsmith, Goldwire, Golightly, Gollucke, Goode, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodson, Goodwin, Googer, Goolsby, Gordon**, Gordy, Gore, Gorham, Goss, Gould, Gove, Gowan, Gower, Grace*, Graddick, Graddy, Grady, Graff, Grafton, Graham*, Grambling, Gramling*, Granberry, Granbury, Grant**, Grantham, Graves, Gray**, Graybill, Green**, Greene*, Greenleaf, Greer*, Gregg, Gregory*, Gresham**, Grey, Grier, Griffin**, Griffis, Griffith*,Griggs, Grimby, Grimes, Grimme, Grisham, Grislam, Grist, Grizard, Grogam, Grooms, Groover, Gross, Grother, Groves, Grubb, Grubbs, Grubel, Grumbly, Gudger, Guerard, Guerry, Guest, Guild, Guilford, Guimarin, Gunn, Gunnels, Gunter, Gurry, Guthrey, Guthrie, Guy, Guyton, Gawaltney, Gwill

Haas, Hackett, Hackney, Hafer, Hagan, Hager, Hagerman, Hagerson, Hagerty, Hagood, Hahn, Hail, Haiman, Haire, Hairston, Haisten, Hale, Hales, Haley, Hall**, Halle, Hally, Ham, Hamby, Hamel, Hamer, Hames, Hamilton**, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammack, Hammett, Hammock, Hammond*, Hammonds, Hampton*, Hancock, Hand, Handley, Hanell, Hanes, Hanks, Hanleiter, Hansell, Hansford, Hanson*, Hanvey, Hany, Haralson*, Harbin, Harbour, Harbuck, Hardaway, Hardberger, Hardcastle, Hardeman, Harden*, Hardeway, Hardie, Hardin*, Hardison, Hardman*, Hardroupe, Hardwick, Hardy*, Hare, Harget, Hargrove, Hargroves, Harker, Harkey, Harkins, Harlan, Harlen, Harlow, Harman, Harmon, Harn, Harnsberger, Harp, Harpe, Harper**, Harrell*, Harrelson, Harrington, Harris**, Harrison**, Harriss, Hart*, Hartley, Harton, Harvel, Harvey*, Harwell, Haskell, Haskins, Haslam, Haslett, Hassell, Hastens, Hastin, Hatch, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hateley, Hatton, Hattox, Hawes, Hawks, Hawkins**, Hawks, Hawthorn, Hay, Hayes, Haygood, Hayle, Haynes**, Haynie, Hayns, Hays, Hazelton, Hazlett, Head**, Heaflin, Healan, Heald, Heard*, Hearn, Hearndon, Hearsfield, Heath, Hedrick, Heggie, Heidt, Hembree, Hence, Henderson**, Hendly, Hendon, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Hendry, Henley, Henry*, Henslee, Hensler, Henson, Hern, Herndon, Herren, Herrin, Herring, Herrington, Hertz, Hester*, Hewell, Hickman, Hicks*, Higdon, Higginbotham, High, Highsmith, Hightower**, Hill**, Hilley, Hillman, Hills, Hillsman, Hilly, Hilman, Hines*, Hinnard, Hitchcock, Hix, Hixon, Hoalder, Hobbs*, Hobgood, Hockenhall, Hodden, Hode, Hodges**, Hodgson, Hodnett, Hodnette, Hodo, Hoffman, Hogan, Hoge, Hogg, Hogue, Holbrook, Holbrooks, Holcomb, Holcombe, Holder, Holding, Holland*, Holley, Holleyman, Holliday, Hollingshead, Hollinshead, Hollis, Holloman, Hollomon, Holloway, Holman, Holmes**, Holmon, Holms, Holsenbake, Holt*, Holton, Holtzclaw, Home, Honeycut, Honeycutt, Hood*, Hook, Hooks, Hooper, Hooten, Hopkins*, Hopping, Hopson, Horn, Horne*, Horniday, Hornsby, Horsely, Horsey, Horsley, Horton*, Hose, Hough, Houghton, House*, Houser, Houston, Howard**, Howel, Howell**, Hoxey, Hoyl, Hoyle, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hubert, Huchinson, Huckabee, Huckaby, Hudgins, Hudson**, Hudspeth, Huff*, Huggins, Hughes*, Hughin, Hull*, Hulsey, Human, Humphries, Humphris, Huneycutt, Hungerford, Hunt*, Hunter*, Hunton, Hussey, Jussong, Hutcherson, Hutchings, Hutchingson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutson, Hutton, Hyer

Ingalls, Ingraham, Ingram, Inman, Irby, Irvin, Irvine, irving, Irwin, Isham, Isler, Ivey*, Ivins, Ivy

Jackson**, Jacobs, James*, Jameson, Janes, Janett, Jarbor, Jarnagin, Jarrall, Jarrell, Jarrett, Jaudon, Jaugstetter, Jean, Jeffers, Jefferson, Jelks, Jenkins**, Jennings**, Jepson, Jermany, Jernigan*, Jesse, Jessup, Jeter, Jett, Jewett, Jobson, Johns, Johnslon, Johnson**, Johnston**, Joiner*, Joins, Jolley, Jones**, Jordan**, Josey, Jossey, Jourdan, Joy, Juhan, Junkin

Kapp, Kary, Kaufman, Keath, Keaton, keckleiter, Keel, Keener, Keeter, Keigler, Keith, Kellam, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelly*, Kelpin, Kelsey, Kemph, Kendall, Kendle, Kendrick*, Kenedy, Kennedy*, Kennon, Kent, Kerby, Kerlin, Kerr, Kesterson, Ketchand, Ketterer, Key*, Kidd, Killen, Killian, Kilpatrick, Kimbell, Kimble, Kimbrough*, Kincannon, Kindrick, King**, Kingman, Kingsberry, Kinn, Kinnebrew, Kinney, Kinsey, Kirben, Kirbow, Kirby, Kirkland, Kirkpatric, Kirkpatrick, Kirksey, Kirr, Kiser, Kitchen, Kitchens, Kittleband, Kivlin, Kleckly, Klias, Knight*, Knighton, Knott, Knowles, Knox, Kolb, Koockogey, Kroner, Kuhlmazn, Kunze, Kyle

La Taste, Ladd, Laffiteau, Laidler, Lain, Lallerstedt, Lama, Lamar, Lamaster, Lamb*, Lambert, Lambreth, Lampkin, Lampton, Lancaster, Land, Landershine, Landrum, Landrun, Lane*, Laney, Lang, Langford, Langley, Langston, Lanier, Lankford, Lansdell, Laramore, Larkins, Lary, Laseter, Lasiter, Lassater, Lasseter, Lassiter, Latham, Lathrop, Latimer, Latimore, Launius, Lawhon, Lawarence**, Lawshe, Lawson, Lawton, Lazaron, Lazenby, Lazerus, Lea, Leach, Leadbetter, Leak, Leake, Lecroy, Ledbetter, Lee**, Leet, Legett, Leggett, Legion, Legrand, Leitner, Lemmon, Lemmons, Lemon, Lemons, Lennard*, Leonard, Leroy, Leseur, Lesley, Leslie, Lester*, LeSueur, Letson, Leverett*, Leverit, Leverton, Levingburg, Levy*, Lewingood, Lewis**, Ley, Liddell, Liddon, Ligg, Lightburn, Lightfoot, Lightner, Ligon*, Lilley, Lin, Linch, Linder, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lingo, Linton, Lipham, Lippett, Lipsey, Little*, Littlefield, Littlejohn, Lively, Livingston, Lloyd, Lock, Lockalan, Lockett, lockhart, Loewenthal, Loftin, Loftlin, Lofton, Logan, Logue, Lomax, Long**, Longino, Longley, Longstreet, Looney, Loq uin, Lord, Lott, Loud, Love*, Lovejoy*, Loveless, Lovell, Lovern, Lovett, Low, Lowdenborough, Lowe**, Lowrey, Lowry, Loyall, Loyd*, Loyless, Lucas, Luce, Luck, Luckie, Lucurgen, Luffman, Luke, Lummus, Lumpkin, Luncford, Lund, Lunday, Lundy, Lunn, Lunsford, Luther, Lyle, Lyles, Lynch*, Lynn, Lyon*

Mabery, Mabry, McAfee, McAffee, McAlla, McAllister, McAlpin, McArthur, McBain, McBath, McBean, McBride, McBryde, McCafferty, McCall, McCallum, McCamy, McCants, McCarty, McCaskill, McCauley, McCauly, McCay, McClendon, McClesky, McClintock, McCloud, McColgan, McConkey, McConn, McConnell*, McCook, McCord, McCormick. McCorquodale, McCosh, McCoy*, McCracken, McCrackin, McCrary*, McCravey, McCung, McCurdy*, McCurry, McCutchen, McDade, McDaniel*, McDermon, McDonald*, McDowell, McDuffie, McEachern, McElhany, McElroy*, McElvany, McElveen, McElvy, McEntin, McEvin, McEvoy, McGarrah, McGaughey, McGaughin, McGaughy, McGee, McGehee, McGibany, McGilvary, McGinnis, McGlann, McGough, McGowan, McGowing, McGrady, McGrig, McGruder, McGuffee, McGuire, McHenry, McHugh, McIntosh, McJunkin, McKay, McKee, McKenney, McKenny, McKensie, McKenzie*, McKeythan, Mackie, McKigney, McKiney, McKinley, McKinne, McKinney, McKinnon, McLain, McLanahan, McLane, McLarty, McLary, McLaughlin, McLemore, McLendon*, McLennon, McLeod, MeLeroy, McLester, McLin, McLoud, McMahen, McMakin, McManus, McMath, McMeal, McMenin, McMichael*, McMillan, McMillen, McMillon, McMullen, McMullin, McNair, McNeal, McNear, McNeil, McNorten, Macon , McPherson, McRae, McRaham, McRea, McRiley, McSpaddan, McSwain, McVeigh, McWhatly, McWhorter*, Maddock, Maddox*, Maddux*, Madox, Madrie, Maffett, Maffit, Magby, Magill, Magness, Magruder, Maguire, Mahaffey, Maharrey, Malally. Malcomb, Malear, Maley, Mallory, Malone*, Maloy, Manchester, Manderville, Manes, Mangum, Manley, Mann*, Manning, Mansell, Mansfield, Manson, Mapp, Mappin, Marable, Margraff, Markham, Markinson, Marks, Marlow, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall*, Martin**, Martinleer, Mashborn, Mashburn, Mason, Massengale, Massey*, Mate, Mather, Mathews**, Mathis, Matthews**, Mattox*, Mattux, Mauk, Maurey, Maver, Maxey, Maxwell, May*, Mayer, Mayes, Mayfield, Maygood, Mayo*, Mays, Meachum, Mead, Meaders, Meador, Meadows, Meads, Mealing, Means, Medlin, Meek, MeGee, Meiccor, Mellen, Melson, Melton, Melvern, Menife, Meranville, Mercason, Mercer, Mercier, Meredith, Meriwether, Merrell, Merrit, Merriwether, Mertz, Methvin, Meyer, Mickelberry, Middlebrooks*, Middleton, Miles, Milholen, Milledge, Millen, Miller**, Millican, Milling, Millner, Mills**, Millsaps, Milner, Milton, Mims, Minchew, Mines, Minor, Minton, Mintz, Mise, Mitchael, Mitcham, Mitchel, Mitchell**, Mitchum, Mix, Mize, Mizell, Mizelle, Moat, Mobley*, Mode, Modisett, Moncrief, Monk, Monroe, Montford, Montgomery*, Moody**, Moon*, Mooney, Moor, Moore**, Moorman, Moose, Mooty, Moreland, Moreman, Morgan**, Morison, Morland, Morring, Morris**, Morrison, Morriss, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Mortoo, Moseley, Mosely*, Moses, Moss*, Mote, Mott, Moughon, Moulder, Moulton, Moultrie, Mountmollin, Mouro, Mowatt, Moye, Moyer, Moyers, Mudge, Muggridge, Mulkey, Mulky, Mulligan, Mullin, Mullinax, Mulling, Mullins*, Munnerlyn, Munson, Murchison, Murdock, Murphee, Murphey, Murphy*, Murrah, Murray*, Murrell, Murry*, Muse, Musgrove, Myerhofer, Myrers, Myrick

Nagle, Nall, Napier, Nash*, Nasworthy, Nations, Navy, Neal, Nealy, Nebhut, Neel, Neisler, Nelms*, Nelson**, Nesbit, Nesmith, Mevil, Nevitt, New, Newberry, Newell, Newlan, Newman, Newsom, Newsome, Newson, Newton, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickelson, Night, Nisbet, Nix, Nixon, Nolan, Nolen, Noles, Noltemeir, Norcross, Norman*, Norris, North, Northen, Northern, Northrip, Norton, Norvel, Norwood, Nosworthy, Nottingham, Nowell, Noyes, Nunally, Nunn, Nunnally, Nunnaly, Nunnelly, Nutt, Nutting, Nye

Oakley, Oakman, Obarr, O’Barr, Obear, O’Brien, O’Bryant, O’Conner, Odam, Odell, Odom, Odum, Oellrich, O’Rarrall, Ogborn, Oglesby, Ogletree, Olds, Olevent, Olive, Oliver**, Olmstead, Omberg, O’Neal*, Orear, Orr**, Osborn, Osborne, Oslin, Osline, Otto, Outlaw, Ouzts, Overby, Overstreet, Overton, Owens, Owens*, Oxford, Oxley, Ozborn, Ozburn

Pace*, Pacetty, Paden, Padget, Padgett, Paggett, Pain, Palmer*, Palmour, Pannal, Papet, Paradise, Pardee, Pardue, Parham, Parish, Park*, Parker**, Parkinson, Parkman, Parks, Parnell, Parr, Parrott, Parsons, Partridge, Parwell, Paschal*, Pass, Passemore, Passmore, Pate, Patillo, Patman, Patrick*, Patterson*, Pattillo, Patton, Paul, Pautelle, Paxton, Payn, Payne*, Peabody, Peace, Peach, Peacock**, Peak, Pearce**. Pearish, Pearson*, Peavy, Peck, Peddy, Peebles, Peek, Peel, Peeples*, Pegg, Pemberton, Pemble, Pendergrass, Pendleton, Pendley, Penick, Penn, Pennington*, Pentecost, Perdew, Perdue, Perkins**, Perkinson, Perl, Perry**, Perryman, Persons, Peteet, Peters, Peterson, Pettee, Pettis, Pettus, Petty, Peurifoy, Pharr, Phelps*, Philip, Philips, Phillips**, Philpot, Phinizey, Phinizy, Phipps, Phymile, Picket, Pickett, Pierce*, Pierson, Pike, Pilcher, Pilkinton, Pinckard, Pinkerton, Pinkston, Pinson, Piper, Pitchford, Pitman, Pittard, Pittman*, Pitts*, Piver, Plant, Platt, Player, Pledger, Plemmons, Plemons, Plote, Plumb, Poe, Polhill, Polk, Pollard, Ponder, Pool*, Poole, Poore, Pope*, Porch, Porter*, Posey, Post, Potter, Pottle, Potts*, Pound, Pounds, Pournell, Powel, Powell**, Power, Powers, Poythress, Prather*, Prathor, Prator, Pratt, Preer, Prentiss, Prentize, Prescott, Preston, Price*, Prichard*, Priddy, Prier, Prince*, Pringle,Printup, Prior, Pritchard, Pritchett, Procter, Proctor, Prosser, Proudfoot, Prudden, Pruitit, Puckett, Pugh, Pullen, Pulliam, Purcell, Purdy, Purse, Purtle, Purvis, Putnam, Pye, Pyle, Pyron

Quarles, Quillian, Quillin, Quin, Quinn

Radford, Ragan*, Ragland, Ragsdale, Rahnson, Raiford, Rail, Railey, Rain, Rainey, Rains, Rainwater, Rakestraw, Rambaut, Rambo, Ramey, Ramsaur, Ramsay, Ramsey*, Ramsy, Randal, Randall, Randle, Rankin, Rann, Ransom, Ransome, Ransone, Rape, Ravens, Rawlinson, Rawls, Rawson, Ray*, Rea, Read, Reddick, Redding*, Redmond, Redwine, Reed, Reeder, Rees*, Reese*, Reeve, Reeves**, Reid**, Reily, Reinhart, Reisner, Remington, Renfroe, Respass, Respess, Revere, Reviere, Revis, Reynolds**, Rhebirge, Rhodes, Rhome, Rhymes, Rice*, Rich, Richards, Richardson**, Ricks, Rider, Ridgell, Ridgeway, Ridley, Rikeman, Riley*, Rinney, Riordan, Ritch, Rivers, Rives, Roach, Robbins, Rober, Roberson*, Robert, Roberts**, Robertson*, Robins, Robinson**, Robison*, Robson, Roby, Rockwell, Roddey, Rodgers, Roebuck, Roff, Rogers**, Roland, Rollins, Rolstin, Ronaldson, Rone, Roney, Ronkin, Ronzee, Rood, Roper, Rose, Roseberry, Rosenbaum, Rosenburg, Ross*, Rosser, Roth, Rothschild, Rouge, Rountree, Rouse, Rousseau, Rowan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland*, Rowles, Royal, Rozar, Rucker, Ruckert, Rudicill, Rudisill, Rudolph, Rludulph, Ruede, Rumble, Rumph, Rlush, Rushen, Rushin, Rushing, Russeau, Russel, Russell**, Rust, Rustin, Rutan, Rutherford, Rutland, Rutledge, Rlylander

Sadler, Saffold, Sage, St. John, Salmons, Salomon, Salter, Salvo, Sample, Sams, Samuels, Sanders**, Sandford, Sanford, *, Sapp,Sasser, Saterfield, Satterwhite, Sauls, Saulsbury, Saulter, Saunders*, Savage, Sawrie, Sawyer, Saxon, Sayers, Sayre, Scaife, Scales, Scarborough*, Scarbrough, Scherff, Schevenell, Schirmer, Schmidt, Schneider, Schnieder, Schofield, Schoonmaker, Schuck, Schwaab, Schwab, Scoggins, Scogin, Scott**, Scovill, Scranton, Scroggins, Scudday, Scurry, Seago, Sealey, Seals, Searcey, Searcy, Searight, Sears, Seats, Seay, Seger, Sego, Seig,Selkirk, Sellers, Selman, Selvidge, Sentell, Seranton, Sessions, Settle, Seward, Shackelford, Shackleford, Shamblee, Shamblin, Shank, Shannon, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe*, Sharrock, Shaw, Shea, Sheats*, Sheffield, Sheftall, Shell, Shelmut, Shelnutt, Shelpert, Shelton, Shepherd*, Sheppard, Sheppert, Sheridan, Sherley, Sherman, Sherrer, Sherrod, Shewmake, Shewmaker, Shields*, Shild, Shine, Shipley, Shipp, Shippy, Shivers*, Shockley, Short, Shropsher, Shropshire, Shuford, Shuler, Shumans, Shurley, Sibley, Sigman, Sikes, Silvy, Simes, Simmons**, Simms*, Simonton, Simpson*, Sims**, Sinclair, Singer, Singletary, Singleton, Sippett, Sisson, Sissons, Sitten, Sitton, Skeen, Skellie, Skelton, Skiner, Skinner, Slack, Slade, Slagle, Slappey, Slatin, Slaton, Slaughter, Slay, Slayton, Sledge, Sloan, Sluder, Smart, Smith**, Smyer, Snead, Sneed, Snell, Snelson, Snider, Snigre, Snowdon, Sofge, Solomon, Sorrel, Sosebee, Souden, Spalding, Span, Spann, Sparkman, Sparks*, Sparrow, Spear*, Speares, Spearing, Spears, Speer, Speight, Speights, Speir, Spence*, Spencer, Spinks, Spires, Spivey, Spivy, Spratlin, Sprayberry, Sprewel, Sprewell, Spriggs, Sprights, Spring, Springer, Sproull, Spruce, Spruill, Spurlin, Squrgeon, Stafford*, Staley, Stallings*, Stalnaker, Stalsworth, Stamper, Stamps, Stancell, Standard, Standifer, Standland, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stanly, Stansell, Stanton, Stapler, Staples, Stark, Starnes, Starr*, Starratt, State, Stateham, Staycer, Stebbins, Steele, Steeley, Steely, Steen, Stegall, Steger, Steley, Stell, Stembridge, Stephens**, Stephenson*, Stepp, Sterling, Stern, Sterns, Stevens*, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart**, Stickey, Stillwell, Stilwell, Stinchcomb, Stinson, Stocks, Stokely, Stokes*, Stokley, Stone*, Stonestreet, Story*, Stotesbury, Stout, Stovall*, Stow, Strain, Strange, Strause, Streetman, Stribling, Strickland**, Stricklin, Stricland, Stringer, Stripland, Stripling, Strohecker, Strong*, Strother, Stroud*, Stroup, Strozier, Stubbs*, Stubs, Stuckey, Studdard, Sturdivant, Suber, Sudduth, Suggs, Sullivan, Sullivant, Summerford, Summerhill, Summerour, Summers, Sumter, Surles, Sutton*, Swaggerty, Swain*, Swan, Swanson, Swearengen, Swearingam, Swearingen, Sweat, Swift, Swinney, Swint, Sykes, Sylvester

Taft, Talbert, Talbird,Talbot, Taliaferro, Talley, Tally, Talmage, Tankersly, Tapley, Tappan, Tarpley, Tarrer, Tarver, Tate, Tates, Tatom*, Tatum, Taylor**, Teal, Teasdale, Teasley, Teat, Tenison, Tenneille, Tennison, Tenny, Terrel, Terrell*, Terry*, Thames, Tharp, Tharpe, Thigpen, Thode, Thomas**, Thomason, Thomasson, Thomaston, Thompkins, Thompson**, Thorbrough, Thornbury, Thornton**, Thrash, Thrasher, Threlkeld, Thrower, Thurman, Thurmon, Thurmond, Thweatt, Tichenor, Tidwell**, Tiffany, Tigner, Tignor, Tiller, Tilley, tlillman, Tilsinger, Timberlake, Timmons, Tindall, Tinsley*, Tippett, Tisdale, Tison**, Tobey, Todd*, Toler, Tolleson, Tomey, Tomlinson*, Tomson, Toney, Tooke, Tool, Toombs, Torbert, Torbet, Torbett, Torrance, Tottle, Touchstone, Towers, Townesley, Towns, Towson, Toy, Tracy, Trammel, Trammell*, Travis, Trawick, Trayler, Traylor, Treadaway, Trepley, Tresanthwatt, Tribble, Trible, Trice, Trimble, Triplitt, Trippe, Trout, Truette, Truitt, Truluck, Trundle, Trussel, Tuck, Tucker*, Tufts, Tuggle, Tullis, Tully, Tumlin, Tunison, Tupper, Turk, Turman, Turnbull, Turnell, Turner**, Turnipseed, Turrentine, Tutt, Tuttle, Twiggs, Twing, Twitty, Twombly, Tye, Tyler, Tymons, Tyner, Tyson

Underwood, Upchurch, Upshaw, Upton, Usher

Vail, Valentine, Van Buren, Van Diviere, Vance, Vandigrift, Vandivere, Vann, Vantriean, Vardeman, Varnell, Varner, Varnon, Varuum, Vaughan, Vaughn, Veach, Veal, Veasy, Venable, Verdelle, Verden, Vernon, Vick, Vickery, Viele, Vincent*, Vineyard, Vining, Vinson, Virden, Vornberg

Wacter, Waddey, Waddle, Waddy, Wade*, Wadford, Wadley, Wadsworth, Waggoner, Wagner, Wagnon, Wakefield, Walden, Waldrop, Waldroup, Walker**, Wall, Wallace**, Walls, Walton**, Wammack, Ward*, Wardlaw, Ware*, Waren, Warren, Warwick, Wash, Washington, Waterhouse, Waters, Watkins*, Watson**, Watters, Watts*, Waugh, Way, Wayne, We_Born, Weatherly, Weathers, Weaver*, Webb**, Webster, Weddon, Weekes, Weems, Weight, Weil, Welborn, Welch*, Welden*, Wellbanks, Wellborn*, Welleaur, Wellons, Wells**, Wentz, Wes_Brooks, Wesson, West**, Westbrook, Westbrooks, Westbury, Westmoreland*, Weston, Westwood, Wetherby, Wethersby, Whaley, Wharton, Whatley, Wheeler, Whelons, Whitaker*, Whitby, White**, Whitefield, Whitehead, Whitelsey, Whitesides, Whitfield, Whitiker, Whiting, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitman, Whitner, Whitsell, Whitsett, Whitten, Whittle, Whitton, Wick, Wicker, Wier, Wiere, Wigganton, Wiggins, Wight, Wikle, Wilbur, Wilcher, Wilder*, Wiles, Wiley, Wilford, Wilhite, Wilkerson*, Wilkes, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilks, Willard, Willbanks, Willett, Williams**, Williamson**, Williford, Willingham*, Willink, Willis**, Wills, Willson, Wilson**, Wimberly*, Wimpy, Wind, Wineberg, Winfrey, Wing*, Wingate, Wingfield, Winn*, Winship, Winston, Winters, Wisdom, Wise, Wiseman, Wistan, Witchard, Witcher*, Witherspoon, Witskoroski, Witt, Wittich, Wittmer, Witzel, Wofford, Wolf, Wolihim, Womack, Womble, Wood**, Woodall, Woodard, Wooddall, Wooding, Woodis, Woodley, Woodliff, Woodruf, Woodruff*, Woodrum, Woods, Woodson, Woodstock, Woodward*, Wooldridge, Woolsey, Wooten**, Wooton, Wootten*, Wootton, Word, Worley, Wornam, Worrell, Worrill, Worsham, Worthan, Worthen, Worthy, Wozencraft, Wray, Wright**, Wyatt*, Wyche, Wylds, Wyley, Wylie, Wylly, Wyly, Wynens, Wynn*, Wynne

Yarborough, Yarbrough*, Yates, Yerby, Yonge, Yopp, York, Young**, Youngblood, Younge

Zachery, Zachry, Zellars, Zimmerman, Zorcher, Zorn, Zorne, Zuber


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